4740 bauer rd.doc 2.doc final!!!! paper.doc finalllllllll


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4740 bauer rd.doc 2.doc final!!!! paper.doc finalllllllll

  1. 1. 4740 Bauer RD.Brighton,MI 48116Dr. Gray GreyBECC building125 S. Church StreetBrighton, MI 48116 Dear Dr. Greg Gray, Since our schools need extra money I was thinking ofsome good ideas for Brighton Area Schools can makemoney for. Well, first when I was reading The Timesfor Kids in Minnesota found out some ideas for theirschool to make extra money. I think we should havethe same idea for our Brighton Schools. Well, the ideais to have advertisements painted on lockers. It’s agreat idea because the company can interest studentsto buy that product. It’s good for school in many ways.1-money, 2kids will be excited to go to school to turnaround every corner and see a new painting. Thecompany can pay the school to have their product onthe locker. Every year the painting would be paintedover because the students wouldn’t have to see thesame painting every time or every year. And so everyyear they can make more money because after itspainted the same company can pay again for anotheryear that would bring in a lot of money to theBrighton Schools. Another idea Greg is to have moreschool activities after school. Better ones because Idon’t see a lot of kids at some activities after school. Ithink we should have sowing for kids that want tolearn that especially me! Also maybe gymnastics in
  2. 2. the gym since at Maltby Intermediate we have a beamand also a vault. We should also have more days likeBulldog Day, red, white and blue day for our countrycolors, twin day, crazy hair day ,PJ day, hat day, andon Halloween we should have costumes at school sowe can make money by points to see how many peopleparticipated in that day! There’s another fantasticway to make money for the schools. It’s that everyclassroom would have a bucket by their classroomdoor. In the morning kids will have a contest of howmany pennies would go in your classroom bucket.Penneys-10 point’s quarters are bombs to take awaypoints for other classrooms. Dollars are 100 points. Soa lot of kids would participate in this “Coin Contest.”Plus, we would raise a lot of money for that! Who everhas the most points wins and gets ice-cream or pizzafor that homeroom. P.S. kids can put in coins, dollarbills. Maybe even 5 dollar bills=500 points, and even10, 20, 50 dollar bills. Thank you for listening. I hopeyou pick my ideas, thanks. ~Brooke Harrity~