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  1. 1. Pitch Meg Jess Harri
  2. 2. RESEARCH Mental: A History of the Madhouse, BBC Four
  3. 3. PLOT • Based in a mental asylum in the 50s. • A man gets a new job in the asylum as a psychiatrist, and works with a disturbed young man/teenager. • Boy tells psychiatrist of his life in the asylum, and that he is unaware of the identity of his parents. • The boy’s behaviour gets worse, tensions arise between the psychiatrist and the head of the hospital because he’s extracting information about the boy that the head does not want him to know. • The psychiatrists continues to research into the history of the boy, and brings back the biological mother to the asylum. The mother is now a nun, and reveals that she used to work as a nurse in the asylum and had to give up her son because her father (the head of the asylum) forced her into a nunnery.
  4. 4. PLOT • Instead of being content that he has found his mother, he becomes more angry. • The boy confronts the head of the asylum violently about why he has been contained his whole life, however the head is cruel and unsympathetic, replying that the father of the boy has been in the asylum his whole life. • The story focuses on the boy trying to find his father whilst being contained in the asylum. • At the end, the boy murders one of the workers in the hospital, who he is convinced is his father. His mother has revealed that she was raped which was how she became pregnant, causing the boy to lash out. He’s convinced that it’s his father because him and his mother are the same age. But it’s the wrong man- his actual father is a much older patient.
  5. 5. CHARACTERS • Young boy/teen in asylum – patient in the asylum with schizophrenia. His intentions are good but he is angry inside, especially after the shocking news. Stereotype of a neglected child. Targets the 18 year old audience, as the boy is a similar age. • Head of the asylum – in his 50s, creepy looking. Stereotype of an evil manager/villain. Inspired by Mr Harvey from The Lovely Bones. • Nurse/Nun/Mother – Around 33, was raped at the age of 16. Stereotypical costumes, typically 50s. Innocent looking/vulnerable. Target the older audience. • Male psychiatrist – young male, new job at the asylum. Potentially targets the younger male audience. Well presented and knowledgeable.
  6. 6. LOCATION Pencoed Castle, Newport Exterior shots Ruins also available for possible scenes
  7. 7. LOCATION King Henry VIII School Interior shots May be possible to arrange rooms as well as technically angle the shots to create the illusion of an asylum/patients’ rooms. Abergavenny Drama Centre Possible interior location Cast?
  8. 8. COSTUMES
  9. 9. PROPS
  10. 10. KEY SCENES 1. The revelation scene. The head of the asylum reveals to the boy that his father has been in the asylum his entire life. Shot/reverse shot technique, close ups, focused on emotions creating a tense atmosphere and climax. 2. Rape scene – subtly suggest/imply the rape of the nurse/nun/mother. Without revealing the identity of the male, various canted and distorted shots would be used to create this idea.
  11. 11. SOUNDTRACK