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  • 1. This medium close up shows apicture being lit on fire, as thefire spreads the camera willzoom in towards the maincharacter on the right, going into a close up shot. I’ve donethis to show the audience thisis an important character in thetrailer. On the other Hand itmay be difficult to identify themain character if the picturequality is poor or not focusedproperly, What I wouldimprove while filming is tomake sure the picture is seenclearly so the main charactercan be identified easily be theaudience.
  • 2. This is my main characterin a medium close up, Ihave done this to show acontrast of happy to sad.As the picture beingburnt is him smiling Iwant to edit the end ofthat scene to thisshot, where the maincharacter has a straightface and depicts lessemotion. I believe thiswill show the audiencethat the atmosphere ofthe film is becomingapparent, as there is asinister atmosphereemerging.
  • 3. Here is my main character in aestablishing long shot, I woulduse a variety of shots, anglesand levels so that it is morestimulating for the audience towatch. I included this shot toconfirm in the audiences mindthat this is the main characterand to let them pick up uponmain features of the characterso it would enhance theirunderstanding of the film. Onthe other hand you are unableto see the characters Faceleaving an absence of emotionwithin this shot but this couldbe used as a positive aspect ashis lack of emotions shownportrays mysteriouscharacteristic that I could useto the characters advantage.
  • 4. My main character wanderingin public, I showed this byusing a establishing shot.Here we should get aimproved view of thecharacter as he is in an area ofenhanced lighting, but theaudience should recognisehim either from his face orclothes. When filming I amgoing to attempt to have themain character holding a prop(e.g a ciggarette) this prop willbe present in both shots andtherefore will help theaudience recognise andconfirm the character is thesame from the scene before.
  • 5. The camera will track the main character .
  • 6. In the last scene the maincharacter goes to pick up hisphone, then it will go to thisclose up shot of the Phone. Thisis to show an important partwhich is a unknown callerringing.
  • 7. The previous scene with thecharacter running is where I amgoing to do some editing to makethe pace of trailer get faster,which is building suspense for theaudience. But looking over at thephoto storyboard instead ofhaving the whole of thischaracters face I’m going to film aclose up of his lips, so that thereis a big sense of mystery.
  • 8. This is going to be the partwhere the trailer slows down atthe end. It is going to end onthe character laughing butinstead of his whole face it willbe a close up of the bottom halfof his face. This is to keep hisidentity unknown which is moresuspenseful as I don’t want togive to much away in the teasertrailer.