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Collaborations Unleashed

Collaborations Unleashed



This presentation goes into the lessons-learned for developing the SURFconext and inter-institutional collaboration vision.

This presentation goes into the lessons-learned for developing the SURFconext and inter-institutional collaboration vision.



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    Collaborations Unleashed Collaborations Unleashed Presentation Transcript

    • Collaborations UnleashedLessons-learnedHarold TeunissenSeptember 2012 - #gartnerpcc
    • How it starts...Collaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 2
    • About SURFnet• Our mission is to improve higher education and research by promoting, developing, and operating a trusted, connecting ICT infrastructure that facilitates optimum use of the possibilities offered by ICT• SURFnet is the National Research and Education Network in the Netherlands, non-profit.• Focus areas - a network infrastructure: a hybrid fixed-wireless network as the basis for all collaboration, providing efficient, unlimited data transport - a collaboration infrastructure: a pioneering collaboration environment that seamlessly connects systems, services, tools, and peopleCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 3
    • Cyberinfra in the Netherlands• All ICT activities for Higher Education and Research in the Netherlands are under the SURF umbrella National Research & Commercial ICT Scientific Computing & Shared Professional and Education Network Products & Services Storage Educational ServicesCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 4
    • Changing behaviorsCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 5
    • Motive Source: LinkedIn & Sir Ken RobisonCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 6
    • Vision ƒ Network C Network A Network BCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 7
    • Vision ƒ Virtual Collaboration A Virtual Collaboration BCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 7
    • Collaboration eco-systemCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 8
    • Bridging gaps Collaboration Portal Research Data Storage ƒ DNA Sequencer Bandwidth on demand Virtual Collaboration 09 12 14Collaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 9
    • From mix and match of tools...Collaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 10
    • ...to a collaboration environment Source: Alex EylarCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 11
    • Once upon a time• In 2004 we started with our home grown and monolithical document sharing environment SURFgroepen with over 100,000 users• In 2009 it was time for a major overhaul — make or buy?• Requirements - How to provide federated access and authorization? - How to include groups? - How to support collaboration between people from different institutions and universities? - Which collaboration tools are needed? - How to bring everything together in a browser?Collaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 12
    • Selection of collaboration servicesCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 13
    • An impressionCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 14
    • Circle of pain Resources & services Access Authorization Control University or Relationship Users and institution teamsCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 15
    • Account overload Source: K. MenessierCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 16
    • Errhhh... Source: K. MenessierCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 17
    • So give it awayCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 18
    • One account to rule them all Source: RcMacStudentCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 19
    • In practice redirect to home institution haroldteunissen ●●●●●●●●●●●● back to serviceCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 20
    • Hup and spoke Source: F. GarciaCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 21
    • SURFconext• Provides the glue and lubrication middleware to make campus, cloud based services and resources usable for collaboration for both inter campus and virtual collaboration scenarios• SURFconext provides a centrally managed Identity and Group Infrastructure• Offer the platform software for large, virtual collaboration-type collaboration to run-you-own• SURFconext allows you to create your own collaboration environment that organizes your (online) services but keep in control of your usersCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 22
    • Core components• Federated Identity Management — SAML• Group Management — Internet2‘s Grouper• Social Network Portal technology — OpenSocial• Collaboration Services and Resources - Document Sharing Virtual Organization - Video Collaboration - Learning Systems - Data Storage - Data Mining - Workspaces 9000 CALORIES - Workflows - Et cetera 100% SATISFACTIONCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 23
    • What our universities are sayingCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 24
    • Lessons learned (1)• We were (and are) convinced that SURFconext is the way to build collaboration environments on and thus we announced the termination of SURFgroepen for end of 2012• ICT managers of the universities believed that SURFconext will be the replacement of SURFgroepen and solve all their ICT problems for document sharing• Students, educators, researchers already using cloud services and swipe their credit cards when needed• There is no way to build collaboration environments if you don’t have contracts with cloud service providers• Cloud service providers want everything for themselvesCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 25
    • So let’s get organizedCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 26
    • Start acting Infrastructure Infrastructure Development of OpenConext and exploitation Focus on technology of SURFconext federated identity and groups management middleware Security & Privacy Vendor Adoption Services Adoption Management Online/cloud/collaboration services Pilots to support the adoption of new Pilots to support the adoption of new services Online/cloud/collaboration services supply services provided through provided through SURFconext supply chain chain SURFconextCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 27
    • It is about getting the product... Source: Alaine DelormeCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 28
    • ...to market Source: ReutersCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 29
    • Vendor Management• Creating a one-stop-shop of online services• With the same conditions for whole community• Both serving the short and long tail in service demand - Collaboration services (e.g. Google Apps, Office365) - Audio & video (conferencing) services (e.g. Cisco WebEx) - Infrastructure as a Service (e.g. Amazon AWS, greenqloud) - Niche services for specific research and education domainsCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 30
    • One stop shop Looking for... 6 items Harold Teunissen Administrator Marketplace Home With Office 365, you can get your work done securely and communicate real-time from almost anywhere. Combining Office with Office 365 unlocks the full potential of Office 365 as the best solution for productivity, collaboration, communication, and worry-free IT. Market Collaboration Services more... Infrastructure Services Top 5 more... Service Station Google for Edu greenqloud Google Apps for Education is a free Our public compute cloud automates suite of hosted email and collaboration... many of the tedious and difficult.. Licenses €0 €0.12/VM Provisioning Box Amazon AWS Collaboration tools adopted by over Amazon offers a cloud computing 100000 companies globally... solution on a pay per use basis.... Policies €3.50/seat €0.15/GB Home | Support | Resources | About us | Contact us | FAQs Copyright © 2012 SURF and its affiliates. All rights reserved.Collaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 31
    • Service station Harold Teunissen looking for... Search 2012-08-25 15:49:35 GMT+2 Administrator Service Dashboard Service Station Home Budget Actuals Saved CO2 Saved € € € Kg overall health overall health overall health 1-JAN-12 25-AUG-12 25-AUG-12 25-AUG-12 Market Collaboration Infrastructure SURFconext Office365 Google EDU Box SAP SW more... GoGrid Amazon EC2 Azure greenqloud Service Since Start This Month This Week Since Start This Month This Week Station Licenses 23,412 Energy used KWh The total watt hours used Provisioning 13,2 CO2 emitted Kg Total CO2 emission since start 324.7 CO2 saved Kg The total CO2 saved since start Policies Home | Support | Resources | About us | Contact us | FAQs Copyright © 2012 SURF and its affiliates. All rights reserved.Collaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 32
    • Take them by the handCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 33
    • Smooth adoption• Ensuring proper adoption of collaboration eco-system by higher educational institutions, research institutions and virtual organizations• We have also found that running pilots with early adopters amongst our institutions is important for fine- tuning and improving ideas and middleware solutions• Providing a good showcase for other possibly interested institutions and service providersCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 34
    • Lessons learned (2)• We started with technology and we ended with a mind shift towards cloud distribution for higher education• It is an illusion to think that you can create the blueprint collaboration environments, so start small and get the users involved• You need enough critical mass to influence cloud service providers to start listening and adapting to your needs, so get organized• Focus on big fish or niche?• Universities and research groups are both consumers and providers of servicesCollaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 35
    • Key takeaways• Stop talking, just start doing it• Create freedom and build upon trust• Management of expectations• Involve all stakeholders• Synergize technology, business and organization• And for all, patience...Collaborations Unleashed - #gartnerpcc - 2012 - London, UK 36
    • harold.teunissen@surfnet.nl haroldteunissen