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  1. 1. Leadership4/3/2010 Author: Tomas Ganiron Jr 1
  2. 2. What is leadership? Leading people Influencing people Commanding people Guiding people4/3/2010 Author: Tomas Ganiron Jr 2
  3. 3. Types of LeadersLeader by the position achievedLeader by personality, charismaLeader by moral exampleLeader by power heldIntellectual leaderLeader because of ability to accomplish things4/3/2010 Author: Tomas Ganiron Jr 3
  4. 4. Managers vs. LeadersManagers LeadersFocus on things Focus on peopleDo things right Do the right thingsPlan InspireOrganize InfluenceDirect MotivateControl BuildFollows the Shape entities rules4/3/2010 Author: Tomas Ganiron Jr 4
  5. 5. Common Activities Planning Organizing Directing Controlling4/3/2010 Author: Tomas Ganiron Jr 5
  6. 6. Planning LeaderManager Devises strategyPlanning Sets directionBudgeting Creates visionSets targetsEstablishes detailed stepsAllocates resources4/3/2010 Author: Tomas Ganiron Jr 6
  7. 7. OrganizingManager LeaderCreates Gets people on structure board for strategyJob descriptions CommunicationStaffing NetworksHierarchyDelegatesTraining4/3/2010 Author: Tomas Ganiron Jr 7
  8. 8. Directing WorkManager LeaderSolves problems Empowers peopleNegotiates CheerleaderBrings to consensus4/3/2010 Author: Tomas Ganiron Jr 8
  9. 9. ControllingManager LeaderImplements  Motivate control systems Inspire Performance Gives sense of measures accomplishmentIdentifies variancesFixes variances4/3/2010 Author: Tomas Ganiron Jr 9
  10. 10. Leadership TraitsIntelligence Personality More intelligent Verbal facility than non-leaders Honesty Scholarship Initiative Knowledge Aggressive Being able to Self-confident get things done AmbitiousPhysical Originality Doesn’t see to Sociability be correlated Tomas Ganiron Jr4/3/2010 Author: Adaptability 10
  11. 11. Leadership StylesDelegating Selling Low relationship/ High task/high low task relationship Responsibility Explain decisions Willing employees Willing but unableParticipating Telling High relationship/ High Task/Low low task relationship Facilitate decisions Provide instruction Able but unwillingTomas Ganiron Jr 4/3/2010 Author: Closely supervise 11
  12. 12. New Leaders Take NoteGeneral Advice Challenges Take advantage Need knowledge of the transition quickly period Establish new Get advice and relationships counsel Expectations Show empathy Personal to predecessor equilibrium Learn leadership4/3/2010 Author: Tomas Ganiron Jr 12
  13. 13. New Leader TrapsNot learning Captured by quickly wrong peopleIsolation SuccessorKnow-it-all syndromeKeeping existing teamTaking on too much4/3/2010 Author: Tomas Ganiron Jr 13
  14. 14. Seven Basic PrinciplesHave two to three years to make measurable financial and cultural progressCome in knowing current strategy, goals, and challenges. Form hypothesis on operating prioritiesBalance intense focus on priorities with flexibility on implementation….4/3/2010 Author: Tomas Ganiron Jr 14
  15. 15. Seven Basic Principles, con’tDecide about new organization architectureBuild personal credibility and momentumEarn right to transform entityRemember there is no “one” way to manage a transition4/3/2010 Author: Tomas Ganiron Jr 15
  16. 16. Core TasksCreate MomentumMaster technologies of learning, visioning, and coalition buildingManage oneself 4/3/2010 Author: Tomas Ganiron Jr 16
  17. 17. Create MomentumLearn and know Foundation for about company changeSecuring early Vision of how wins the organization will look First set short term goals Build political base to support When achieved change make a big deal Modify culture Should fit long to fit vision4/3/2010 term strategy Tomas Ganiron Jr Author: 17
  18. 18. Create MomentumBuild credibility Demanding but can be satisfied Accessible but not too familiar Focused but flexible Active Can make tough calls but humane4/3/2010 Author: Tomas Ganiron Jr 18
  19. 19. Manage OneselfBe self-aware Types of helpDefine your Technical leadership style PoliticalGet advice and Personal counsel Advisor traits Advice is from Competent expert to leader  Trustworthy Counsel is Enhance your insight status4/3/2010 Author: Tomas Ganiron Jr 19
  20. 20. How Far Can You Go?4/3/2010 Author: Tomas Ganiron Jr 20
  21. 21. By: Abdullah Fahad AL-Faheed PIN:4240355304/3/2010 Author: Tomas Ganiron Jr 21