Liquid mineral cosmetics


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Liquid mineral cosmetics

  1. 1. Mineràle Liquid Lift Foundation RRP: $28.00 Your Price: $22.00 (You save $6.00) Brand: Mineràle Weight: 0.07 LBS Rating: (6 product reviews) Availability: Usually Ships Within 2 Business Days (Wholesale Orders Not Included) Shipping: Calculated at checkout Product Description Mineràle Liquid Lift Foundation lifts, tightens, and firms with the newest way to wear minerals in a "Treatment" Mineral Makeup. Silky liquid minerals incorporate copper and peptides for a true antianti-wrinkle treatment, while covering and creating even skin tones and leaving no and visible pores. Our Mineralplex™ Liquid Mineral Cosmetics proprietary formula has been proven in clinical studies to show up to a 33% reduction in depth of lines and wrinkles with only 3 weeks' use. A beautiful, natural skin care product that is a skin treatment and makeup all in one. Skin looks more youthful with a beautiful luminous finish. Liquid Mineral Cosmetics that is easy to apply and appropriate for all skin types. Choose from Fair, Light, Fawn, Bare, Medium, Dark, and Very Dark. Product Reviews 1. Finally, a foundation that works Posted by Charlene on 15th Feb 2010 I received this foundation two days ago but just used it this morning. At first, I thought the shade appeared too dark although I ordered the light, but it was perfect. It covers nicely and feels good on. It is neither matte nor sheer and makes my skin feel soft. I am very pleased with this purchase. 2. Best Bet Posted by Gail on 15th Fe 2010 Product is easy to apply (including amount Feb dispensed -- no mistakes) and is not heavy or greasy; imperfections disappear with the lightest of coverage. Purchased the "light" and find it to be my best bet! 3. Beautiful! Posted by Laura on 15th Feb 2 2010 Love this mineral based, yet liquid
  2. 2. foundation. Feels great on, excellent coverage, and breathes. Please feature this product on air more ofter and I am sure you will sell enough to justify keeping it at HSN! (I don't want to be without it!) I also love that Minerale is a treatment foundation. My skin loves it. 4. Wonderful!! Posted by Betterlooking on 10th Feb 2010 I love this makeup! I have used this product for about a year, and nothing else compares. I also use another brand of mineral makeup, but when this 40+ gal needs a little extra help, I reach for this every time. 5. Great Foundation Posted by Sue on 10th Feb 2010 It gives my face a luminous look and does not make my lines around my eyes show up. I also have the powder foundation which I also like. Hope you continue to make it. 6. I love this. Posted by Diana on 9th Feb 2010 I love this Foundation. Frequently Asked Questions What is the difference between liquid mineral makeup and loose mineral makeup? Liquid Mineral Makeup has a more defined look. Our liquid mineral makeup has moisture giving ingredients, along with active treatment ingredients, for visibly reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and pores. Loose and Pressed Mineral Makeup are pure pigments in a powder-like form for smooth and natural coverage. Loose mineral foundation in our dispensing brush is convenient to carry and simple to apply. Liquid, Pressed or loose can be worn together or separately to create unique coverages for each personal style. Neither type of mineral makeup has dyes, fillers, or harsh chemicals. Why is mineral makeup better than conventional makeup? Traditional makeup has some pigment and dyes in a mixture that may contain fillers such as talc, therefore, you need to use much more product to achieve the same coverage and may end up with a mask- like look. Mineral pigments deflect light and give a dimensional look to the skin. Also, other forms of makeup are harder to blend into natural skin tones and may create harsh lines of separation between untreated skin and the area with makeup. Mineral makeup diffuses and blends to look natural in any light and on all skin tones. Why does Mineràle Mineral Makeup cause skin to be more
  3. 3. healthy? Mineràle Mineral Makeup is made of pure pigment particles which create a physical protective barrier to help hold natural moisture in and keep harmful chemicals and other irritants out. How does mineral makeup work with acne? Unlike conventional makeup, there is nothing in mineral makeup to clog pores and allow bacteria to grow, which can cause an acne breakout. Mineral makeup also covers the redness caused by acne. Many people who suffer from acne like mineral makeup over conventional makeup because it will not irritate broken skin and can be worn by people with over-active oil production. Mineral makeup can be worn over acne treatment and it will not stop the treatment function. How long can I wear mineral makeup before having to remove it? Mineral makeup is safe to wear for extended periods, even while you sleep. Is Mineràle Mineral Makeup waterproof? Our mineral makeup is long-wearing and resists smudging and transfer. Does BeautyMinerals have a pressed mineral makeup? Yes, and our pressed mineral makeup has the same purity as the loose pigment products, but in a highly concentrated form. Unlike most pressed makeup, there is no talc or other fillers that cause the skin to look dry and dull. How do I cover blemishes and skin problems? Coverage can be built in several ways: Use liquid mineral makeup to create a base, conceal specific areas with cream, stick, or pressed concealer using a specially designed concealing brush, then finish with loose mineral foundation. As an alternative, pressed or loose
  4. 4. foundation can be swirled on, then misted to set. Additional layers of the minerals can be added with the brush, using the mist in between each and as a final finish. This keeps the skin looking healthy, vibrant and fresh, regardless of the amount of coverage needed. See Our Top 10 List.... of Fun New Ways to Use Our Minerals! 1. While applying our pressed or loose mineral makeup foundations, be sure to go over the complete eyes to form a complete eyelash base, so that mascara makes lashes look twice as full. 2. Apply dark colors wet (with mist) make great eyeliners in all shades. 3. Apply light colors wet (with mist) make great makeup concealers for all colors. 4. Apply natural foundation and / or cheek colors to eyebrows to shape and fill in gaps. 5. Apply cheek colors dry to lips with a lip make a great lip stain. Top with Gloss to last for hours. 6. Use face colors and bronzers on your legs and feet to cover flaws and give a tanned look without having to wear hose. 7. Men use the makeup and bronzers for a quick tanned look, and to cover blemishes and skin problems like acne and rosacea. 8. Excellent for young girls and teens in beauty pageants. Minerals in the makeup look luminous and amazing under bright lights. 9. Sleep in your mineral makeup for beauty all night long..... Mix eye, cheek, lip, and face colors.... for hundreds of new color combinations. To find out more information, visit our website at