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Questionnaire of poster

  1. 1. Questionnaire of posterBy Harry Beaumont
  2. 2. What I did and Why?The same as my Short film questionnaire I had asked the same 20participants as I was sure that these participants are familiar and enjoywatching short films. This also insures that they have come across shortfilms advertisement, like posters and therefore this will help me gatherknowledge and understanding of what my short film poster should consistof in order to persuade and grab the attention of my target audience. Myquestionnaire contained a total of 7 questions which were either open orclosed question, which again had enabled me to gather detailed data, intowhat my poster should contain in order to convey and present what mymoral message and narrative is.
  3. 3. My findings – What do you expect to be on a film poster?Near enough all my participants were vague and brief in their answer, they had said thatthey expect an image, title and a bit of text. But someone had stated that within a filmposter they expect….• the image technique like the shot, mise-en-scene, should convey the genre of the film and a clue of what the narrative is.• Also the title needs to be big a bold, so it stands out to the audience and grabs their attention.• There should be some sort of slogan or caption which is relevant to the narrative and again gives the audience a clue of what to expect from the film.• There should be a little paragraph (billing Block) of the productions company.The reason I had asked this question is because what want to discover what the audienceremembers when seeing a poster, as it is these aspects that stick in their mind. So in orderto persuade my audience I need to make sure that these aspects that are mentioned, standsout to the audience in the same way but also it makes me aware of what aspects to makeclearer to the audience, like the billing block.
  4. 4. My findings - Which short film poster wouldencourage you to watch the film? Which short film poster would encourage you to watch the film? the Black Hole Connected Lifted Thieves
  5. 5. My finding - What is it about this film poster that you like so much?With the participants who had said that the film poster ‘Connected’ and ‘TheBlack Hole’ where the most encouraging and persuasive posters, had saidthat the way they present the subjects, in centre shot, gives them an insightinto who or what the film is about and also it plays on their minds of, howthey are/it is relevant to the narrative. Where as the film poster ‘the BlackHole’ gives them no sense of what the film is about and therefore lesspersuasive. ‘Connected’ and ‘Lifted’ were also successful in conveying genrethough mise-en-scene, which is also a persuasive technique as in conveyingthe genre of the film, which tells the audience what to expect as each genrehas conventional guidelines which categorises them, which is noticeable tothe audience. So by conveying the genre informs the audience and thereforepersuades them.
  6. 6. My findings - What type of advertising do you feel persuades you the most to go and watch films?What type of advertising do you feel persuades The reason I had asked you the most to go and watch films? this question was because I wanted to Posters/Billboards know if film posters are a persuasive form of Trailers advertising, (which clearly shown here it is) Via Social network so it would give me a advertising rough idea of how much Chat show talks influence film posters have over an Magazine reviews audience, and how successful I need my poster to be.
  7. 7. My findings - What is it about this form of Advertising that persuades you so much?The majority of participants that said poster/billboards where the mostpersuasive form of advertising, had said that it was because it informs theaudience of what to expect from the film but at the same time it still adds a senseof mystery and it doesn’t give to much away, where as even though trailers are abrilliant and successful advertising technique it gives a bit to much away, butwith film posters the audiences expectations are increased and the mystery of thenarrative is still there.
  8. 8. How my findings haveinfluenced my film poster?From my findings I have found out that when coming to producemy film poster I am going to have to take into consideration thatI have to create a poster that reachs expectations of both femalesand males, and that I take into consideration the points that theyhad made, like a good and hard hitting image, in order topersuade them to watch my film.I have found that I need to illustrate all the genres of myproduct, which are a thriller, romance and crime, via visualtechniques like imagery and textual techniques like the sloganand caption. Overall this questionnaire has enabled me todiscover the expectations of my target audience when it comes tofilm posters and how to persuade them via posters. Also how Ican build up their expectations in order for my product tobecome successful
  9. 9. EvaluationIf I was to carry out my questionnaire again I feel to I should ofadded more closed questions as it would have given me morespecific data and therefore giving me a clear understanding of whatto add to my poster. I would also have asked about the differentcomponents within a poster like the title, caption etc, and asked howdo they persuade the audience and what is it about them that informsyou of the film. As the questions I had originally asked were to vagueand broad, where as asking them about individual elements, informsme of what exact elements to add to my poster, in order to persuadethe audience. Overall I feel my primary research was successful as ithas given me ideas of what to include in my poster to reach theexpectations of my target audience.