Choosing the Most Suitable Basin for Both Style and Functionality
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Choosing the Most Suitable Basin for Both Style and Functionality



A write-up that elaborates the factors to consider in owning a vanity unit to add more functionality and style to the homes.

A write-up that elaborates the factors to consider in owning a vanity unit to add more functionality and style to the homes.



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    Choosing the Most Suitable Basin for Both Style and Functionality Choosing the Most Suitable Basin for Both Style and Functionality Document Transcript

    • Choosing the Most Suitable Basin for Both Style and FunctionalityVanity units never fail to add appeal to modern bathrooms. As a homeowner,you should consider completing your shower area with a high-quality basin.Investing in the right bathroom product can be easy with the help of thepointers found in this article.Choosing the Right Sized Basin for your Bathroom – Working withthe Space You HaveBathroom basins come in 2 major types - the wall-mounted and thecountertop. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages: WALL-MOUNTED COUNTERTOP Advantages: Disadvantages: Advantages: Disadvantages:Saves space Needs a sturdy Lightweight Those made up of wall for hanging porcelain may support easily crack.Creates illusion of Plumbing may be Those made up of Those made up ofspace; ideal for visible. steel are rigid. steel can rust andsmall bathrooms get damaged quickly.Easy to clean More complicated Affordable to installLess installation Can be costly Long-lastingmaterialsMay come in Difficult to repair Easy to installstylish shrouds orpedestalsThe question on what specific type of basin you should use in your bathroomdepends on the desired style and function. You just have to weigh theadvantages and disadvantages of wall-mounted and countertop basins sothat you can determine a particular product to invest in.There is also the corner basin, which is mounted to any corner in yourbathroom. Just like a wall-hung basin, this type can save more spacebecause of its minimalist design. Aside from this obvious benefit, a cornerbasin is great to look at if the room is L or U-shaped.Transforming Your Bathroom with a Stylish New Basin
    • If you must give your bathroom a new look this 2013, you may opt for anelegant-looking basin. Here are some more pointers to help you end up withthe most suitable vanity unit:To Shroud or to Pedestal?These refer to the 2 types of supports used for a wall-mounted basin.Although both are designed to conceal the plumbing of bathroom basins thatare attached to the walls, they may vary in styles, leading to severaladvantages and disadvantages. Firstly, pedestals are longer in height, whileshrouds are shorter. Secondly, pedestals gather more dust and dirt andrequire more cleaning than the shrouds. Thirdly, pedestals require a definitespace on the floor which shrouds do not; they are simply hung at the bottomof the basins. Lastly, pedestals are more much difficult to repair thanshrouds.The Beauty of Free-Standing Wash BasinsFree-standing wash basins are those that literally stand free on the floor.They can be ideal for your home’s bathroom since they look elegant andcontemporary. However, this type of basin requires floor space, so beforehaving one installed, make sure you have enough space in your bathroomand you are not going to make the room look cluttered.Choosing Materials WiselySince bathroom basins come in a wide range of materials, you have to beable to select a specific type that really suits your space and your needs. • Porcelain can adapt well to the existing lay-out or colour of your bathroom’s wall. It can also resist minor wear and tear, corrosion, and discoloration. Furthermore, this material can be easily repaired.
    • • Natural stones can come in a wide range of options. Some of the most commonly used types are granite, travertine, onyx, and marble. These materials are robust, durable and very striking. • Composite is a combination of a resin binder and crushed stone, which is usually granite or quartz. Because of its powerful combination, this material is strongly resistant to heat as well as scratching. Some composite-made basins have a smooth texture, while others have a rough surface. • Enameled steel is lightweight and usually cheaper compared to cast iron and other sophisticated materials. Another benefit of this type is that it is easy to clean and maintain. • Cast Iron is coated with porcelain enamel, making it extremely hard and durable. This material is easy to fix and maintain as well. • Glass comes in a wide variety of shapes, colours, and designs. The style of this wash basin material looks so sophisticated that it has been widely used in a lot of contemporary homes and establishments. Another plus factor of glass is that it is easy to clean and is highly durable.Final Tips on Bathroom BasinsOverall, you have to consider a lot of factors when investing in a new washbasin for your home’s bathroom. To successfully end up with a vanity unitthat suits your living space and needs, bear the following pointers in mind:SIZE – The size of your basin should complement the available area in yourbathroom. If you want a free floor-space in one of the most important roomsof your house, consider a single unit; they can still look dazzling. However, ifyou have a spacious bathroom, go for multiple-bowled basins that canaccentuate the layout and make it look more functional at the same time.USAGE – You should consider personal goals when buying a new basin. Whyare you thinking of getting a contemporary sink in the first place? If you arehand-wash most of your daily dishes, opt for more than one basin. A doubleconfiguration may work best for you, especially as this means manuallyrinsing and draining your dishes.
    • LAYOUT and LIFESTYLE – Of course, it is also important to think about theexisting design and primary needs of your own space when choosing aspecific wash basin to install. Do you have little ones who will use thebathroom sink every day? Are you living with a senior who might need helpin moving or taking a bath? Or will you install your new fitting in a room thathas a marble floor or a tiled wall? If all of these factors are carefully lookedinto when choosing a particular basin material, you will not find it hard toinvest in a product that perfectly meets the needs of the whole household.As a final pointer, you may look into the accessories that come with aparticular bathroom basin. By careful to consider the factors discussed inthis article, you can own a vanity unit that will add style and functionality toone of the most important parts of your home.Prepared by: – leading supplier of high qualitybathroom sinks and related products such as taps, plugs and wastes.