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FY13 Q2 IT Camp - Windows 8 Overview
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FY13 Q2 IT Camp - Windows 8 Overview


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IT Camp: Windows 8 Overview Session

IT Camp: Windows 8 Overview Session

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. work/life more blur mobile digital multiple generation devices tech fast savvy paced
  • 2. Windows 8 Editions Windows 8 Windows RT Professional Devices Windows 8 Windows 8 Enterprise
  • 3. Windows 8 GesturesTOUCH MOUSE TOUCH MOUSE Point to the bottom of Point to the lower right the app and use the corner of the screen. scrollbar. Right click the app to see the Press the Ctrl key while app commands. Drag an app moving the mouse wheel to the lower edge to close. to zoom in and out. Point to an item to see more Click an item to perform options. an action.
  • 4. Demo: Windows 8
  • 5. Windows 8 Apps in the EnterpriseCross ArchitectureWrite once, run across x86 and ARMUse What You KnowSame tools, languages, and back-end infrastructure you alreadyhaveDeploymentEasier, faster deployment with Store, side-loading, and zero-installSecurityReduced system vulnerability with isolated app containersIntegrationBuilt-in App-to-App integration with Windows App Contracts
  • 6. Delivering Windows 8 Apps Download from Windows Store Side Load from Your Infrastructure Management Infrastructure Cloud Windows RT Devices Custom LOB Apps Public Apps Application Delivery Windows 8 (x86)
  • 7. Demo: Windows 8 Apps
  • 8. App-V Windows To Go Folder Redirection FIREWALL App-V Folder Folder Redirection Redirection App-V BENEFITS 01100111 • Consistent Windows 8 experience on any x86 PC 01100111 11010011 11010011 11001001 11001001 10001001 10001001 • Works online or offline • Easy to use Booting from Booting from and personalize BitLockerinternal hard drive external USB drive • Local data is protected • Easy to deploy and manage
  • 9. Bring Your Own Device Shared PCs (at work) Travel Light /Contractors Work from Home Licensing
  • 10. Internal disks Trusted Platformare offline Module isn’t used Hibernate is disabled by default Windows Store is disabled by default Push Button Reset isn’t available Windows RE isn’t available
  • 11. For USB drives Specific hardware PCs For host requirements• Certified for us as a Windows To Go drive •• Capable of USB Windows 8 certified Windows 7 or boot (enabled) •• USB 2.0 port or greaterare not supported Windows RT Devices (no hubs) •• 1 Mac is not a supported scenario GHz or faster matching processor • 2 GB or greater memory • DirectX 9 graphics device
  • 12. Windows 8 VM Windows Server VM Windows 7 VM Linux VM Benefits • Robust , secure, manageable and scalable developer platform • Choice in a broad range of devices, including laptops and various USB peripheralsRun multiple operating systems on a single Windows 8 PC • Easy to create and host multiple virtual environments
  • 13. Robust virtualization platform Flexibility of choice Improvement in efficiency Large VM configurations Use any 64-bit device with SLAT enabled Set up dev/test on a single computer 32- and 64-bit operating systems Supports a diverse set of devices Transfer VMs between client and server Wireless networking Mosttoandperipherals Sleep 12 monitors Up USB hibernate Multiple forms of storage Support for 3D, audio, and multitouch Leverages Windows 8 enhancements Secure boot Configuration Manager integration BitLocker
  • 14. Productivity on the Road Exchange SharePoint Data Lync servers FIREWALL SkyDrive DirectAccess WINDOWS 8 ADVANCEMENTS • Access through local server when travelling • More scalable BENEFITS • Ease of Deployment • Persistent internet connection • Deployment Wizard • Easy and secure access to Mobile Broadband • Part of RAS Server Role corporate data behind firewall • Utilize existing infrastructure • Seamless personal data • Support for one-time password access • Mobile broadband enhancements • One device for life and work when travelling
  • 15. Microsoft User Experience Virtualization Integrated andPersonal and Flexible Simple and Versatile ScalableA consistent, personal Windows Easy for IT to deliver personal, Integrates and scales throughexperience for all workstyles user-defined experiences, existing management tools• App and Windows across many devices • Configuration Manager personalization • Setting location templates • Microsoft Desktop• App reconfiguration not • Can create custom templates Virtualization required • IT can roll back settings • Manage and deploy with• Sync is smart—logins are faster Windows PowerShell, Configuration Manager, or third-party management tools
  • 16. Demo: User Experience Virtualization
  • 17. Explore Plan Deliver