Platforms are Social


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Platforms are Sim City, and social by nature.

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  • An API is asked questions and returns answers.
  • A platform is asked questions and returns solutions!A platform can also take data inputs.Established Truths of Platforms:
  • An API accepts data, but stores it and says “OK, I stored it.” Maybe your site or software reflects this data now.A platform accepts social actions with context.A platform also welcomes (some) data to interact with its users as a first-party experience: Salesforce, Facebook Apps, etc.Platforms take incoming social data and create something unique that is highly relevant to their experience.Platforms not only enable social, but they are social in and of themselves
  • Platforms are naturally social. They comingle with other platforms and live first-party and third-party. A fully realized platform acts as if any place its used and lives is EQUAL with its first party home.The Facebook platform: comments engine, sign in infrastructure, FBX, the Like button, friendfinders, OpenGraph Interestingly, some of these are getting turned off.Twitter: TwitterCards, sign in, widgets, posting as a social action, not just an activity feed.
  • If you’re a platform, you recognize that social activity happens everywhere. Sharing, recognition, transactions, conversation.You could be social without that, but you might not be contextual– you’ll be bringing content only in by reference– and you won’t be able to be referenced.A truly Social Platform tells another platform “Hey, our Platform found your Platform interesting, here, with this user.”
  • Platforms are Social

    1. 1. PlatformingFebruary 2013, #apistratTyler Singletary, ; @harmophone
    2. 2. The Established Platform Definitions• Platforms are SimCity – Platforms are zoned, have established services, roads, and can react to environmental changes, agitations and nightmares with established procedures and the tools to adapt and correct.• Platforms live adjacent to other SimCity’s, and roads will be built between them by their creators and their users.• Platform APIs are infrastructure to enable the platform to grow and maintain. Ugh! Chee waga choochoo! Ugh! (Simlish) 2
    3. 3. When is it just an API? {23437, banana, Give me $0.79} product_id 23437 Supermarkets have APIs? 3
    4. 4. When is it a platform? {23437, banana, $0.79}, Give me your friends buy these at product_id 23437 WholeFoods, would you like a sample? Platforms are kind of creepy… 4
    5. 5. I accept data, am I platform? +K [@harmophone] in [API] from [Tumblr URI] @harmophone now has 6 +K in API and is moderately influential (52). A lot of influence Is there a platform that happening on Tumblr. will give us a face? 5
    6. 6. Platforms are Social• Platforms talk to each other, and co-mingle• They let other content take social actions within their platform• Facebook has OpenGraph, FBX, Like, Sign In, Comments, friend dialogs• Twitter has TwitterCards, Sign In, embedded timelines/follows, posting• Salesforce allows you to built into their platform. What happened to the pictures? 6
    7. 7. Context Unifies Platforms, Federates Identity• A social platform is contextual: it brings social to where action happens, initiating conversation and authentic sharing ripples Always watching, like the eye of Sauron… 7
    8. 8. Focus On City Management • Inclusiveness of use cases: – What was once expert manual integrations are now plug-and-play Widgets. • APIs that decorate, enrich, and include context to other platforms (within their terms) • Long-tail plans and paths to monetization Obama Influence+ NYT Analytics {source:kloutId, author:kloutId, Author Influence+ Singly FederationSingly Oauth on +K Twitter, NYT Influence+ Obama Analytics NYTimes nytimes/obama, Topical Influence+ politics} Observer Analytics 8
    9. 9. SimPlatform Terms Indirect SimPlatform APIs Partners Don’t forget marketing! Direct Partners 9
    10. 10. PlatformingFebruary 2013, #apistratTyler Singletary, ; @harmophone