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Harmony Joi Jones Mastery Timeline Course Goals
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Harmony Joi Jones Mastery Timeline Course Goals


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Harmony Joi Jones Mastery Timeline Course Goals for Business Intelligence FSU

Harmony Joi Jones Mastery Timeline Course Goals for Business Intelligence FSU

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Harmony Joi Jones Mastery Journey Timeline Course Goals
  • 2. Mastery: Personal Development & Leadership To acquire the necessary tools to embark on the journey towards mastery both professionally and personally while rediscovering myself. ! Managing Your Time with Todd Dewett Ebscohost ! Read: Steps to Greatness February 3, 2014 ! Discovering Your Strengths with Dave Crenshaw
  • 3. Foundations of Business Intelligence To learn the basic concepts of business intelligence and the creation of various Visio diagrams. ! Complete Visio 2010 Essential Training with Dave Edson Ebscohost ! Read: Trends in ERP Software February 3, 2014 ! Building Your Professional Network with Dave Crenshaw
  • 4. Enterprise Data Management To understand the big picture of how data is interpreted across an organization and gain an understanding of various business processes. ! Managing Project Schedules with Bonnie Biafore Ebscohost ! Read: Five Steps to Complete Enterpise Data Management Strategy March 3, 2014 ! Excel 2010 Essential Training with Bob Flisser
  • 5. Business Intelligence Technologies To understand how business intelligence software is used to solve problems and make companies more successful. March 31, 2014 Ebscohost ! Read: Collaborative BI: Theory Becomes Reality ! Building Confidence with Todd Dewett ! Time Management Fundamentals with Dave Crenshaw
  • 6. Business Intelligence Analytics To understand statistical and analytical techniques and how they are used in forecasting and predictive analysis. Ebscohost ! Read: Maximizing Insight from Unstructured Data May 5, 2014 ! Wayne Winston on Analytics with Wayne Winston ! Project Management Fundamentals with Bonnie Biafore
  • 7. Data Mining To understand how data mining tools, techniques, and intelligent processes are used to identify patterns in data that yield information, insight, and enterprise intelligence. Ebscohost ! Read: Explaining Data Driven Document Classifications June 2, 2014 ! Rescuing Troubled Projects with Bob McGannon ! Project 2010 Essential Training with Bonnie Biafore
  • 8. Patterns and Recognition To examine advanced datamining concepts and techniques used to identify meaningful statistical patterns and relationships in data. July 7, 2014 Ebscohost ! Read: Biometric Solutions ! Financial Literacy: Reading Financial Reports with Rudolph Rosenberg ! Enhancing Your Productivity with Dave Crenshaw
  • 9. Process Modeling and Analysis To understand how business intelligence systems are used to support the analysis and improvement of business processes. Ebscohost ! Read: Modeling Processes Depends on Your Application August 4, 2014 ! Leading Change with Britt Andreatta ! Personal Branding Basics with Lorrie Thomas Ross
  • 10. Data Visualization and Creative Reporting To learn the use of dashboards, web-based and desktop widgets and stand-alone software applications. Ebscohost ! Read: Data Visualization Throughout the Ages September 1, 2014 ! Content Marketing Fundamentals with C.C. Chapman ! Powerpoint 2010 Essential Training with David Diskin
  • 11. Business Intelligence Leadership & Communication Skills To refine overall leadership abilities and communication with others verbally and visually. Ebscohost ! Read: Manage Your Work, Manage Your Life September 29, 2014 ! Communication Fundamentals with John Ullmen ! Thinking Like a Leader with Dave Crenshaw
  • 12. Business Intelligence Case Studies To use creative problem solving and critical thinking to support a range of BI decision-making processes by using real world scenarios to solve problems. Ebscohost ! Read: The Overall Effect of the Business Cycle on Crime October 27, 2014 ! Data Driven Presentations with Excel and Powerpoint with Gini Courter ! Insights from a Project Manager with Bob McGannon
  • 13. Business Intelligence Capstone To demonstrate everything I have learned over the course of this degree program. I will deliver a presentation that summarizes my project, results, and recommendations through effective use of appropriate data visualization and infographics. Ebscohost ! Read: Strike With Good Pitches November 24, 2014 ! Building Business Relationships with Simon Bailey ! Connecting with Executives with John Ullmen