Standardized initiatives towards sustainable biomass certification


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Standardized initiatives towards sustainable biomass certification - World Biofuels Markets, Rotterdam, March 24, 2011

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Standardized initiatives towards sustainable biomass certification

  1. 1. Standardized initiatives towardssustainable biomass certificationHarmen Willemse,Netherlands Standardisation InstituteRotterdam, March 24, 2011NTA 8080 Sustainability Scheme 1
  2. 2. NTA 8080 Sustainability criteriafor biomass for energy purposes• Criteria for sustainability• Translated into auditable requirements• Certification system for demonstrating compliance• For Solid, Liquid and Gaseous biomass• For international applicationNTA 8080 Sustainability Scheme 2
  3. 3. Definition of Sustainability Cramer sustainability themes: • Greenhouse gas emissions • Competition with food and local applications of biomass • Biodiversity • Environment • Prosperity • Social well-beingNTA 8080 Sustainability Scheme 3
  4. 4. People Well-being The production of biomass needs to contribute to the well-being of the employees and the local community. Environment In the production and processing of biomass, the quality of the soil, surface and ground water and air needs to be preserved, if not improved.NTA 8080 Sustainability Scheme 4
  5. 5. Planet Biodiversity Biomass production may never harm protected or vulnerable biodiversity but –wherever possible– needs to strengthen the biodiversity. Greenhouse gases Considered over the entire chain, the use of biomass needs to result in a sharp reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels.NTA 8080 Sustainability Scheme 5
  6. 6. Profit Prosperity The production of biomass needs to contribute to the local economy. Competition The production of biomass for energy purposes may not endanger the food supply or other local applications.NTA 8080 Sustainability Scheme 6
  7. 7. NTA 8080• NTA 8080 Sustainability criteria for biomass for energy purposes (2009)• NTA = Netherlands Technical Agreement• Contains auditable requirements• Developed with a diverse group of Dutch stakeholders with international operations• For international application• Voluntary scheme for RED compliance• Input in international standardizationNTA 8080 Sustainability Scheme
  8. 8. Certification system• NTA 8080 sustainability criteria• NTA 8081: certification scheme• Interpretation document• Portal – Information – Register with certified companies – Affiliated CB’sNTA 8080 Sustainability Scheme
  9. 9. NTA 8081 certification scheme• NTA 8081 describes the certification scheme for NTA 8080• Developed by Committee of Experts – multi stakeholder approach (as in NTA 8080)• Certification scheme is owned and maintained by NEN scheme management – Updated regularly based on experiences• Only used by affiliated CBsNTA 8080 Sustainability Scheme
  10. 10. NTA 8081 content Method ofScope conformity Certification assessment criteria Require- Non- Conditions & Procedures ments for conformities: requirements for: certification minor & for group complaints, bodies and major certification appeal, etc auditor(s) Necessary Audit effort Assessment information in man-days frequency for register and validity and report of certificateNTA 8080 Sustainability Scheme
  11. 11. Scope of certification• Solid,Liquid and Gaseous biomass• Producers, Processors, Traders, End- usersNTA 8080 Sustainability Scheme
  12. 12. Added value of the certificate• Comply with international sustainability requirements and standards• Broad base of support• Adapt to new developments• Competitive advantageNTA 8080 Sustainability Scheme 12
  13. 13. Current developments• Submitted to EC as a voluntary scheme for demonstrating RED compliance.• Can be used under Dutch (concept) legislation• Accepted by Dutch Accreditation Council• 5 affiliated Certifying Bodies• First two certificates issued: –Solid biomass: Vagroen (collector & processor woody residues) –Liquid biomass: Van Gorsel (Colza farmer)NTA 8080 Sustainability Scheme
  14. 14. Thank you for your attention Contact details: NEN Energyresources Harmen Willemse +31 (0)15 2 690 326 www.nta8080.orgNTA 8080 Sustainability Scheme