The Benefits of The Paleo Diet - More Energy


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The paleo diet is one of the most intriguing diets that have come out in
recent years. Its revelations may seem new, but the formulation is actually
based on the eating patterns of our most ancient hunter gatherer ancestors
— the early humans of the paleolithic (stone age) period, who roamed the
earth millions of years ago.

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The Benefits of The Paleo Diet - More Energy

  1. 1. ==== ====Learn About The Paleo Diet ====If you have been trying out different diets, looking for that feeling of powerful health that seems tobe missing in so many diets, then the paleo diet might just be for you.The Paleo Diet, also known as the "Caveman Diet" has become hugely popular over the last fewyears. It is considered by many diet experts as the most healthy diet in the world.And the best thing is: this is a diet where you dont need to count! You can eat until full...The amazing benefits that can be obtained by following the Paleo Diet are easy to explain."Paleo", short for "Paleolithic" refers to the period where us human beings were still cavemen. Atthis time, we were hunter-gatherers, with no access to diary or to grain. These only came into thepicture about 10,000 years ago, while we were hunter-gatherers for more than a million yearsbefore that.Basically, our bodies were genetically coded to function optimally on a nutrition that comes from ahunter gatherer lifestyle. In the last 10,000 years however, the human genome has only changedby 0.01%A lot of the foods we have been consuming are simply not suitable for our bodies, the main culpritbeing grains.Grains, potatoes, beans, these foods were eaten by man after the rise of agriculture. Althoughthey have allowed to "feed the masses"(which is why this planet is now completelyoverpopulated), they are simply not suitable for our 99.99% hunter-gatherer genome.Cultures which still observe the paleolithic form of nutrition today are often complemented on theirastonishing health.Our western diets typically show that We consume too many Omega-6 fats and not enoughOmega-3 fats. The Omega-6/Omega-3 ratio in western diets averages about 12:1. High dietaryOmega-6/Omega-3 ratios are associated with increased risk for cardiovascular disease, sometypes of cancer, and tend to harm many inflammatory disease responses.The extreme level of carbohydrates we are encouraged to eat nowadays is way to high!The Paleo diet, by paying attention to these basic truths and by selecting foods that were availableto paleolithic man, addresses these issues with tremendous results.
  2. 2. Followers of the paleo diet have reported increased energy and quicker recovery even after aslittle as two weeks.Succeeding with paleo diet depends a lot on your own personal organization.First of all, there are the foods that can be eaten: (see the site mentioned below for acomprehensive list):Game Meats and Fish, Fruits, Nuts, BerriesAnd secondly, there are the foods that should be avoided:Grains, Beans, Potatoes, DairyThere are no calories or carbs to be counted, the idea is simply to eat until full.Why not give this a try for a couple of weeks? Youll be enjoying the benefits in no time.Changing your diet to a paleo friendly one might sound like daunting task. Lots of organizing,kitchen cupboards to clean out, shopping lists to review... That doesnt sound like fun at all.To get an easy start, visit for access to recipes, advice & an activemailing list with over 250 members!Article Source: ====Learn About The Paleo Diet ====