HowThe Paleo Diet Can Make You Stronger


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The paleo diet is one of the most intriguing diets that have come out in
recent years. Its revelations may seem new, but the formulation is actually
based on the eating patterns of our most ancient hunter gatherer ancestors
— the early humans of the paleolithic (stone age) period, who roamed the
earth millions of years ago.

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HowThe Paleo Diet Can Make You Stronger

  1. 1. ==== ====Learn About The Paleo Diet ====The Paleo Diet is the key to a healthy and better lifestyle. If you have been suffering from chroniclack of energy, get sick easily or just dont feel like you should be feeling at your age, then thepaleo diet could just be the thing that will set it right.The best thing: no counting of calories or carbs.Lets take a quick look at the logic behind the Paleo diet. Youll quickly agree that it makes goodsense.Basically, for the bigger part of the million years or so that us human beings have existed, we werehunter-gatherers. We ate a lot of meat and fish, and lots and lots of berries, vegetables and fruits.They did not grow grain or crops. Over hundreds of thousands of years, our bodies became totallyadapted to this nutrition.Then, only a small 10,000 years ago, we had the not-so brilliant idea to adopt an agriculturallifestyle. 10,000 years makes 0.01% of the time that we have been around. Our genetics havehardly changed since.Archeological studies show that there was a decline in stature and health when man switched toan agricultural diet.Early hunter-gatherers were taller than the early farmers. They had stronger bones, fewer cavities,and even lived longer (unless they got killed). Hunter-gatherers were rarely overweight and hadlow rates of autoimmune diseases like arthritis and diabetes.Our DNA has virtually not changed since we were hunter-gatherers. This means that our bodieswere never adapted to the huge change in diet they were forced to endure.Apart from the disastrous consequence that agriculture has had on the environment (the cuttingdown of endless forests, etc), we started eating foods that we were not supposed to eat, such asbeans, corn and potatoes.The result: increase of autoimmune disease, diabetes, allergies, unexplainable fatigue.Native populations across the world that are still hunter-gatherers nowadays do not have any ofthese symptoms and are often complimented on their astonishing physiques. That is because theyeat the right things!The idea of the diet is simple:
  2. 2. Dont eat: Grains, Beans, Potatoes, DairyDo eat: Meats and Fish, Fruits, Nuts, BerriesNo counting of carbs, calories. Eat until full. After a matter of weeks, your energy levels will be upand you willhave a healthier, stronger body. Result noted by people following the Paleo diet include weightloss, increasedappetite, increases sex drive, faster recovery from disease, etc.Why not give this a shot? You could be feeling great in a matter of weeks.Changing your diet to a paleo friendly one might sound like daunting task. Lots of organizing,kitchen cupboards to clean out, shopping lists to review... That doesnt sound like fun at all.To get an easy start, visit for access to recipes, advice & an activemailing list with over 250 members!Article Source: ====Learn About The Paleo Diet ====