Week of august 23, 2010
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Week of august 23, 2010






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Week of august 23, 2010 Week of august 23, 2010 Presentation Transcript

  • Week of August 23, 2010
  • Today’s To do list
    Seating Chart
    Rules Refresher
    Pass out Learning Targets – Explanation
    What was the Great Awakening
    Christopher Columbus Lecture/Activity
  • Learning Targets
    • Learning Goals for the Unit
    • The information on your Learning Targets is the only information you will be tested on…so do a good job!
    • They will be graded as a ‘formative’ grade (20%) multiple times a unit.
  • Explorers…Part one
    Why did people want to go exploring??
  • Renaissance
    1. The Renaissance!
    Literally meaning ‘rebirth’
    Made way for new ideas and new goals
    2. Powerful Nations Emerge
    Size and wealth of nations grew, wanted
    to trade with others
    3. Marco Polo’s Travels
  • What was it like to go exploring???
    Supplies needed? = EXPENSIVE
    Explorers would look for sponsors.
    Kings and Queens Sponsored so that they could keep the land and expand
    First major example, Christopher Columbus…
    LAND HO!
  • Does Christopher Columbus deserve this monument on the Plaza???
    Let’s take a look at the facts…
  • Christopher Columbus facts
    Goal was to discover a new trade route to the west indies…
    He was Portuguese/Italian
    Won over queen of Spain, she sponsored him
    In 4 trips over the Pacific Ocean, never touched the main land of North America
    Most of his crew hated him
    When he met the Native Americans living in the Bahamas…
    Put on trial for genocide in Italy…
  • BAV WORD: Columbian exchange
  • Using what you know…what would you guess the Columbian exchange was??
    The Columbian Exchange was the introduction and transfer of goods between Europe and the Americas
  • John Cabot
    Italian sailing for the British
    Wanted to find a trade route, figured if he went North, he wouldn’t hit Columbus’ land
    British didn’t want to get in the Spanish’s way
    1 boat, crew of 18 men
    First to actually reach North American main land, probably landed in Maine
  • Juan ponce de leon
    Spanish explorer…wanted to elaborate on Christopher Columbus’ ideas
    Made the jump from the Bahamas to Florida
    This is very important because…
    Now the Spanish will start running all over the, “New World” and will set up permanent housing
    Was looking for the Fountain of Youth
    Established St. Augustine, FL in 1565
    St. Augustine, FL
    Original Spanish fort built to protect from other Europeans, Indians, and Pirates
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdsL7KnXmV4
  • Conquistadors – always spanish born/sailed
    Hernan Cortez,
    Looking for gold and glory
    Sailed with 500 SOLDIERS, horses, and cannons
    Wanted to take over the Aztec empire and the capital of Tenochtitlan
    Aztec Indians forced to give up clothes, crops, gold, and precious stones
    Took over capital and king Montezuma
    Spanish fight to keep capital, and eventually take control of Mexico
    Francisco Coronado
    Went looking for gold further north than Mexico
    All he found was ‘widespread planes and no gold’
    So, he went back to Mexico for more riches.
  • Spanish America
    Missions, Big houses
    Churches, wanted to convert the Natives to Catholicism
    Made permanent houses and planned to stay
    Spain became very wealthy as a country
  • Samuel de champlain
    French Explorer…
    Now the French are involved
    He goes into Canada, down the Mississippi River, and ends in New Orleans.
    (Hint: this is why we buy the Louisiana Purchase from France)
    He develops VERY positive relationships with the Native Americans
    Battles with the British and he is captured, but then later comes back as governor of Canada.
    FYI (The French and British will always be in a fight from here on out)
  • After these 5 explorers…this is who controlled various parts of north America
  • Tomorrow:
    10 question clicker quiz – if you have concerns about the quiz, you may take it in the learning lab on paper
    Maps should be turned in by today.
    You will turn in your learning targets to make sure they are up to date and accurate
    By Monday afternoon, 3 grades will be in power school:
    Learning Targets (formative)
    Map (formative)
    Quiz (summative)