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Mobi social network


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  • 1. MOBI SOCIALNETWORKING Haritham Technologies, All rights reserved 1
  • 2. AGENDA What is Mobile Social Networking? Mobile Optimization of Social Networks. Social Impact on Mobile networks. Future Possibilities. Haritham Technologies, All rights reserved 2
  • 3. What is Mobile Social Networking?  Mobile social networking is social networking where one or more individuals of similar connecting with one another using the mobile phone.  Mobile social networking has influenced the development of emerging mobile technologies. Haritham Technologies, All rights reserved 3
  • 4.  A current trend for Internet social networking websites such as Bebo, MySpace and Facebook has turn mobile for easy portable work. Mobile social networking sites are becoming very popular all over the world in such a way that business network expands. Mobile networking sites are changing the way people relate and interact with each other which makes them stay online with business professionals. Haritham Technologies, All rights reserved 4
  • 5. Mobile Optimization of SocialNetworks.  Social networking sites have came up with light weight mobile to optimize bandwidth usage.  Mobile web interfaces have optimized the screen width to fit to any mobile device.  Mobile users are attracted to use social networks in mobile internet browser using wireless connectivity. Haritham Technologies, All rights reserved 5
  • 6.  SMS marketing makes the mobile marketing more useful and interactive with incoming messages like Snap deal, Offers etc. Mobile marketing changed the essence of marketing techniques into mobile search marketing. Haritham Technologies, All rights reserved 6
  • 7. Social Impact on Mobile networks.  Social impact of mobile social networking offers a glimpse of evolution in social networking via mobile phones.  Social networks also have contributed to growth of Mobile social networking trend.  Web based social networks being comprehensive for mobile access through mobile browsers and Smartphone apps.  Facebook users access the social network via mobile devices which has been a great social impact on today’s world. Haritham Technologies, All rights reserved 7
  • 8. Future Possibilities.  Future technological development the mobile social network will extend beyond wireless mobile devices.  Mobile social networking is moving quickly towards becoming the norm, in both social and business situations.  Possibilities are limitless in mobile social network which provides features like video messages, SMS .,etc which makes communication more easier. Haritham Technologies, All rights reserved 8
  • 9. QUESTIONS? TIME FOR QUESTIONS? HARITHAM TECHNOLOGIES EMAIL: vasu@harithamtechnologies .com #221,RAJAM COMPLEX, NEW SCHEME ROAD, MOBILE NUMBER: 9965417337 PAPANAIACKENPALAYAM COIMBATORE-641037. Haritham Technologies, All rights reserved 9