Guide To Manifestation Meditation
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Guide To Manifestation Meditation



Guide To Manifestation Meditation

Guide To Manifestation Meditation



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Guide To Manifestation Meditation Guide To Manifestation Meditation Document Transcript

  • Guide To Manifestation Meditation meditation/ February 18, 2013Harish PatelI joined the London School of Meditation about 12 years ago. I didn’t knowmuch about meditation or manifestation meditation of any sort before then,but I very much enjoyed the open evening that I initially went to.What I liked about the school was that they had theweekly classes as well as the one to one sessions.During the weekly classes certain philosophical textwas read which was then discussed in the group.At the beginning of each class it was pretty obviousthat people had questions. But the teacher alwayssaid lets meditate for a short while first. Clever man! Manifestation MeditationAfter the session people no longer cared about thequestions that they had. I’ve always noticed thatgroup meditations are so much stronger than meditating by yourself.At the beginning I was very focus on what meditation technique to use. I clearlywanted to use the most effective technique.Effective in what sense?When it comes to meditation its not a race. Its not about doing but ratherbeing. Its all about finding a technique that works best for you.The technique that I was taught was a mantra based meditation where Iconstantly chant “Ram” in my mind. When thoughts come, the mantra speedsup and then gradually slows down again. This has worked well but from my ownpersonal experience I have noticed that a visual Manifestation Meditation worksbetter for me.The approach is very simple but it should be done everyday. I must be honest Idon’t do it everyday, but I’m going to start from now on. Its all about priority,which is something that I’m getting better at. Lets go through the technique.Manifestation Meditation PreparationYou need to relax first before you get into the manifestation mediation. Closeyour eye and breathe in the following manner for the first ten minutes.Breathe in through your nose (2-8 seconds)
  • Breathe out through your mouth (4-16 seconds)Your breath out needs to be twice as long. So if you breathe in for 4 secondsthen you need to breathe out for 8 seconds through your mouth.The length of breath is dependent on what you feel comfortable with but try tomake it shallow.Start the Manifestation MeditationNow we are ready to start the manifestation meditation.For the next five minutes say the following statement repetitively in your mind:“I unconditionally love and accept myself as I am right now.”Put emotion behind the words.Next Manifestation Meditation Step:For the next five minutes say the following statement in your mind:“Now I fully activate, balance, open and expand the whole of my energysystem as I draw in pure love energy and living light from my own spiritualsource, my higher-self.As I draw in pure love energy and living light from my own spiritual source, thewhole of my being becomes infused with these powerful, transformationalenergies.”Next Step:For the next five minutes say the following statement in your mind:“Now I raise my internal vibrational energy to that of my guides and higher-self.My internal vibrational energy is now equal to my guides and higher-self.”Final Manifestation Meditation Step:
  • For the next five minutes say the following statement in your mind:“Now, with deep gratitude, I fully allow and accept all the good things myguides and higher-self desire for me.”Time to visualise the actual manifestation:Create in your mind’s eye an image of a unified energy field of living white light.Visualise the core feeling (the seed) of what you want to manifest.Plant it in the white lightStart to see forms and stuff in the white lightFeel itAt the end give gratitude for your manifestationI got the following track from Todd Acamesis with the sounding of gongs at thestart of each visualisation step:TrackThere you go, thats the Manifestation Meditation that I do…Click here to find out how you can start earning 100% instant commissions!Keywords:Manifestation Meditation View slide