Scale new business peaks with Amazon auto scaling


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Scale new business peaks with Amazon auto scaling

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Scale new business peaks with Amazon auto scaling

  1. 1. AWS Cloud Tour 2011 – India, New DelhiScale New Business Peaks with Amazon AutoScaling Harish Ganesan CTO and Co-Founder 8KMiles
  2. 2. Load Patterns of Business 1 E-commerce 2 Online Ticketing ComputeCompute Weekly Weekly 3 Online Travel 4 During CampaignsCompute Compute Yearly Yearly
  3. 3. Load Burst Types 1 Un Predictable Bursts 2 Predictable Bursts ComputeCompute Time Time
  4. 4. Traditional Scaling Lost customers • Fixed capacity • Under utilization of resources • Lost CustomersAmazon Auto Scaling • Align no. of instances with demand • Flexible capacities and scaling sizes • Save costs
  5. 5. Amazon AutoScaling• Handle all the variety of load bursts and patterns• Scale out Amazon EC2 instances seamlessly and automatically when demand increases• Scale down unwanted Amazon EC2 instances automatically and save money when demand subsides• Decide the scaling based on AWS CloudWatch metrics
  6. 6. Amazon AutoScaling Architecture EC2 Instance Elastic Load Balancer … Amazon CloudWatch Scale UpKey Concepts : Scale Up Rule EC2 Instance• Launch Configuration Scale Down Scale Down• Auto Scaling Group Rule• Trigger Scale Up • Policy Predefined Scaling • Alarm Auto Scaling Scale Down Activity Group
  7. 7. Auto Scaling : Unpredictable Burst 2 Un Predictable Bursts • Configure On demand Auto Scaling policy Compute • Create policies for both Scaling out and Scaling down scenarios Time • Auto Scaling will respond to changing conditions dynamically%as-create-auto-scaling-group as-group --availability-zones us-east-1c –launch-configuration my-lconfig --max-size 24 --min-size 4 --cooldown180 --load-balancers my-load-balancer
  8. 8. Auto Scaling : Predictable Burst 1 Predictable Bursts Compute • Configure Time based Auto Scaling plan • PutScheduledUpdateGroup Time Action - specify the date and time of execution, minimum, maximum, and desired Instance size of capacity% as-put-scheduled-update-group-action my-group –name “My-scale-up” -- time “2011-11-12T02:00:00Z” -min 10 -max 50
  9. 9. Candidates for Auto Scaling• Web Tier• Application Tier• Caching Tier• Load Balancing Tier• Other Stateless Tiers
  10. 10. Auto Scaling Benefits : Cost Savings 1 35 % savings 2 30 % savings ComputeCompute Time Time 30 % savings 3 35 % savings Compute Time
  11. 11. Auto Scaling Benefits : No Lost customers We can closely align our Infrastructure with our load requirements and save costs Benefits of AutoScaling – work in Happier DevOpsprogress !!!Source: AWS
  12. 12. Key Points to Remember• Log Files , Data Files and Sessions• Multiple AZ’s inside a Region• EBS Backed AMI’s are faster to launch• Multiple Instances Types in an Auto Scaling group• Combining Custom CloudWatch Metrics opens huge possibilities• Evaluate Traditional Monitoring
  13. 13. Thank YouFor more details on how we can help yourbusiness , us at