The sniper


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The sniper

  1. 1. Hari prasadh.R 9th ‘B’Short Story Unit The Sniper
  3. 3. LIAM O’FLAHERTYDate of birth: 28th of August 1896 Date of death: 7th september 1984
  4. 4. Place of birth: Inishmore, IrelandNationality: Irish
  5. 5. Education: University college DublinBelvedere CollegeBlackrock CollegeHoly Cross
  6. 6. He served on the western frontHe was injured thereHe returned as a socialistthen Joined the Irish free state
  7. 7. He moved to the United States after the warLived in the Hollywood for some timeHis first novel was first published in 1923,titled “The neighbour’s wife”He was awarded the “James Talt Black Memorial Prize” for the novel “The informer”
  8. 8. His other famous works included: The Informer Return Of The Brute Two Lovely Beasts And Other Stories The Pediar’s Revenge And Other Stories Civil War & A Red Petticoat
  9. 9. In 2006 a memorial gardenwas built in his native village ofgrtna capall , with a plaquedescribing his life and writings .
  10. 10. In 1922 O’Flaherty and agroup of supporters seized abuilding in Dublin for fourdays , flying a red flag fromit.
  12. 12. In The Sniper; Liam O Flaherty suggestthe horror of war not only bypresenting its physical dangers but alsoby showing its psychological effects.The story takes place in Dublin aroundthe beleaguered Four Courts in themiddle of the city where gunfire ofheavy guns, machine guns, and riflesbreak the silence around the sniperbecause of a civil war that is especiallydangerous because the enemy lookedsimilar to yourself
  13. 13. The Sniper• the sniper is the main character in the story . He is the member of the republican army. The Sniper has been positioned atop the roof in Dublin .. , picking off people as he chooses. He seems calm at times, but he is also tired of the killing.• Eventually, another sniper, an enemy, discovers his hiding place when the first sniper has shot at an old woman who was giving away his hiding place.
  14. 14. The first sniper is able to trick thesecond sniper into thinking he hasbeen shot. When the second sniperstands up on the roof of the houseacross the way, the first snipertakes aim and kills him.The first sniper jumps off the roofand his curiosity wins. He goes overto the dead sniper and when heturns him over, he realizes he hasshot his own brother.
  15. 15. THE ENEMY SNIPERA member of the Free State army TheEnemy Sniper wants to kill the Sniper.He appears to have the advantage aftershooting and injuring the Sniper. Hemakes a fatal error, however, when hefalls for the Snipers ruse. Once hethinks he has killed the other man, theEnemy Sniper stands up on hisrooftop, thus making himself a clearmark. The Sniper shoots him, and hefalls to the street below,
  16. 16. THE GENREThe genre of ‚The Sniper‛Is fiction. it is one of Liamö’ Flaherty’s first worksof fiction.
  17. 17. The resolution of theSniper is also theclimax because theSniper ends up out oftrouble for the timebeing and finds thatthe enemy sniper is infact his brother.
  18. 18. The PlotThe plot of the shortstory, "The Sniper" dealswith the clash between twoopposing groups in Ireland:the Republicans and the FreeStates. It is a civil strife, setin 1922.
  19. 19. THE THEMESWar reduces human beings to mereobjects. They have no names, nofaces. They are targets, nothingmore, to be shot at from adistance. To support this theme,Liam o’ Flaherty refrains fromnaming any of his characters.
  20. 20. THE POINT OF VIEW "The Sniper" in limitedthird-person point ofview, in which he presentsthe thoughts of the IRAsniper but does not presentthe thoughts of any othercharacter
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  22. 22. meaningsfleecy: a wool coat of a sheep