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Slides of the quiz conducted for Kutub Quizzers on Sep 9 2012

Slides of the quiz conducted for Kutub Quizzers on Sep 9 2012



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Agony Pariksha Agony Pariksha Presentation Transcript

  • AGONY PARIKSHA A KUTUB QUIZHari ParameswaranSep 09 2012
  • Pounce and bounce etc.The quiz has two halves, and a stage-2 Each half has a written round. This set of 10 questions is relatively simple. Each correct answer carries 10 points. Each regular round has 15 questions We close with a stage 2We’ll make up the other rules as we go along…
  • Written 1-1 When Thomas Wakley founded this weekly in 1823, he gave the rationale for the name in the following terms "A _____ can be an arched window to let in the light or it can be a sharp surgical instrument to cut out the dross and I intend to use it in both senses". Name this internationally renowned weekly.
  • Answer Lancet
  • Written 1-2 This flowering plant belongs to the Solanaceae family, which includes Datura, Capsicum, Potato, Tomato and Tobacco, among others. It is closely related to Tobacco, and indeed, it takes it’s name from the Guarani word for Tobacco – a word that also used in the past by the French. What is the name the flower is commonly known by?(Bigger picture in next slide)
  • Answer Petunia (Petun)
  • Written 1-3 The 3200 kg bronze sculpture was one in an edition of 5 created by the Sculptor. He installed it “guerilla style” on the night of December 15, 1989. Impounded the next day, it was placed at a location two blocks south of where it was originally installed. Copyright on it is still held by the sculptor, and in 2009 he sued the publisher of “A Colossal Failure of Common Sense: The Inside Story of the Collapse of Lehman Brothers” for using a picture of it without permission. Identify this iconic sculpture.
  • AnswerThe Charging Bull/ The Wall street Bull
  • Written 1-4 This sculpture under the north end of the George Washington Memorial Bridge in Seattle is depicted as holding a Volkswagon Beetle. The being depicted is from Norse mythology, and it is assumed that a term popular on the internet is named after it – but odds are that the term originates from the Old French for “to lead, or drag, somebody about”. What term/being?(Bigger picture in next slide)
  • Answer Troll
  • Written 1-5 After giving up on her law degree at the University of Alabama, she moved to New York in the footsteps of a childhood friend. He himself was a writer, and introduced her to his friends, most of whom found her dull. Recounts one – “Here was this dumpy girl from Monroeville. We didnt think she was up to much. She said she was writing a book and that was that” Name her and her childhood friend.
  • Answer Harper Lee and Truman Capote
  • Written 1-6 The International Hall of Fame for this sport inducted its first members in 1965. Of the 21 people who were inducted in the first year, 17 were American, 2 were from Australia, and one each were from Japan and UK. Two among the Americans had successful film careers. Which sport?
  • AnswerSwimming (Buster Crabbe and Johnny W)
  • Written 1-7 The clip below is from Sacha Guitry’s 1914 film “Ceux de chez nous”. You have to identify the person shown, and the location where this scene was shot (5 points each) <<VIDEO REMOVED. Sorry>>
  • Answer Monet and Giverny nbY
  • Written 1-8 The etymology of this word, so popular in Kerala and West Bengal, is from a combination for a Hindi word for shop (still seen in Delhi in a similar sense) and the Hindi word for lock. What’s the good (or bad) word?
  • Answer Hartaal (Haat and Tala)
  • Written 1-9 The paper “The origin of chemical elements” appeared in in the April 1, 1948 issue of “Physical Review”. It was done on work done by George Gamow and his student Ralph Adler. However, the paper listed 3 authors. The third name was that of a Nobel laureate who had nothing to do with the paper, but was known to have enough of a sense of humor to appreciate the reason for the addition. Name him.
  • Answer Hans Bethe (Adler Bethe Gamow)
  • Written 1-10 The Macaca Sylvanus comes in the IUCN endangered category as the population of the species has been estimated to decline at a rate exceeding 50% over the last 3 generations (24 years). Besides humans, Macaca Sylvanus is the only other primate living freely/natively in Europe. What’s it more commonly known as?
  • Answer Barbary Ape/Macaque
  • Clockwise-1This map depicts the writing systems extant in theworld today. Most of the Indian languages areclassified as alphasyllabic, where consonants andvowels are written as a unit.Tibetan, Thai, Khmer, Hmong, Sinhala also belongto this category, as do some Cree Indian languages.This family of writing systems takes it’s name fromthe first four letters of the Ge’ez script of Ethiopia(similar to the word “abecedary” – an inscriptionconsisting of the letters of an alphabet).What is the common name given to this family?
  • Clockwise 1
  • Answer Abugida
  • Clockwise 2 Nathaniel Wyeth was born in 1911 into what was the foremost American family of the arts. Unlike his brother Andrew though, he showed an aptitude for Engineering. He went on to get his master’s degree in Mechanical engineering from U. Penn. He worked for Dupont, and made several inventions there. In 1987, he was inducted into o the Polymer Processing Hall of Fame (yes – there is such a thing) for his 1973 invention of the technique of stretch-blow molding. The product resulting from this technique is used world-wide. What was this product?
  • Answer The PET Bottle
  • Clockwise 3This 1970 movie starred Shashi Kapoor, AparnaSen and Utpal Dutt, among others.As can be seen from the title scene, it involveselements of a meta-film, being set in theBollywood film industry. One of thescreenwriters is a Booker prize winner.The 2007 film “The Darjeeling Limited” used thesong “Typewriter Tip Tip” from this film.Name it <<Video of credits scene REMOVED>>
  • Answer Bombay Talkies
  • Clockwise 4This classic cookbook was publishedin 1945. It was widely considered tobe among the first attempts to present authentic Chinese recipes toAmericans. The author, BuweiYang Chao, was a doctor who learned tocook while a student at Tokyo Women’s Medical College. While shecame up with the recipes, it is believed that the text for the book waswritten up by her husband Yuen Ren Chao, a linguist (who is also theauthor of the well known poem “Lion-Eating Poet in the Stone Den”).This book also introduced a new term into the lexicon, as thetranslation for the word “Ch’ao”, a cooking technique for preparingfood in a wok.What term was cooked up as a translation for “Ch’ao” in this book?
  • Answer Stir-Fry
  • Clockwise 5 What familiar, last-but-not-least conventionin comics is usually traced back to thisKatzenjammer kids strip that appeared onAugust 2, 1903?(Thanks to Arul Mani for the wording on thisquestion – that’s also a hint)(Bigger picture on next slide)
  • Answer Use of “Z..Z..Z” to indicate Sleeping
  • Clockwise 6US Patent number3803463 for a “WEAPONFOR IMMOBILIZATION ANDCAPTURE” was granted toJack Cover, a NASAresearcher, in 1974.How does it connect tothis 1911 book, which wasalso known as “DaringAdventures in ElephantLand”.
  • Answer TASER
  • Clockwise 7The artist normally asked for his pictures to be hungin such a manner that they must be encountered atclose quarters - “Since my pictures are large,colorful, and unframed, and since museum walls areusually immense and formidable, there is the dangerthat the pictures relate themselves as decorativeareas to the walls”.There’s no real danger of that, since his 1961 work,measuring 93 in × 81¼ in, set the record for thehighest price paid for a post-war work on May 8,2012.Name this painting with a rather mundane,though descriptive title.
  • Answer Rothko’s “Orange, Red, Yellow”
  • Clockwise 8Generally called “Portrait of a Man”, this Jan van Eyck painting portraysan unknown man donning a pieceof headgear. Initially the term for thistype of headgear referred to a simplehood, but over the years it evolvedinto a complex headgear of the typeshown here.In French, the word was also used in falconry to denote thehood placed over the hawk’s head to prevent it from flyingaway. It is quite probable that this was behind the origin ofthe current meaning of the word (with an “e” suffixed) as isused in English today – as a protector.
  • Answer Chaperon/Chaperone
  • Clockwise 9Near the cricket stadium in Thalassery inNorthern Kerala, there’s this statue of aperson who stayed in the area from 1839 to1859. It was in this period that he startedwork on what was to be the first Malayalam-English dictionary. He also startedRajyasamacharan, which is considered bymost to be the first significant Malayalamnewspaper.His grandson shared his first name, and hadwritten a famous novel in 1921 that was set inIndia. This novel was also made into a 1972movie directed by Conrad Rooks.Name both of them.
  • AnswerHerman Gundert and Herman Hesse
  • Clockwise 10Columbo, starring Peter Falk was alegendary TV serial, inspiring, amongothers, our own “Karamchand”.His first name is never explicitly mentioned,though screenshots of his badge seem toindicate that it is Frank.A case that hinged around his first namebeing Philip was argued in the US courts in1987, and appealed all the way to theSupreme Court.Interestingly, the case revolved around theworld of trivia.What’s the story?
  • AnswerFred Worth, the author of “The triviaencyclopedia” had inserted this question onColumbo’s first name being Philip in the book –using the old mapmaker’s trick to catch anyonewho would copy from his work.Sure enough, “Trivial Pursuit”, which came out afew years later, had the same question andanswer.He took the makers of Trivial Pursuit to courtand asked for USD 300 million in damages. Helost.
  • Clockwise 11This work, which starts with the sentence“Salutation to Ganesa” was published in 10volumes from 1991 to 1996. The collected workwas released in 1999 (shown with most, butnot all, of the writing masked in the picturehere)Regarding how was inspired to tackle thesubject in the manner he did, the writer said “Ichanged the emphasis from whodunit to whathappened. Id seen advertisements for DouglasAdams book "Dirk Gentlys Holistic DetectiveAgency". A holistic detective? You wouldnt justhave to solve the crime, youd have to solve theentire world that that crime happened in. Thatwas the twist that I needed.”
  • Answer From Hell
  • Clockwise 12Dangdut is a Bollywood influenced musical genre thatemerged in the early 70s from the Orkes Melayu thatplayed tunes that were popular among their multi-ethnic audiences in the urban centers of Java andSumatra. The term is onomatopoeic, and comes fromthe sound of the Tabla (or gendang, the local variant).It is thought to be coined as a term of derision by amusic magazine, but was popularized by musicianRhoma Irama, who used it in his 1973 superhit songTerajana which has the lyrics “This is the song, song of India”.What 1959 song of India was Terajana talking (or singingabout)?
  • Answer Terajana refers to “Tera Jana Dil Ke Armaanon Ka” - From Anari
  • Clockwise 13This is one of the mostcommonly used techniquefor joining two pieces ofwood in carpentry.The term is also commonlyseen in English to mean “Tocombine or interlock into aunified whole”.The name of the joint itselfcomes from the avianworld.
  • Answer Dovetail
  • Clockwise 14Eddie Saunders hadcaught this shark inthe 54th MetropolitanSouth Florida Fishing Tournament in 1989 , anddisplayed it in his JD Electricals Supplies shop inShoreditch, London. On 17 April 2003, when thenew Saatchi Gallery opened at County Hall with afamous exhibit, under what title was this sharkexhibited at a Shoreditch gallery?
  • Answer “A dead shark isn’t Art” exhibit at the Stuckism International gallery in response to Damien Hirst exhibit at Saatchi.
  • Clockwise 15This temple situated in what isnow Pakistan is dedicated to Siva.Legend has it that when Satidied, the tears of Siva werecollected in two ponds, one atPushkar, and the other at thisplace. It is also said that thePandavas spent 4 of their 14years of exile here. Thegovernment of Pakistan hassupposedly decided to nominatethis temple complex for WorldHeritage status. Identify it.
  • Answer Katas Raj Temple
  • PHASE 2 We start with a written Set of 10 questions
  • Written 2-1The ceremony is conducted by members of I.B.Mwhen one of their group passes away. As part of theceremony, a prayer is offered which starts – “O DivineMaster of all mystery, who in wisdom and skill didst create and design allthat is visible and invisible. Thou hast instilled within us the talent toamaze, mystify and entertain….”The ceremony was first performed in 1926, after thedeath of one who was perhaps their most famousmember.Name the ceremony. Also tell me what I.B.M is?
  • Answer Broken Wand Ceremony International Brotherhood of Magicians
  • Written 2-2For what does scriptwriter Anjum Rajabaliidentify the following narrative functions in thecontext of Bollywood cinema Introduction Thunderbolt Beyond Forbearance Ah! Relief A parallel narrative Can’t say it? ___ it! Transition What’s grammar without punctuation?
  • Answer The song and dance sequence
  • Written 2-3 Literally from the Greek for “Beyond the Dowry”, this was a term for things like clothing and jewelry that a woman brought into the marriage which remained exclusively her property. The current meaning of “equipment, or apparatus” is attested from 1791. Today the term is again generally used in a negative legal sense, with the most common usage being associated with drugs.
  • Answer Paraphernalia
  • Written 2-4Considering non-polar persistent, movingbodies of ice formed when the accumulation ofsnow in the region exceeds its sublimation, thelargest one is in the Pamirs and is named afterthe Russian naturalist and explorer, AlexeiFedchenko.The second largest non-polar one was“discovered” by mountaineer Tom Longstaff in1909 and is named after the Balti term whichapproximately means “the land of abundantRoses”. Name it.
  • Answer Siachen Glacier
  • Written 2-5For long we had been told that the onlymovie Mahatma Gandhi saw was VijayBhatt’s 1943 movie “Ram Rajya”. He saw itin 1945.As it turns out, he had seen a movie beforethat. In 1944 he had seen a Hollywoodmovie. Directed by Mike Curtiz, it was madein response to a request by FDR. It was alsoone of the movies targeted by the Housecommittee for Un-American activities.Name it.
  • Answer Mission to Moscow
  • Written 2-6 The latin word that means “cultivated” may be seen the name of many plant species, including that of pineapple, the cucumber, radish and Asian rice. What’s the good word?
  • Answer Sativus
  • Written 2-7…what happens in between these scenes is what most people remember. Name the movie.
  • Answer Un Chien Andalou
  • Written 2-8 Aristotle himself called it “First philosophy”, but this branch of philosophy gets it’s name from the order in which Aristotle’s works were anthologized. His editor, Andronicus, is supposed to have the chapters on “first philosophy” right after another of Aristotle’s works, and called it “τὰ μετὰ τὰ φυσικὰ βιβλία” (the work right after X). Which branch of philosophy are we talking about?
  • Answer Metaphysics
  • Written 2-9When he visited Rome with fivesmall portraits, including thisone, he was hailed as “RaphaelReborn”.The name by which he ispopularly known may beconfused with the name of acheese – both names are basedon the city where he was born.
  • Answer Parmigianino
  • Written 2-10Hot off the presses – who do we see attemptingto do a “Konrad Lorenz” here?
  • Answer Putin
  • Anti-Clockwise 1 In the Landmark finals there was a question about connecting Salman Rushdie, Anton Chekov and Joseph Conrad. Similarly, connect the two images shown here.
  • Answer Sebastian Melmoth – The name under which Oscar Wilde travelled for 3 years after his imprisonment
  • Anti-Clockwise 2 Chadayamangalam is a village in the Kollam district of Kerala. For some years there has been a project to create the sculpture shown on the right, on top of a rocky hill of mythological importance. What’s the story with this place?
  • Answer The place where Jatayu fell to earth after the battle with Ravana
  • Anti-Clockwise 3 Died in 1841, but preserved in Arsenic - you can find this Raven in the Rare books department of the Philadelphia Free Library. It’s in the library because of literary associations. It was the pet of a famous author, and when his children asked him to put the bird in one of his books, the author obliged. Poe made a special mention of this in his review stating that the bird’s “croaking might have been prophetically heard in the course of the drama”. Not long after, he wrote “The Raven” – and was taunted with the refrain “Here comes Poe with his Raven, like ____ _____ Three fifths of him genius, two fifths sheer fudge” Which author’s pet is so immortalized? Which book of his did it appear in?
  • Answer Charles Dicken’s “Grip The Raven”. Makes an appearance in Barnaby Rudge
  • Anti-Clockwise 4 This style of Karate was the first to adapt the concept of “dan” and coloured belts. The style is now known in terms of the name of the first Dojo – and the name means something akin to “the house of the pine- waves (the movement of pine needles when the wind blows through them” after the pen- name under which the founder, Gichin Fanakoshi, wrote.
  • Answer Shotokan
  • Anti-Clockwise 5 On the 16th of March, 2012, media outlets were focusing almost entirely on the story of the budget, and that of Sachin’s 100th century. Lost in that din was a story about the verdict of a case - A.K. Bhattacharya, a manager at the Indian Iron and Steel Company, and Dipak Sircar, a safety officer at the same company, were given a sentence of one year’s imprisonment, for something that happened on Dec 27, 1975 (and which “inspired” a 1979 Bollywood movie). What were they sentenced for?
  • Answer The Chasnala Tragedy
  • Anti-Clockwise 6 On the right are a couple of stills from Andy Warhol’s “Eat” (1963) – a 45 minute film which is filmed in black and white, has no soundtrack, and for it’s entire duration shows a man, played by a fellow pop artist, eating a mushroom. Said pop artist is otherwise best known for something that he designed as a Christmas Card for MoMA. He later made a sculpture of it – this has been exhibited at the Indianapolis museum of Art since 1970, but has been reproduced in multiple forms. The USPS released a stamp in 1973 that features the image. Google’s logo on Feb 14, 2011 was also a homage to it. Identify this iconic sculpture.
  • Answer
  • Anti-Clockwise 7 Henry De Vere Stackpoole (1863-1951) was an Irish author, who worked as a ship’s doctor for over 40 years. He also gained expertise on the islands of the South Pacific in the course of his travels, and his books contained description of the natural life on those islands. He is primarily remembered today for a trilogy he wrote. The first book was published in 1908, and filmed thrice – in 1929, 1949 and 1980 (this last version was released in India to great success). The second book – “The garden of god” was also filmed in 1991. The third book – “The gates of morning” was published in 1925. What was the name of the first book?
  • Answer The Blue Lagoon
  • Anti-Clockwise 8 One of those questions where chimping can help… One of the Russian Five, this composer was Military Engineer by profession. He was well known for his expertise on fortifications and rose in the ranks to become a General in 1906. He was also a critic, but because of his role in the military, all his articles on music were written under the pseudonym “***”
  • Answer Cesar Cui
  • Anti-Clockwise 9 Oklo is a region near the town of Franceville, in Gabon. French prospectors had identified Uranium deposits in the region, and the Uranium mined there was exported to France for use in it’s nuclear program. In 1972 a worker at a nuclear fuel–processing plant in France noticed that was a much lower than expected percentage of U-235 in the sample – in fact the Ore from one part of the mine seemed to missing the equivalent of 200 kg of U-235. No one could explain this, till one of the scientists remembered a 1953 paper from UCLA scientist George Wetherill - he had posited a scenario which proved to be true at Oklo. What was this scenario?
  • Answer This is the only known case of natural fission reactors. There were 16 such natural fission reactors in this area – here, self-sustaining natural nuclear reactions took place about 2 billion years ago, running for a few hundred thousand years, and averaging 100kW of power output during that period nt-nuclear-reactor for more info
  • Anti-Clockwise 10 This is a picture of the giant bubble chamber that was used at CERN from 1970 to 1978. The Z-boson was identified in this bubble chamber. Billed as the “Mother of all bubble chambers”, it was named after the mother of a fictional character from the 16th century. Name the mother.
  • Answer Gargamelle
  • Anti-Clockwise 11 After his career came to an abrupt halt in 1919, he left the field, but he still holds the third highest career batting average, behind Ty Cobb and Roger Hornsby. His nickname came about due to incident caused by a particularly painful case of blisters.
  • Answer “Shoeless” Joe Jackson
  • Anti-Clockwise 12 This honor, the highest accorded by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, was formalized in 1813, and is given by the Governor and Secretary of State to individuals in recognition of noteworthy accomplishments and outstanding service to a community, state or the nation. LBJ, Reagan and Churchill have been accorded this honor. Name this honor, which has nothing to do with the military – though the title may suggest otherwise.
  • Answer Kentucky Colonel Sanders of KFC was a Kentucky Colonel Avinash Mudaliar pointed out that Dr Rajkumar was also so honored
  • Anti-Clockwise 13 When Cornell awarded him his doctoral degree in 1876, he became the first D.V.M (doctor of Veterinary medicine) in the US. Along with his assistant Theobald Smith, he made several important discoveries. During a study of hog cholera, they demonstrated that dead (heat killed) organisms could immunize animals against living organisms – thus laying a foundation to a method of creating a typhus vaccine. If we were told that an organism was named after him, we might leap to the conclusion that it is a species of fish, but that species probably gets it’s name from the Latin for “to leap”. What was named after him is a micro-organism that is often in the news as a source of infection. Name him, or the micro-organism.
  • Answer Salmonella – after Daniel Salmon
  • Anti-Clockwise 14 The general term for the kind of railing seen in the first two pictures originates from the name of the molded shafts that form the support. This shaft can be functional or ornamental, and in turn gets it’s name from the Italian for "pomegranate flower”, due to it’s resemblance to the swelling form of the half- open flower. What is the term used for these supporting shafts?
  • Answer Baluster (Whence Balustrade)
  • Anti-Clockwise 15 The second season of the BBC documentary series “The Private Life of a Masterpiece” focused on two paintings. One was Velasquez’s painting known as “The Rokeby Venus”. The other was a painting that was originally called “The bath”, and was a cause of much notoriety and controversy when it was first exhibited in 1863 (Emil Zola’s novel “ LŒuvre” is a fictionalized version of this). It inspired, among other things, a painting by Monet, and a series of paintings, sketches and linogravures by Picasso Name it.
  • Answer
  • STAGE – 2 TOPIC : SCIENTISTS- 6 questions. One (very specific) connect- 10 points for each answer- Connect in the first 2 questions for +40/-20- Connect in next 2 for +30/-15. At question 3, I’ll also tell you more about the connect- Connect in the last 2 for +20/-10- One additional clue at the end, and a free guess at the end for +10
  • 1 - +40/-20Nikolay Basov was awarded thePhysics Nobel Prize in 1964, alongwith Alexander Prokhorow and anAmerican Scientist. The Americanscientist is the one that most folksassociate with the discovery (orinvention) that resulted in the NobelPrize, and between 1989 and 1997,Fujitsu had released a set of gamingPCs and consoles named after him.Who was the American Scientist, orwhat was the invention?
  • Answer Charles H. Townes (LASER/MASER) Nikolay Basov goes into the connect
  • 2 - +40/-20Although his first degree was inHistory, this French aristocratsoon switched tracks, and his1924 PhD thesis under PaulLangevin resulted in a NobelPrize a mere 5 years later. Identifyhim.
  • Answer Louis De Broglie (goes into the connect)
  • 3 - +30/-15 His work in the decoding the waggle dance of the bees earned this behavioral biologist a Nobel Prize in 1973. Name him
  • Answer Karl Von Frisch (goes into connect). CLUE: The connect is that these 6 people are the only ones who have won these two awards – one being a Nobel Prize. You just need to identify the other award for the connect
  • 4 - +30/-15Dugald Stermer (died Dec2, 2011, so this is almost aTCQ ) , persuaded NormanRockwell to paint theportrait of this NobelLaureate for the June 1967issue of the magazine“Rampart” where heworked as the Art Director.
  • Answer Bertrand Russell (goes into connect)
  • 5 - +20/-10 Konrad Lorenz was one of the three winners of the 1973 Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology (along with Karl von Frisch – who we already met – and Niko Tinbergen). He is credited as one of the founders of the scientific study of animal behavior. Identify this field, which takes its name from the Greek for “The study of character”.
  • Answer Ethology (Konrad Lorenz goes into connect)
  • 6 - +20/-10In the “Oxford book of modern sciencewriting”, Richard Dawkins called him “thewittiest of all scientific writers”. In his“Memoir of a thinking radish: anautobiography” he recounts a story of whenhe visited the US – “When asked to makethe formal declaration that I did not intendto overthrow the Constitution of the UnitedStates, I was fool enough to reply that I hadno such purpose, but that were I to do it bymistake I should be inexpressibly contrite.”Name this winner of the 1960 Nobel Prizefor Physiology/Medicine
  • Answer Peter Medawar
  • Misc Clues +10 Among those that didn’t get into the list as they didn’t have a Nobel were…and the initial grant for the award came from him
  • Answer for connect These are the 6 people who have a Nobel Prize and also the UNESCO Kalinga award for the popularization of Science. Grant money for the award came from Biju Patnaik.