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Presentationonindianrailway 120501134424-phpapp02

  1. 1. Presented by- HARIOM GAUTAM
  2. 2. Indian Railway
  3. 3. History of Indian Railway First Indian Railway line was opened on 16th April 1853.
  4. 4. The first train consisting of onesteam engine and four coaches ,traversed a stretch of 21-milesbetween Mumbai(Bombay) andThane. Operated by privatecompany -Englishmen.Indian Railway has a gloriouspast of more than150 yearsserving the nation.
  5. 5. Features of Indian RailwayIndian Railway has a 3 tiermanagement system.In 1951 the system were nationalizedas one unit.Railway has 9213 locomotive 59,713coaches & 2.5 lack of wagon.It is one of the world largest railwaynetworks comprising 115,000km oftrack over a route of 65,000km.No strike in last 30 years in spite of19 lakhs workers.
  6. 6. 17 zones in Indian railway.IR Headquater – New Delhi.It is largest railway system inAsia and 2nd largest railwaysystem in world under onemanagement system.
  7. 7. It carries 1.4 crore passengers and 16lakh tonnes of goods every day. Morethan any rail system on earth.
  8. 8. It runs 12000 trains everydayIt is biggest civilian employer in theworld.As of 31 march 2012 . 22,224km (34%)of the total 65,000 km route length waselectrified.India first electric train “DECCANQUEEN” started on 1920 betweenMumbai to Pune.Himsagar express – it is largestdistance travel in India betweenJammutavi to Kannyakumari (3,726km).
  9. 9. It is fuel efficient system.7500 stations & about 500computerized passenger reservationsystem.It is a lifeline of country.
  10. 10. ORGANISATION:-  Top- railway board or ministry of railway headed by chairman railway board. Middle- 17 zones headed by General Manager. Bottom- 68 division headed by Division Railway Manager.
  11. 11. Speed of TrainsShatabdi max140kmph.Rajdhani max130kmph.Others max 110kmph.
  12. 12. NUMBERING OF TRAIN 4 digit numbering for express 3 digit numbering for passenger trains train no start with 2 –superfastAllshatabdi train starts with no 20 & last two digit vary from 01 to 84.
  13. 13. Railway Track orCombination of rails, fittedWay Permanent subgrade is on sleepersand resting on ballast andcalled the railway track or permanentway.
  14. 14. Technical details track andgaugeIndian railway uses 4 gauges:-Broad gauge- 1,676mm. It is standard is used in 91% of total track.Meter gauge- 1,000mm. Used in 8000km route.Narrow gauges- 762mm. Used in 2000km only.
  15. 15. Problem Increasing number of passenger/ customerPoor customer service/satisfaction.Rising input cost upto 200%
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