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Eatbuddy profile

  1. 1. Eat buddy Private Limited is a company which isRegistered as Multi National Company. We are launchingin India, Chennai, Tamil Nadu now. We will be launchedour services to every major cities of Tamil Nadu andother state´s major cities in India, the internationally assoon as possible.
  2. 2. The name EATBUDDY is selected with the idea of give a meaning tothis business concept. Eat : Having meals Buddy : friend. So all overmeaning of the eat buddy is Friend for having meal. The logodesigned with a cartoon guy who running fast to deliver a hot-foodand the text of EATBUDDY and the text of EATBUDDY with thecombinations of different colours of red. Our slogan is `click 2 eat´that describe the easily make a food order through internet andusing an effective information system.
  3. 3. Give an excellent online food ordering service for the people.Manage to accumulate the all Delivery and takeaways in to oursystem. Move city by city in India. Create an effective online foodordering network. Maximize and keep company´s wealth andemployee’s benefits.
  4. 4. EATBUDDY aims to create an online food ordering network, by usinga 4th generation online food ordering technology. By log in to oneweb system the user can manage to order food from the Restaurantthe user wanted to. Eat buddy is an online system which helps thepeople to search the favorite restaurants and order the food. Theorder will be clearly printed out by a POS terminal we give to therestaurant while they join us.
  5. 5. 1. The customer will visit to Customer will search the restaurants in particular area by using city name and area.3. The Restaurants in that area will be listed out.  Customer is able to view the rating of service and quality standard of the restaurants.  The restaurants will not be in static point the restaurants positions would be rotating every 5 minutes. So that there will be an equality on displaying restaurants top or bottom.4. Customer will choose their favourite restaurant according to the preferences and view the menu.  Customer can add the restaurant in to Favourite list.  Customer can rate the service and quality of the restaurant.5. Customer will add the favourite food by clicking + button there, Added item will be displayed on the side. Click check out button.  Customer can clear the items, or delete one particular item and adjust the quantity .  Subtotal and grand total will be displayed .  Feed instruction : customer can instruct the restaurants kitchen how the food should be example spicy , more cheese, more chilly .6. After click Check out customer can make some changes on the order items.  Customer has to sign up or Sign in if havent done at the beginning.  Customer will choose Delivery or pick up.  Date and time and the payment method Then “proceed “ the order.7. Restaurant will get the order through Eat-buddy connect device or any other Terminal Printers.
  6. 6. Buddy-connect, is a device provided by the Eat-buddy to receive the order effectively.Buddy connect helps you to get the order with all the details. The food name, grandtotal, subtotal, food number, Customer name, address, Phone number, and all thedetails essential to the order process are printed out by the Buddy-Connect, Clearly.The traditional ordering system is get the Food order through the phone call, an Staffhas to be attend to the call and manually write down what the customer wants, thatsquiet complicated most often there is many chances to get wrong order bymiscommunication. Buddy-Connect avoid this struggle, this give the more convenientway to the restaurants and also to the customers.You can avoid the problems such as answer the call in the rush hours , paying morephone bill, calling queue by using buddy connect.Buddy connect is portable-Printer device you can carry it anywhere easily. What youhave to do is just plug in the power. And buddy-connect works in battery too once youcharge the battery it will be survive for hours.Any time anywhere you can access the buddy connect to get the food orders from thecustomer.
  7. 7. EATBUDDY PVT LTD.,2-AB, 2nd Floor, Daffodiles Complex, 81,Velachery Main Road, Rajakilpakkam,Tambaram (East), Chennai – 600 073.Ph. : +91-44-42824628. / Cell : +91 9095421014Web : :