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What is usability analysis
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What is usability analysis


A brief overview of User Centered Design process and references to go through

A brief overview of User Centered Design process and references to go through

Published in Design , Technology
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  • 1. Usability Analysis Presented by: Harinder Sehgal
  • 2. Usability… Create simple, effective, and easy-to-use interfaces by following the User Centered Design (UCD) process.
  • 3. User Centered Design
  • 4. Conduct Research Heuristic Evaluation Helps you to identify usability problems in the user interface (UI) design.
  • 5. Conduct Research
  • 6. Conduct Research Card Sorting A technique to explore how users group items, that helps in developing structures that maximize the probability of users being able to find items.
  • 7. Conduct Research Card Sorting
  • 8. Conduct Research Contextual Enquiry (Informal) Visiting several users on site, observing them carrying out their tasks, and analyzing and documenting the resultant data.
  • 9. Conduct Research Personas Personas are fictitious characters that are created to represent the different user types within a targeted demographic that might use a site or product. Reference • http://www.steptwo.com.au/papers/kmc_personas/index.html • http://www.masternewmedia.org/interface_and_navigation_design/usabili ty/how-to-create-effective-personas-20071004.htm
  • 10. Persona Persona Table Usability analyst uses these parameters to prepare user persona. Occupation [Designation and the period of service] Qualification [Level of formal education if any] Computer usage [Dependency on computer, frequency of computer usage] Purpose of usage of application [What is the purpose for which the application is used for] People needed to interact with [Project lead / Manager/ Developers/ Testers]
  • 11. Wireframes A wireframe is a skeleton version of a website that depicts navigational concepts and page content.
  • 12. Wireframes
  • 13. Wireframes
  • 14. Wireframes
  • 15. Creating Designs (JPEGs)
  • 16. Usability Testing Usability testing is a technique for ensuring that the intended users of a system can carry out the intended tasks efficiently, effectively and satisfactorily. http://www.infodesign.com.au/ftp/UsabilityTesting.pdf http://www.webcredible.co.uk/user-friendly-resources/web-usability/usability- testing.shtml
  • 17. References • http://www.usabilityfirst.com/ • http://www.usability.gov/ • http://www.useit.com/ • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usability • http://www.humanfactors.com/home/usability.asp
  • 18. References Heuristic Evaluation • http://www.stcsig.org/usability/topics/articles/he-checklist.html • http://www.furiant.com/materials/web/radar_heuristics.pdf • http://susanavilaca.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/heuristic_evaluation_che cklist.pdf Card Sorting • http://www.apta.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=Home&Template=/CM/C ontentDisplay.cfm&ContentID=54588 • http://www.usabledevelopment.com/examples/usabledevelopment- cardsorting.pdf Persona • http://www.steptwo.com.au/papers/kmc_personas/index.html