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October 2011 website powerpoint
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October 2011 website powerpoint


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2012 Master Plan SlideShow Presentation for Phase 3 Online Community

2012 Master Plan SlideShow Presentation for Phase 3 Online Community

Published in: Technology, Real Estate
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  • 1. Draft Master Plan and Land Use Element Plan 2012
    Harford County
    Department of Planning and Zoning
  • 2. Background
    Harford County Residential Vacant Land Inventory
    Commercial and Industrial land inventories
    2004 Land Use Plan Implementation Report
  • 3. Background
    Public Workshops and online community
    Identified major challenges facing the County today and in the future
    Solicited input on strategies - Countywide and at the community level
  • 4. What is the Master Plan?
    Master Plan
    Relationship between the Land Use Plan and the other Element Plans
    Role of Federal, State, and regional programs
    Bay Restoration Program – Phase II WIP
    Smart, Green, and Growing Visions
    Public Participation Process
    Interjurisdictional Coordination
  • 5. What Is The Master Plan?
    History of planning
    2010 population 244,826
    2035 population 292,260
    45-64 cohort had largest total increase
    Largest percent increase 85 and over
    0-4 and 25-44 age groups lost population
  • 6. Master Plan and Land Use Element Plan
    Goal:“Protect and preserve the assets that make Harford County unique and utilize them to become a healthy, sustainable 21st century community.”
    Guiding Principles:
    Quality of life
    Rural heritage
    Resource conservation
    Economic vitality
    Sustainable growth
    Healthy communities
    Regional Integration
  • 7. Land Use Element Plan
    Existing Land Use
    Available Land Capacities
    Policies and Strategies
    Community Areas
    Land Use and Natural Features Maps
  • 8. * Other includes Commercial, Office, Industrial, Transportation/utilities, other uses, vacant buildings & Unimproved land
  • 9. Land Capacity Analysis
    Over 20 year supply of residential capacity in the Development EnvelopeProjected build-out rate of
    1,100 units per year
    Over 24.8 million square feet of commercial capacity
    Projected 10 year demand 4.1 million square feet
    52.5 million square feet of industrial capacity
    Projected 10 year demand 1.6 million square feet
  • 10.
  • 11. Aberdeen/Havre de Grace
    Changed Agricultural designation south of I-95 to Low Intensity.
  • 12. Fallston Business Corridor
    Changed High Intensity designation to match existing B3 zoning; added Medium Intensity to match existing R2 zoning.
  • 13. Forest Hill Neighborhood Center
    Added a new Neighborhood Center at the intersection of Osborne Parkway/Colgate Drive and MD Route 24.
  • 14. Harford Community College
    Expanded Harford Community College to match future expansion plans.
  • 15. Rural Residential
    Removed the Rural Residential designation from the Land Use Map.
  • 16. Sustainability Through Growth Management and Resource Conservation
    Topical Sections
    Land Use
    Economic Prosperity
    Public Facilities, Services, and Safety
    Themes based on community input and legislative requirements
    Policies and strategies that will be used to guide future land use
  • 17. Sustainability Through Growth Management and Resource Conservation
    Plan’s approach influenced by:
    Smart, Green and Growing Visions
    Phase II WIP and upcoming TMDL limits
    Provide a balance of residential, commercial, and employment opportunities
    Sustainable approach to Land Use planning
    Providing a health environment for County residents
  • 18. Community Areas
    Protect and enhance existing neighborhoods
    Provide a balance of residential, commercial, and employment opportunities
    Ensure sustainability
    Provide multimodal transportation that is sensitive to community character
    Provide opportunities for a healthy lifestyle
    Protect natural, historical, and cultural resources
    Protect rural areas
  • 19.
  • 20. Next Steps
    October 10, 2011 - Plan released for public review and comment
    October 20, 2011 Public Workshop
    Harford Community College Chesapeake Room 6:30-8:30 p.m.
    November 10, 2011 Public comment period closes
    January 2012 – Introduction by County Council
    February 2012– County Council public hearing