Matematika kelas 7 (bilingual)
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Matematika kelas 7 (bilingual)

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  • 1. MID SEMESTER-2 EXAMINATION ACADEMIC YEAR 2010/2011Subject : Mathematics Day/ Date : Wednesday, 9th March 2011Grade/ Term : VII/ 2 Time Allocation : 120 MinutesChoose the best answer by crossing A, B, C, or D on your answet sheet !1. The type of angle whose size is 165⁰ is … a. a cute b. obtuse c. straight d. reflex2. Which of the following is not corret ? a. 90⁰ is a right angle c. 99⁰ is an obsute angle b. 37⁰ is a a cute angle d. 180⁰ is a reflex angle3. The smaller angle formed by two hands of a clock at 04.00 is … a. straight angle c. obtuse angle b. right angle d. a cute angle4. The supplement of a 75⁰ angle is … a. 17⁰ c. 107⁰ b. 27⁰ d. 15⁰5. In the right figure the measure of the angle opposite to <ROQ is … R a. 90⁰ S b. 45⁰ c. 30⁰ P Q d. 15⁰ O
  • 2. 6. Consider the following picture. The measure of <MLN is … N a. 96⁰ b. 84⁰ c. 56⁰ K 3x 2x + 40⁰ M d. 28⁰7. An angle measures 1/5 of its complement. The measure of that angle is … a. 15⁰ c. 30⁰ b. 18⁰ d. 36⁰8. The measure of <A= 3/2 <B. If <A and <B supplementary angle, the measure of <B is … a. 54⁰ c. 108⁰ b. 72⁰ d. 144⁰9. if the ratio of an angle to its supplement is 2 : 7, then the measure of that angle is … a. 10⁰ c. 40⁰ b. 20⁰ d. 140⁰10. In the right figure line A and line B are parallel. The value of x is … a. 17⁰ A b. 65⁰ 145⁰ c. 60⁰ x⁰ d. 35⁰ 25⁰ B11. From the right figure, the value of <EOF is … c B a. 25⁰ b. 65⁰ D 65⁰ A c. 115⁰ O d. 155⁰ E F
  • 3. 12. From the right figure, measure of <BOD is … a. 30⁰ C b. 60⁰ B c. 90⁰ a⁰ 3a⁰ 2a⁰ d. 150⁰ A O D13. The measure of <A is twice of measure <B. If <A and <B are supplementary angles, then the measure of complement of <B is … a. 30⁰ c. 80⁰ b. 60⁰ d. 120⁰14. There are the properties of rectangle, except … a. The diagonals are equal in length b. The diagonal intersect and bisect each other c. Each of its angles is right angle d. All four sides of a rectangle are equal of length15. Look at the picture! In a rectangle KLMN, the length of KL= 8cm, MN= 3y + 2 cm. The value of y is … a. 2 N 3y + 2 cm M b. 4 c. 5 d. 6 K L Adapted from Mid Semester Examination RSBI SMP Negeri 1 Wates