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Presentation gives brief introduction about HP webOS.

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webOS Introduction

  1. 1. Worldwide Share - 2010 Worldwide Share - 2014 5% 9% 5% 4% Symbian Symbian 30% 15% Android Android 40% 15% RIM RIM iOS iOS Windows Phone Windows Phone 17% 12% Other Other webOS 2% 30% webOS ?? 18% “ Android to become No. 2 worldwide mobile operating system in 2010 and challenge Symbian for No. 1 position by 2014. - GartnerSource: Gartner (August 2010), ComScore
  2. 2. Worldwide Mobile Sales - 2010 Worldwide Smartphones Sales - 2010 Nokia 2% 3% 5% 19% Samsung Symbian LG 34% RIM 14% RIM 2% 41% Android 2% Sony Ericson 2% 3% Motorola iOS 3% Apple Windows Phone 3% HTC 17% Linux 3% ZTE Other 9% GFive 20% 18% Others “ Worldwide mobile device sales grew 13.8 percent in Second Quarter of 2010. - GartnerSource: Gartner (August 2010)
  3. 3. Launched: July 10, 2008 Total: 225,000 apps Launched: October 22, 2008 Total: 70,000 apps Launched: August 28, 2008 Total: 30,000 apps Launched: April 1, 2009 Total: 16,000 apps Launched: October 5, 2009 Total: 8,000 apps Launched: Dec 16, 2008 Total: 6,000+ appsSource: http://www.techeblog.com, http://www.mobilecrunch.com/2010, http://www.mobile88.com/news/
  4. 4. Initially developed by Palm, which was later acquired by HPHP webOS is a next-generation mobile operating system designed around anincredibly fast and intuitive user experience and optimized for the multitasking userIt is designed to run on a variety of hardware with different screen sizes, resolutions,and orientations, with or without keyboardsThe user interface and application model are built around web technology whichmeans the range of suitable hardware platforms is quite wide, requiring only aCPU, some memory, a wireless data connection, a display, and a means for interactingwith the UI and entering textIt includes a number of core applications:contacts, calendar, tasks, memos, phone, browser, email and messagingOther applications are included in the initial release, such as a camera, photoviewer, audio/video player and map application
  5. 5. Fig: Simplified webOS Architecture Fig: Native and Web Application Models
  6. 6. Multitasking, unobtrusive notifications, seamless integration with popular cloud services and apps that work together Simple web languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, to let apps up and running fast To create a connected experience across smartphones and tablets, PCs, printers, and other products, creating a huge market for apps and unprecedented opportunities HP webOS lets you tap into one of the most passionate, creative, and active communities of developers anywhere Developer Center makes it easy to get started & quick Start Guides help you build on what you already knowSource: https://developer.palm.com/content/showcase/why_webos.html
  7. 7. webOS 3.0 and Enyo framework- faster, more modern, easier to use, and ideally suited for building apps for a large range of devices Share URLs between the HP TouchPad and other webOS devices by just touching them together Exhibition mode displays useful information and content at a glance Organize similar activities into card stacks, making it easier to flow from one task to another One place for information from popular services like Google, Facebook, Microsoft Exchange, and others Ares is the first mobile IDE to run entirely in the browser. It features a drag-and-drop interface builder, an elegant code editor, and an integrated visual debugger Use the HP webOS SDK Or third-party tools Or build your own HTML, JavaScript, and CSS Or use the Plug-in Development Kit that’s included with the SDKSource: https://developer.palm.com/content/showcase/why_webos.html
  8. 8. Primary webOS app runtime is built on ubiquitous web technologies, so you can write code that runs with minor modifications on other platforms webOS SDK lets you easily move C/C++ and Open GL code to webOS Leverage Node modules originally written for other platforms and write your code with portability in mind Use Nitobi’s open-source PhoneGap solution to deploy webOS apps to other platforms Smartphones and tablets are just the beginning. HP intends to bring webOS to PCs, printers, and so much moreSource: https://developer.palm.com/content/showcase/why_webos.html
  9. 9. webOS Printers webOS PC & Laptop TouchPad Pre3 Veer pre 222nd Oct ‘10 15th May ‘11 Summer ‘11 Summer ‘11 Winter ‘11 Summer ‘12
  10. 10. Flip from one open application Start an email, create ato another and back again— message, update yourwithout losing your place or status, search your favoriteyour information websites—all without having to launch an app Simple to copy text from oneSign in to your place and paste it in another -Facebook, Google, Microsoft Cut or copy any editableExchange, LinkedIn, and Yahoo! text, such as text from a webaccounts, and information page or email, and tap the text topopulates the device like magic insert Launcher consists of a group of Use multitouch gestures and a screens that display all your touchscreen, to navigation fast applications which you can re- and easy arrange by holding an app icon and then dragging it to another place onscreen
  11. 11. Get a snapshot of new Instantly share a website withmessages, email, and events your HP Pre3 simply bywithout being disrupted - see touching the two together andthe subject of an email or the then take it to gofirst few words of a textmessageKeeps you updated with all the Gives you access to over-the-latest enhancements and new air services like data backup offeatures in webOS including contacts, calendardata backup which happens events, tasks, and memos asautomatically each day well as software updates Support for the latest web technologies, including Adobe Flash and HTML5
  12. 12. iPhone VERSUS Android VERSUS webOS Ease of Use Easy to launch and run apps Openness Allow apps to be written in HTML, CSS, Javascript, or C/C++ Battery Life Multitasking Better than any other mobile OSSoftware Keyboard Doesn’t have a proper soft keyboard optionSystem-wide Search They all have itNotification System Actual controls inside the notification Voice-to-Text Syncing Create Palm profile & store all of your settingsNon-Google Syncing Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, &Exchange Tethering Completely free on Verizon Release/ Updates Customizable Allows OS level customization through Preware and kernel patches Apps Both Android and iOS have >50,000 apps Web Browsing They are all based on webKit
  13. 13. iPhone VERSUS Android VERSUS webOS Gaming They are all based on webKit Music Player Rich games & every bit of the qualityTurn-by-Turn NavigationGoogle Apps Integration Google Voice Native app for Google Voice Source: http://1n73r.net/ - Posted on June 11, 2010
  14. 14. Streamlined design. Pre 2 features a sleeker design that still gives you Automatically up to date. the perfect combination of a vivid touchscreen Keep your contacts and calendars and slide-out keyboard up to date automatically with built- in integration for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo ! and Microsoft ExchangeTrue multitasking.Pause a game, tap an emailnotification, check your calendar, reada restaurant review, send an emailreply, then switch back to the gamewithout closing anythingHard work isn’t.Pre 2 smartphone hasbeen reengineered to domore of what you wantto do—faster
  15. 15. Equipped with business essentials. The new look of business. With a camera for video calls, noise- Designed for today’s cancelling speakerphone, and mobile instantaneous, increasingly hotspot, your office is mobile blended mix of work and life For those 24 hours called life. Get blazing-fast downloads of both work and personal email and manage inboxes separately or all togetherApps at your fingertips.Enjoy apps for socialnetworking, health andfitness, productivity, finance—you name it Messaging, Notifications, S ocialize. See IM, texts, and pictures, stay in loop, update status from where youre standing
  16. 16. Messaging, Notifications, Socialize. See IM, texts, and pictures, stay in loop, update status from where youre standingHave it all. Including more room in your pocket.Advanced browser and 4G speeds for a fantastic webexperience plus a full keyboard for firing off messagesand a vivid touchscreen that responds to your gestures Apps at your fingertips. Enjoy apps for social networking, health and fitness, productivity, finance, 3D games—you name it
  17. 17. There’s nothing like it. Apps at your fingertips. Move between open apps Enjoy apps for social seamlessly, share websites with networking, health and other webOS devices, and view fitness, productivity, finance, 3D content in Adobe Flash games—you name itGet more done from the get-go.Collaborate with colleaguesusing Google Docs orBox.net, print wirelessly tocompatible networked HPprinters, browse web atblazing speed with supportfor the latest webtechnologies Have more fun. Immerse yourself in gaming action, transfer your favorite songs, listen to your music with amazing sound quality, download movies or TV shows
  18. 18. 1 It’s free No cost to become a developer and no fee to download the SDK or submit apps2 Get full access to your device Enter developer mode without jumping through hoops, purchase device certificates or use questionable tools3 It’s Linux Get a fairly functional shell on the device by using the command4 A lot of it is familiar technology Most apps are written in JavaScript with the presentation layer as HTML and CSS5 The source is easy to find Easy to find lots of JS examples just by poking around on the device6 Tools are hardcore developer-friendly Command-line tools, Eclipse integration plugin, and web-based IDE7 Try cutting edge stuff Try 3D graphics with OpenGL ES or do remote device control using Bluetooth serial8 Developer support is awesome! Developer Workshops all around the world 9 webOS Homebrew Rocks! Independent developer community in webOS Internals10 Your open source project can make a difference Many of best applications are open source, available either via our App Catalog or through homebrew channels
  19. 19. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 • Install the HP webOS • Familiarize yourself • Set up the application • Provide Application SDK with the Emulator Directory Structure Information to package and run the application Step 8 Step 7 Step 6 Step 5 • Creating a Scene for • Running Applications • Starting the Emulator • Setting the Stage on presenting on the Emulator which you build the information or a task user interface for to the user your application Step 9 Step 10 Step 11 • Setup Stage Assistant • Script Writing • Repackage and to push the reinstall the scene, making it application visibleSource: https://developer.palm.com/content/resources/develop/building_your_first_app.html
  20. 20. A virtual machine software from OraclePre-requisite –Install webOS SDKStarting the EmulatorWindows:Select Start > All Programs >Palm > SDK > EmulatorRunning ApplicationsEclipse with webOS plugin:Run > Run Configurations >Palm Emulator > for the targetof your application nameOn subsequentactivations, select Run > RunAs... > Mojo ApplicationEclipse automaticallypackages, installs, and launchesthe applicationDebugging an Application Exiting the Emulator Running VirtualBox Emulator Host ModeTwo ways: Select: Windows: Open web browser, and1.Use the Debugger Machine > Close > Power Select Start > All Programs enter:2.Use the console output of the off the machine > OK > Sun xVM VirtualBox > http://localhost:5580/emulator VirtualBoxSource: https://developer.palm.com/content/api/dev-guide/tools/emulator.html
  21. 21. Source: http://webospatterns.zhephree.com/archive