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A Presentation On Influential And Revolutionary Business leader. Larry Page And Sergey Brin Leaded Google To The Heights Where It Has Reached.Google Business Leader

A Presentation On Influential And Revolutionary Business leader. Larry Page And Sergey Brin Leaded Google To The Heights Where It Has Reached.Google Business Leader



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    Business Leader - Google Business Leader - Google Presentation Transcript

    • A Presentation on An Influential Business Leader
    • Co-Founders: Lawrence Page And Sergey Brin
    • Introduction: Larry Page Born: March 26, 1973 at East Lansing, Michigan, U.S Education: B.S. from University of Michigan, 1993 M.S. from Stanford University, 1995 Role: Co-Founder, CEO And President of Product at Google Inc. Net Worth: $24.9 Billion
    • Introduction: Sergey Brin Born: August 21, 1973 at Moscow, Soviet Union Education: B.S. from University of Maryland, 1993 M.S. from Stanford University, 1995 Role: Co-Founder, Director of Special Projects And President of Technology at Google Inc. Net Worth: $24.4 Billion
    • The Start-Up  In January 1996, Google Started as a Research Project By Larry Page and Sergey Brin While Doing PhD at Stanford University  Anatomy: A Large Scale Hyper textual Web Search Engine  Funds: Borrowed from Friends and Family  Location: A College dormitory and Friend’s Garage  Innovated a Sophisticated Technology Called ‘Pagerank’ Working at a Dormitory
    • The Start-up  The New Search Engine was initially Named ‘Backrub’  The Idea that It will be used for Large Information led to The New Name ‘Googol’ which meant ‘1 followed by hundred of 0s’  The Name was soon changed and Registered on sept 15th 1997 to ‘Google’ due to a misspelling.  The first funding for Google was an August 1998 contribution of $ 100,000 from Andy Bechtolsheim, co-founder of Sun Microsystems  Eventually The Company was Incorporated on 4th sept 1998 First Registered Google Office, friend’s Garage
    • Core Competencies  Google People And Culture- The Employees are Extremely Intelligent with Out of The Box Strategies, The Culture Empowers Innovations  Pagerank Algorithm – It Has A Patented Search Algorithm Which Cant be Imitated  Search Engine Quality, Popularity and Awareness  Google is now A Verb in Webster’s Dictionary  One of the Most Recognized and Trusted Brands In The World
    • - A Revolution  Mission- "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful“  Unofficial Slogan- “Don’t Be Evil”  Philosophy: “Focus On The User and Everything Will Follow”
    • Strategies  Global Search Engine- This Way It Attracts The Traffic All Around The World  Some Google Services Such As Google News, Google Health, Picasa, Blogger Etc. Are Free And Subject to Indirect Monetization Through Advertising  Online Advertising Market Has just 8% stake in Overall Marketing So Google is Exploring The Offline Ad Market Such As Television, Radio, Newspapers and Street Ads  Offering A Quality Product To Different Users
    • Different Google Products Web Users  Web Search  Google Toolbar  Google Chrome  Gmail  Blogger  Google DNS Mobile Users  Android Os  Android Application  Google Maps  Google Nexus Tablet  Admob  Google Play Store
    • Different Google Products Home-Office Users  Gmail  Gdrive  Google Calendar  Gtalk  Google Translate  Google Docs  Google Analytics  Google Fiber Broadband Geo- Users  Google Maps  Goolge Panoramio  Google Earth  Google Mars  Google Moon  Google Sky
    • Different Google Products Social Site Users  Blogger  Google Hangout  Orkut  Gplus Media Users  Youtube  Google Video Search  Image Search  Voice Search  Picassa
    • Strategies  In March 1999, the company moved its offices to Palo Alto, California, which is home to several prominent Silicon Valley technology startups  It’s an Advertising Game – Web Based Advertising is a Big Business. So It Started The Concept of Advertising Funded Search Engine in 1999  Google Soon Introduced Other Products With One Mission: ‘Dominance ‘  Since 2001, It Acquired Many companies and Partnered A Few.
    • Major Acquisitions And Partnerships  In 2004, It acquired ‘Keyhole Inc.’ and Introduced Google Earth  In 2006, It Acquired World’s Leading Video Sharing Site ‘Youtube’  In 2007, It Acquired ‘Doubleclick’ To Get Into The Field of Ad-Serving Over The Internet  It has Partnered A Few Other Big Names Like AOL, Yahoo, MYSPACE, NASA, Microsoft , Nokia, Ericsson  It Partnered GEOEYE to Launch Satellites With High Resolution Imagery to Enhance Google-Earth and Favor High Speed Internet Access
    • Major Acquisitions And Partnerships  In 2010, Google Started Investing In Renewable Energy Setting Up Two Wind Farms By The Name ‘Google Energy’  On August 15, 2011, Google made its largest-ever acquisition to-date acquiring Motorola Mobility, The Acquisition Was A Strategic Move To Strengthen Google's Patent Portfolio  This purchase was to help protect it in its ongoing patent disputes with other Companies, mainly Apple and Microsoft and to allow it to continue to freely offer Android
    • Challenges From Competitors  Deal With The Social Networking Giant ‘Facebook’  Catch Up With Apple In Terms of Mobile Innovations  Keeping China Away From the Competition In Similar Products Market
    • Awards And Recognition Larry Page  In 2002, Page was named a World Economic Forum Global Leader for Tomorrow  In 2004, they received the Marconi Foundation Prize and were elected Fellows of the Marconi Foundation at Columbia University Sergey Brin  Brin received an honorary MBA from IE Business School  In 2004, Brin received the Academy of Achievement's Golden Plate Award at a ceremony in Chicago  In 2002, Brin along with Larry Page, was named to the MIT Technology Review TR100 as Top Innovators in Technology