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That is info about the site of samsung

That is info about the site of samsung

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  • 1. .COM (Samsung Electronics) Name: Hardik M. Thakkar Class: M.eBiz (I) Roll No:18Communication Skills For Managers
  • 2. Introduction Samsung Electronics is the south Korean multinational electronics and information technology company ,It is the flagship subsidiary of the Samsung Group. With assembly plants and sales networks in 65 countries across the world, Samsung has as many as 200,000 employees. In 2009, the company took the position of the world’s biggest IT maker. in may 2010 they ranked 13th out of 28 leading electronics makers.
  • 3. Products Of SamsungConsumer products Business Products Mobile phone  LCD panels TV/audio / video  Set-top box Camera/camcorder  Compressor Home appliance  Fiber optics Pc/ Peripherals /  Semiconductor printer  Storage Memory card
  • 4. A Little History.. 1969 : Samsung electronics founded by Mr. lee byung chull in 1969 in Daegu , South Korea . 1972-74 : Samsung was setting the base for development 1975-79 : revenue expansion and fast development period. 1980-85 : overcoming the depression, leading the exports and developing technology. 1986-89 :changing the direction to overseas. 1990-99 :advancing to towards millennium. 2002-03 :initiative to become a world-class company. 2003-04 :the first year as an excellent company. 2004-06 :laying the foundation to become a world class so..
  • 6. Continue.. We can easily find out the all Samsung Product’s Information with fully description. Here we can compare the selected products by different category. we can also see the recently viewed products. Accuracy and simplicity in finding dealers location and service locations by this site. Here when we register our Samsung’s products then we can get service request &tracking . Online buying facility is also available.
  • 7. Continue.. Checkout warranty of Notebooks & HDD by giving serial OR SN/PN number. With filtering service choosing of products become very easy. Search box is maintained here for finding Products. latest news & fully information about Samsung is also contain here.
  • 8. Opinions and experiences This site is very useful to customer who confused which products they want. I have purchased mobile phone and Other home appliance after visiting this site. With simplicity and accuracy on website customer or people like to visit this site again.
  • 9. Suggestions Continually same view of site page become very bored, if possible try attractive. Provide complete information to customers and forcing them to buying products from here via net banking. If possible saw the upcoming products in the site.
  • 10. Conclusion “SIMPLYCITY IS EVERYTHING” here every thing designed to looks very simple to understand. Continually maintained of sites.
  • 11. Thank YU…