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Testimonial from clients

  1. 1. Client: Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2009 Number of Users were 60,000 + and was viewed from 70 Places (worldwide)“First time in history, all domes of Vibrant Gujarat global summit 2009 webcast live overthe world” – Sandeep Shah- Vibrant Gujarat Co-ordinator
  2. 2. Client: JITO Number of Users were 15,000 + and was viewed from 23 Places (nationwide) “Together the power of Jain Community spread all over the world working for support & growth of Jain with successful webcast by VMukti” - Hemant Kolsawala, Jito Global Summit
  3. 3. Client: Indo American Chamber of Commerce Number of Users were 2,500 + and was viewed from 1 Places (nationwide)“Rahul Gandhi addressed the "Abhay Udan" valedictory function in Ahmedabad and VMuktiwebcasted the event wonderfully to Indian youths nationwide” - Himanshu Vyas , Indo American Chamber of Commerce
  4. 4. Number of Users were 6,000 + and was viewed from 110 Places (worldwide)“This technology provides all features to give a real classroom type environment to boththe students as well as the faculty hence it can be very well said its a complete food inone Meal” - Prof Anil Gupta CIIE-IIM-A for sessions of APJ Abdul Kalam for GRIT sessions
  5. 5. Client: Inventors of India at IIM-A Number of Users were 2,000+ and was viewed from 30 Places (nationwide) “VMukti team has capabilities to manage equipments and live events” - Dr. Rakesh Basant, Inventors of India at IIM-A
  6. 6. Client: IIM-A Entrepreneur’s Meet Number of Users were 4,000+ and was viewed from 15 Places (nationwide) “VMukti has managed many live events successfully at IIM-A” - IIM-A Entrepreneur’s Meet
  7. 7. Client: Ganpat University Number of Users were 15,000 + and was viewed from 5 Places (nationwide) for the convocation “LIVE webcasting of the convocation ceremony in 2008 & 2009 through VMukti Streaming making it available to all students even who cannot come down physically to attend the meeting” - Dean ,Ganpat University
  8. 8. Client: Motilal Oswal LIVE Session of daily Indian Stock Exchange 3000+ interactive viewers across India“It is enriching LIVE experience with the daily stock exchange holders & our franchiseewho are constantly available for interaction on various stocks” - Ajay Mandekar , Motilal Oswal
  9. 9. Client: IIFMLIVE Session of New York Stock Exchange Commodity Head – Mr. Aaron Gill on 30 Oct2009 with 1000 + Interactive Viewers across the globe.“It was an excellent session with the setup being done very easily with no downloads &constant interactivity with the viewers and answering their queries instantly – It was as if a faceto face talk between the pulpit and the pews.” - Aaron Gill- Faculty-IIFM & New York StockExchange Commodity Head
  10. 10. Client: Bank Of India 105th Foundation Day held in Delhi. Was well admired & appreciated by 6200 global viewers VMukti was good in terms of Quality of Video, Stability and with no buffering. VMukti team Demonstrated Excellent Capabilities in managing technologies & equipments required for webcasting. Ashutosh Mishra, Chief Manager-BOI
  11. 11. Testimonials “ It was an excellent session being done very easily with no downloads & Constant interactivity with the viewers and answering their queries instantly it was as if a face to face talk between the pulpit & the pews. ” Jayendrasinh Solanki, Student, GFSU The webcasting of IPC2009 was appreciated by many and the overall webcasting was good Indian Pharmaceutical Congress 2009VMukti Proprietary - Must not copy without Permission.
  12. 12.   To Whomsoe T ever it may Concern.This is to o put on reco ord the excellent supporrt extended by the VMukti team in h hosting the e event for Shri SShyambaba  Ustav. The eevent was w webcasted wwith a short  notice of 10 0 hours. Thee URL and the w webpage wa as designed i in 3 hours an nd the eventt was live in 8 hours..We appreciate the ef fforts taken by VMukti S t Limited to host the eve Solutions Pvt ent live. The  Live  webcast  was  viewed  by  more  than  200  part w ticipants  on nline  &  was  well  admired  & appreciated.The Webc casting Exper rience with V VMukti was to our satisfact o tion.VMukti team has dem monstrated excellent capab bilities in man naging technologies & eq quipments req quiredfor webca asting. Specia thanks to Si al iddharth the s support extend during th course of th event. ded he heFor, SIPL Systems & Services Pvt. Ltd. L SMayank B Bachhawat(Director) )