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1vc[1].tv 7-corporate[1] updated

  1. 1. “VC” Your Event Live!
  2. 2. Agenda – Overview  About Vmukti 1VC.TV  Market Drivers  Video Streaming Business Drivers  What does 1VC.TV have to offer  What are the benefits enterprise can get by using this service  Our customersVMukti Proprietary - Must not copy without Permission.
  3. 3. About VMukti 1VC.TV  VMukti’s mission is to provide low cost high quality Video Communication for all.  VMukti was conceptualized in 2005 as a venture of Adiance Technologies Group and was spun off in October 2007 to form a new company and is incubated at CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad.  VMukti Operates in $ 50 billion Mass Video Communication (Video, Voice and Content) industry driven by cost, time health and pollution issues involved in travel, lack of skilled professionals and huge costs of bandwidth and hardware for video infrastructure.  Presence in 7 countries (India – Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, China, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Israel, & Germany ), 2 Fortune 500 POCs (Google, TMobile) , 10000+ registered users and 40 Partners across the globe in first 9 months of commercialization.VMukti Proprietary - Must not copy without Permission.
  4. 4. VMuktiVMukti Offices
  5. 5. India OrganizationHardik Sanghvi Niru MehtaCEO & Promoter Director ChairmanHe has been Chief Architect and Mentor to many of the VMukti’s path Grew Avaya revenuebreaking products and strategies like interactive broadcasting besides in India to overserving organization through the excellence of his Business Development 700Crs, 44% CAGRSkills. Had Worked with Global giants like TCS & Xerox, US before over 9 Yearsfounding this venture and holds BE – EC degree. Gaurang H. DalalKushal Sanghvi DirectorCMO & Promoter Director Portfolio ManagementLed VMukti Sales team to achieve a staggering 12 big deals of 2-5 years Consultant, Chairmancontracts in only first 180 days of commercialization. Holds MBA degree – Regional Stock Exchanges, 30 Yearsfrom prestigious Gujarat University. experienceShrenik Shah Vaibhav ShahVice President - Sales and Marketing - West DirectorHaving 11 years in Multinationals like AGC and have handled assignments He carries more thanat AGC Networks like Business Development Manager – Teleconferencing, 17 years of exp inand National Sales Head Capital market. Highly Networked person in BFSI IndustrySameer GandhiVice President - Sales and Marketing - NorthIIM-Ahmedabad and IIT-Delhi Alumni with 5 years of experience. Has beeninstrumental in early success and acceptability of VMukti packages in theMarket.
  6. 6. A Challenge and An OpportunityLack of Gifted Faculties/ Lack of Skilled Resources Customers are asking for “video communication” with High Quality video and low cost on Bandwidth.
  7. 7. Consider These Webcasting Scenarios… NRI family wanting to webcast their An organization has 800 employees weddings/ ceremony in India to their spread across 5 locations. Many of these friends and family in US or other parts of employees are on field at any given time. the world…what are their options? CEO & other leaders want plan for a new product launch/ Seminars where all the employees should participate. What can they do? Business Mandates  Grow Revenue  Reduce Cost  Improve Productivity  Student Responsiveness  Go Green  Maintain Quality A mutual Fund wanting to educate their What are the options to broadcast 1000s of corporate customers with religious, political and similar events live at newly launching products, how they can low cost and low bandwidth? achieve it?VMukti Proprietary - Must not copy without Permission.
  8. 8. What are their choices????  Option 1: Audio conference Not as effective as video communication  Option 2: Video over Satellite Communication High Capital and operating expenses; High “Go Live” time; Lack of Mobility  Option 3: Polycom, Tandberg, Cisco… hardware based solutions Not suitable for mass communication; Lack of Portability; High Lead Time for live sessions  Option 4: WebEx, Go2meeting, Microsoft Live, Google, Skype Appropriate for one-on-one and few-to-few communications but not for communication with larger groups No Good Options  Option 5: Adobe FMS, Microsoft WMS, FFMPEG, UBICS, Ustream Not suitable for Conditions of developing countries; Requires very high bandwidth and infrastructureVMukti Proprietary - Must not copy without Permission.
  9. 9. 1VC.TV Offering Therefore, we at VMukti built state of the art service - 1VC.TV that enables Video Communications for Masses at Low Bandwidth [Accessible] & Low Cost [Affordable] as Required by Developing Countries UsersVMukti Proprietary - Must not copy without Permission.
  10. 10. Events…  Webcasting Market in India is expected to be around 20% of USD 3 Bn photo and video graphy market by 2014 (Source: BusinessLive, IIM-A)  The Indian Wedding industry is poised at USD 800 Bn as per an Industry report from ANI. Webcasting of these events is expected to be at least 0.1% of total market at USD 800 million over the next five years as per a market survey from IIM-A  By 2005 the webcasting market had US$ 3.1 billion in revenue, and its expected to grow much more as broadband access spreads through the USA and the rest of the world.  Streaming video and music will bring in $70 billion in revenue over the next six years according to a new study from Insight Research  Revenues will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 29 percent over the next five years. 10VMukti Proprietary - Must not copy without Permission.
  11. 11. When is 1VC.TV appropriate…  Webcasting (Video Streaming) Services  One or more live sessions  One Day Event Multi day Summits • Increase comprehension & productivity • Reach out to large audience at a very low cost • Use the best people to train the entire organization or customer base • Eliminate scheduling conflicts • Audience participation anytime, from anywhere VMukti has been incubated @ CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad, where with their skills and experience, they have helped us understand the market and the customer needs to produce the right offering for the clients.VMukti Proprietary - Must not copy without Permission.
  12. 12. What does 1vc.tv offer?  Full Screen Video Streaming Without Jitters  At 100kbps So That Even Rural India Can Connect  That Works With Data Card, Dial Up And Broadband  And Provides Moderated Interactivity With Host For Effective Q&A using Audio, Video or Chat  Very easy to use with no install and no downloads  Which Is Highly Scalable To Thousands Of Participants – Tested for around 15,000 Login IDs in a single instance – Multiple Live Channels  At Low Cost At Both Host As Well As Client Side  And Is Very Easy To Set Up  With Saas Pricing Model to Make it Affordable for Everyone  Security Features to Prevent Copy / Record of Live Video by Participants – No Proprietary Equipments Needed – No large investments in Capital Expenses; Easy to scale up and down  Works across corporate firewalls and Proxies Right Solution for Developing Counties … Right Solution for Untapped Opportunities  We also provide Audit Reports & Live Monitoring  & More To Come….VMukti Proprietary - Must not copy without Permission.
  13. 13. Live Streaming on Intranet/ Internet Access to VMukti LMS can be made available to all participant locations via the intranet/ internet. Video Feed Input from Camera bandwidth at Center 1 – RCA/ USB each viewing location Feed Connectivity: 50kbps –256 kbps Internet Center 2 VMukti LMS in VMukti US Data Center PC/Laptop with VMukti Encoder Internet Center 3 Audio Feed Location 1 Location 2 Location N Public Address SystemVMukti Proprietary - Must not copy without Permission.
  14. 14. 1VC.TV(code name) Technology  Distributed Architecture That Enables Very High Scalability Without Incurring High Capital Expense On Host Or Client Side  Motion Estimation Algorithms That Enable Lower Bandwidth Consumption Even For High Quality Full Screen Video  Integration With Smart Phones To Enable Ease Of Use For Mobile Workforce  High Definition, IPv6 and APIs for No Developed Country Solution Provider Has Developed the next generation needs of the Solutions for Developing Country Requirements IndustryVMukti Proprietary - Must not copy without Permission.
  15. 15. How Good is this Innovation??? The Technology that its based… We Will Let The Experts Speak for Us…VMukti Proprietary - Must not copy without Permission.
  16. 16. And, It’s Also Endorsed By Media… VMukti Technology Has Been Covered By Who Is Who Of Indian MediaVMukti Proprietary - Must not copy without Permission.
  17. 17. 1VC.TV CustomersVMukti Proprietary - Must not copy without Permission.
  18. 18. Competitive Analysis Web based Hardware Other Web based Satellite Complete Feature Set VMukti conferencing based Streaming based software conferencing software Full Screen HQ Video for Virtual Broadcast that works in existing infrastructure and bandwidth of India on data card/broadband For Mac, Windows & Linux Hosted Version/Web based version Ease of Use (Technical Assistance not required) Video Library of Live as well as pre- recorded events Professional Support Moderated Presentation/Chat 15000+participants in a single session Interactivity via chat and audio and video H/W kit for Broadcast setup Anywhere host/anywhere participant (No Proprietary H/W) Developed by an Indian company for developing country needs Streaming Delay GA 16 Seconds/ 10-20 seconds <2 seconds Approx 2 10 seconds-1 minute Beta: 2 seconds seconds CPU and Memory Low High NA NA Very HighVMukti Proprietary - Must not copy without Permission.
  19. 19. 1VC.TV 3 Yr Target  #1 in Webcasting – at least 2500 event days webcasts per month  Multiply success of current model through revenues from Corporate, Consumers, Government and more…..VMukti Proprietary - Must not copy without Permission.
  20. 20. Interface
  21. 21. Event Screen
  22. 22. Client Name: Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad (IIM-A) Key Message Reached Thousands of Participants Across 110 locations and 70 countries “This technology provides all features to give a real classroom type environment to both the students as well as the faculty hence it can be very well said its a complete food in one Meal”VMukti Proprietary - Must not copy without Permission. 22
  23. 23. Case: Webcasting of Major Events Key Message Proven Technology, Enormous Scale (60000 viewer’s in Vibrant Gujarat) without High Capital Expenses “As it was projected on a big screen real-time, it was like sitting in front of Buddhist leaders and listening to their message,” said a student of GFSU” -Jayendrasinh Solanki, Student, GFSUVMukti Proprietary - Must not copy without Permission. 23
  24. 24. In Summary…  We have developed a disruptive service which is required by educational institutes, enterprises, government and all kinds of businesses you can think of…  Technology which is built to cater specific problems of India makes Webcast accessible & affordable  Technology is Proven; Enough Empirical Evidence  Risks are low and gains are highVMukti Proprietary - Must not copy without Permission.
  25. 25. Interested Links  Linkedin http://in.linkedin.com/in/hardiksa  Twitter http://twitter.com/hardiksa http://twitter.com/VMukti  ET http://bit.ly/1uCYpA  Techcrunch http://bit.ly/10qdax  Home http://www.VMukti.comVMukti Proprietary - Must not copy without Permission.