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  1. 1. I-CARSHAH AND ANCHHOR KUTCHHI ENGINEERING COLLEGE Second Year Electronics Department Team members: 1. Rahul Gala 2. Jigar Dedhia 3. Keval Vora
  2. 2. Contents• Factors causing accidents and head on collision• Existing technologies• New technologies• Advantages and drawbacks• conclusion
  3. 3. Factors1. Construction of roads2. Traffics3. Brake failure4. Discipline of pedestrians and drivers5. Natural climatic conditions
  4. 4. Construction of roads• Proper planning of roads(town-planning)• Quality of roads• Proper parking facilities on roads
  5. 5. traffics• Control of traffic by more use of public transport• Proper traffic signal systems• Use of more sign boards• Speed limit in crowded areas• More use of foot paths by pedestrians
  6. 6. Discipline• Educating and promoting traffic rules• Strict following of laws• Use of more zebra crossing• Driving discipline• Better quality of examination before issuing license• Natural climatic conditions-heavy rains, fog. Etc…• Regular maintenance of car
  7. 7. Existing technologies• Parking sensors• Fog lamps• Increase in use of air bags-to save life after accident !!!• GPS systems• Cruise control
  8. 8. New technologies• Radar technology• Intelligent systems (using AI)• Smart cruise control• Use of image processing
  9. 9. Intelligent vehicle system use of image processing with AIComponents:1. Camera2. Real time processor and associated circuit3. Processor for AI4. Display screen5. Control interface6. Memory
  10. 10. image processing with AIFeatures:• uses Real time image processing(SigC641x and video co-processor card)• Uses branch of AI for pattern recognition• Uses planning and path finding algorithms(eg. Use of Dijkstra vs. A*)
  11. 11. Selection of camera
  12. 12. image processing with AI
  13. 13. image processing with AI• Figure 1 (a) Stereo video camera. (b) Left image. (c) Right image. (d) Disparity map d(x,y) produced by stereo algorithm: brighter green means higher disparity and thus closer to camera; black pixels indicate no estimate at that location.• The disparity map clearly shows that the person in the images is closer to the camera than the walls behind him.
  14. 14. image processing with AI
  15. 15. Intelligent vehicle system use of millimeter wave radar with AIComponents:• Millimeter wave radar• Interfacing circuits• Processor• Sensors• Display screen• Memory
  16. 16. millimeter wave radar with AIFeatures:• Real time obstacle detection• Traffic density• Adaptive cruise control
  17. 17. millimeter wave radar with AI
  18. 18. Artificial intelligence
  19. 19. Artificial Intelligence Result Path Straight PathTypical A* Path Smooth Path 19
  20. 20. Drunk driving• Drawbacks of breath analyzer:1. compounds found in lacquers, paint removers, celluloid, gasoline, a nd cleaning fluids, sensitive to temperature2. electrical interference from cell phones and police radios, tobacco smoke, dirt, and moisture.• Solution: Branches of AI
  21. 21. References• Introduction to AI robotics - robin R murphy• http://www2.potsdam.edu/hansondj/DrivingIssues/10 55505643.html• http://www.globaldenso.com/en/• http://www.iaf.fraunhofer.de/en.html• Artificial Intelligence-Stuart Russel