Amberbuzz portfolio jan 2012

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consulting portfolio to bridge the gap between business drivers, visitor goals and organizational agency

consulting portfolio to bridge the gap between business drivers, visitor goals and organizational agency

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  • 1. Opportunities for collaboration… to bridge the gap10/02/12 © Amberbuzz Consulting Confidential Page 1
  • 2. We help you bridge the “digital gap”10/02/12 © Amberbuzz Consulting Confidential Page 2
  • 3. Flexible and tailored services based on 3 principles 1.  Delivering marketing value through effective and honest channel execution 2.  Pragmatic engagement and innovation across your ecosystem 3.  Actionable insights to both support change and leverage your existing digital investments 10/02/12 © Amberbuzz Consulting Confidential Page 3
  • 4. Our service palette 1.  Delivering marketing value –  Converting marketing leads into sales leads –  Event execution and value realisation –  Business case execution (programs and change) 2.  Innovating and joining the dots –  Content planning and governance –  Cross media story-telling –  New channel execution (tablet, smartphone apps) –  Ecosystem orientation 3.  Actionable insights –  “Espace” online survey-based insights –  Measuring Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) –  Web performance service –  Social media buzz10/02/12 © Amberbuzz Consulting Confidential Page 4
  • 5. What gap?
  • 6. What pays for your internet investment?" The need to increase sales? " Directly to consumers via an e-channel " Indirectly to consumers or individuals within businesses – building online awareness, consideration and preference" The need to increase brand value? " I engage with the brand " I trust the brand " I love the brand" The need to improve service efficiency and effectiveness?" The need to communicate and engage with employees, stakeholders etc?" The need to build relationships?
  • 7. Who are your visitors? What do they need? Motivation NeedI want to shop (Physiological, safety, social, Logical (products, prices, downloadsesteem) recommendations, contacts)I want to be entertained Emotional (games, challenges, digital media,(Esteem, self actualisation) stories)I want to research Logical (encyclopedia, blogs, stories)(Safety)I want service Logical (downloads, software, FAQs, forums,(Physiological) contacts)I seek knowledge Logical/emotional (wiki, blogs, articles)(safety, social, esteem)I want to belong Emotional (social networks, forums, IM)(Social)I want to contribute Emotional (blogs, forums)(Esteem, Self actualisation)I want to be recognised Logical, emotional (blog, microblog)(Esteem)10/02/12 © Amberbuzz Consulting Confidential Page 7
  • 8. “You can lead a horse dog to water…”10/02/12 © Amberbuzz Consulting Confidential Page 8
  • 9. More information Graham Honeywill 045 274 7707 Andrew Barriskell 040 507 7217 Amberbuzz Consulting Oy www.amberbuzz.fi10/02/12 © Amberbuzz Consulting Confidential Page 9