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The Weekly Newsletter of Rotary Club of The Hills Kellyville

The Weekly Newsletter of Rotary Club of The Hills Kellyville



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20110808 weekly bulletin 20110808 weekly bulletin Document Transcript

  • Page 1Mon 08 Aug 2011 The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville Weekly BulletinIssue 3. No. 6 Monday , 08 August 2011Last Meeting: Monday Program: Essay Competition & Principles Night01 August 2011 Duty Roster tonight: Door Rtn. Bobby Redman Guest Speaker: Minutes PP Alan Jones (Rotary Grace)Robert Menzies - Rotary Grace: Memories, Mishaps Birthdays: 18 Aug IPP Wilf Van Emmerik “O Lord our and Melodramas 14 Aug Mrs Leanne Haslam giver of all good 21 Aug Mrs Lyn Stapley We thank You• Apologies: Anniversaries: 21 Aug Michael & Shirley Griscti for our daily 24 Aug PP Gordon & Robyn Scoble food,LoyalPP Alan Jones Toasts: Loyal PP Ian Pearce May Rotary Rotary International Rtn Bruce Pike friends andRotary International PE Overseas Club Rtn. Bobby Redman Rotary ways,Glen Wilcox Help us to serveOverseas Club Rtn. You all ourBobby Redman Last Monday night welcomed Robert Menzies as our guest days”. speaker. Robert Gordon Menzies(do you recall the name?) has had a very interesting life and spoke to us about his adventures overseas as a young man, his career as an Rotary Four- educator and then as an author recording his life experiences Way Test: in the form of three novels that he has written. Is it the TRUTH? Next Meeting: Tonight is one of our major events being the awards night for our Writing Competition and also our Principals Evening. This Is it FAIR to all Monday 15 August year 8 schools entered the competition. The standard as we concerned? 2011 have experienced in the past 6 years since the competition’s inception is again very high. This being a special evening Will it build Minimally Invasive dinner is going to be a buffet and it is a partner’s evening so if GOODWILL and Hip Surgery you haven’t advised your attendance please email or phone BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Guest Speakers: myself or Alan Jones so he can finalise numbers for catering for dinner and table setup. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all Enjoy your day. concerned? Duty Roster: Door Pres Pen. PP Keith Stapley Minutes PP Ray Campbell Better informed Rotarians are better Rotarians, and the world needs all the good Rotarians it can get. The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville meets Monday Night at the Castle Hill Tavern 6.15pm for 6.45pm start. Postal address: P O Box 6502, Baulkham Hills Business Centre 2153
  • Page 2 Summary of Last week’s meeting President Penny welcomed our Guest and Members. She also advised about her attendance, last Friday night, to the inaugural dinner for women in service clubs hosted by the Soroptimist Club of The Hills. The dinner was held at St. Joseph’s Baulkham Hills and attendees were encouraged to share details of their Club’s fund raising methods and Community programs. She also advised about a District Symposium on Club th Service and our participation at the Powerhouse Discovery Centre Open Day, on August 13 , when we will require a few volunteers. Bobby Redman advised that the Board will consider again supporting the Teachers for Timor program. Our Guest Speaker tonight was Author Robert Menzies, who was introduced by PP Jim Sifonios. Memories, Mishaps and Melodramas by Robert Menzies. Tonight, Robert Menzies delighted us with an interesting presentation, talking about some interesting characters and encounters, through his life, that have inspired him to write four novels. Two of these books were acclaimed “Pick of the Week” by renowned book critics. th Robert, or Bob as he is known to his friends, who was born on 20 December, was registered as Robert Gordon Menzies and his parents were surprised when they received a telegram from the Prime Minister’s department, for their excellence in family planning. By coincidence, Bob’s namesake, our famous ex Prime Minister not only had the same name but shared the same birthday. Bob grew up in Dorigo (NSW) where, a young neighbour inspired the novel “A culture shock”. The story relates how her family reacted to her surprise pregnancy, her handling of a very stressful situation and following the birth of her child, her relocation to Arnham Land, where she settled within an Aboriginal community. “A Culture Shock” has been acclaimed as a useful study, of benefit and motivation, for troubled teenagers across the land. “Beyond the Labyrinth” was inspired by Bob’s horrific, four year experience, living as a vagrant. A very funny story from the book tells of an encounter with a fellow vagrant who was approached by the local constabulary, and when asked his name advised that he was Harold Wilson. The officers were not impressed by the attitude from what they thought was a wise-cracking hobo. When Bob started sniggering, he also was asked who he was and being afraid to say he was “Robert Menzies” said “Robert Peel”. It was no surprise that the two reluctant acquaintances shared a cell in the local lock-up. Bob was very complimentary of how the officers treated them and also recalled a story that Harold told, comparing the inability of an eagle to fly in a vacuum (no resistance) to a person’s inability to excel in the absence of obstacles....”A life devoid of obstacles is quickly reduced to zero”. This encounter motivated Robert to rise above his empty vagrant life and to resume his studies. Previously qualified with a Teaching Certificate, Robert was encouraged to complete degrees, majoring in Politics. During this period he worked as a teacher, where he was assigned to direct a primary school musical. Bob told of a story where he auditioned Hugh, a reluctant football star, who was encouraged by his teacher to try for the musical, because his teacher thought he was talented. To the boys delight, Bob advised the boy that he should....”go back to the football field and tell your teacher that you PP Alan Jones presenting the appreciation have no talent”. It turns out that Hugh was none other than “Hugh certificate to Guest Speaker Robert Menzies. Jackman”. The book “Webs of Deception” was inspired during this time, not by this story but from a situation when a conniving mother blackmailed a School Principal to enroll her delinquent son, under the threat of spreading malicious lies about the Principal’s past. The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville meets Monday Night at the Castle Hill Tavern 6.15pm for 6.45pm start. Postal address: P O Box 6502, Baulkham Hills Business Centre 2153
  • Page 3 This book expands on the psychological impact this had on the Principal and the effect the situation had on the school. We enjoyed a very interesting presentation and PP Alan Jones thanked Bob, who had travelled from his home near the Gold Coast, for sharing the evening and his encounters, with our Club. For more information on Author Robert Menzies, you can go to his website at: www.robert-menzies.com.au. Toast to Overseas Rotary Club The Rotary Club El Progreso, Honduras, Central America (District 4250) was chartered th on the 29 May, 1976. The 22 Club members meet at 7-30pm on a Thursday night. Honduras was formerly known as Spanish Honduras to differentiate it from British Honduras which is now Belize. It is a republic and is bordered to the west by Guatemala, to the southwest by El Salvador, and to the southeast by Nicaragua. Honduras was home of several important indigenous cultures, mostly notably the Maya. Much of the country was conquered by Spain who introduced its predominant language and many of its customs in the sixteenth century. It became independent in 1821 and has been a republic since the end of Spanish rule. Rotary Foundation - District Simplified Grants. District Simplified Grants allow Rotary clubs to identify, plan and fund worthy projects in their own communities or internationally. Grants can fund improvements such as kitchen equipment for a community food centre, assistance for after-school programs, dictionaries or encyclopaedias for primary school children, or renovations to a playground. The more we contribute to our Foundations Annual Programs Fund, the more opportunities and funding we will have for such projects. The Rotary Foundation allows us to "do good in the world" here in our own community, as well as internationally. In 2011-2012 District 9680 has just over AUD$20,000 available from our Rotary Foundation contributions of 2008-09 to fund District Simplified Grants. Ask the Club’s Foundation Director for details. Joke of the Day There was this little guy sitting in a bar, drinking his beer, minding his own business when all of a sudden this great big dude comes in and -- WHACK!! -- knocks him off the bar stool and onto the floor. The big dude says, "That was a karate chop from Korea." The little guy thinks "GEEZ," but he gets back up on the stool and starts drinking again when all of a sudden -- WHACK!! -- the big dude knocks him down AGAIN and says, "That was a judo chop from Japan." So the little guy has had enough of this... He gets up, brushes himself off and quietly leaves. The little guy is gone for an hour or so when he returned. Without saying a word, he walks up behind the big dude and -- WHAM!!!" -- knocks the big dude off his stool, knocking him out cold!!! The little guy looks at the bartender and says, "When he gets up, tell him thats a crowbar from Bunnings. The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville meets Monday Night at the Castle Hill Tavern 6.15pm for 6.45pm start. Postal address: P O Box 6502, Baulkham Hills Business Centre 2153
  • Page 4 Melbourne club partners with homeless agency to provide shelter for city’s poor By Ryan Hyland Rotary International News -- 11 July 2011 More than 65 people in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, have a roof over their heads after moving into the newly built Elizabeth Street Common Ground, a facility that provides affordable apartments, mental health services, employment assistance, and medical referrals to the homeless. In partnership with HomeGround Services, the citys largest homeless support agency, the Rotary Club of Melbourne raised US$32,000 to furnish rooms in the facility. More than 40 club members each spent 35 days last year moving and assembling furniture and preparing apartments for the tenants. "This project brings the community together in so many ways," says Philip Endersbee, 2010-11 president of the Melbourne club. "Businesses, neighbors, and tenants have all become involved. Everyone in the community feels a bit of ownership." The Elizabeth Street Common Ground opened in August with 161 apartments on 11 floors, and a 24-hour concierge. The initiative, based on projects in New York City, provides housing for The Elizabeth Street Common individuals who became homeless Ground facility in Melbourne has because of drug addiction, mental provided more than 65 homeless illness, physical disability, or job loss. people with affordable housing. Endersbee says helping the homeless is now one of his clubs top priorities, and will be a backbone of its community involvement for years to come. "The cooperative partnership between the Melbourne club and HomeGround Services provides a wonderful opportunity for hands-on experience for members in contributing to the eradication of long-term homelessness," he says. Under its 2009 agreement with HomeGround Services, the Melbourne club has committed to Members of the Rotary Club of Melbourne assemble furniture at the  Raising $300,000 a year toward maintenance costs and facility in 2010. Photo courtesy of the operating expenses, including funds for care workers, rehabilitation Rotary Club of Melbourne specialists, and medical staff  Assisting HomeGround in raising funds from individuals and corporations, and seeking funding from local, state, and federal governments to support the Elizabeth Street project  Promoting supportive housing among local authorities, businesses, community organizations, and local Rotary clubs  Exploring job opportunities for Elizabeth tenants "This project has been a real positive for Rotarys public image," says Endersbee. "There is no doubt that Rotary is seen as a beacon among nonprofit organizations in our city." The Melbourne clubs work with the homeless was nominated as a ProjectLINK model project. http://www.rotary.org/en/ServiceAndFellowship/ProjectResources/ProjectLINK/Pages/ridefault.aspx The magic of Rotary is that it allows ordinary people to achieve the most extraordinary things. By using the powerful synergy of one, people unite to achieve exceptional global change. Many ordinary member of Rotary have developed projects that brought significant change to the world. Around the world there are 1,210,047 Rotarians in 32,774 clubs and 34,000 Rotarians in 1164 clubs in Australia . The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville meets Monday Night at the Castle Hill Tavern 6.15pm for 6.45pm start. Postal address: P O Box 6502, Baulkham Hills Business Centre 2153
  • Page 5 Club Calendar August Membership and Extension Mon 8 Essay Competition & Principles Night Sat 13 Powerhouse Discovery Centre - Open Day BBQ. Mon 15 Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery Wed 17 Board Meeting Thur 18 Zone Presidents Meeting Mon 22 A Manner of Speaking (Presentation Skills Coaching) Mon 29 DG David Rands visit Dan Murphy Roster Saturday 13 August 2011 IPP Wilf Van Emmerik PE Glen Wilcox Saturday 20 August 2011 PP Alan Jones Rtn. Bobby Redman Duty Roster Monday 15 August 2011 Door PP Keith Stapley Minutes PP Ray Campbell Note: Apologies must be in to Graeme Rohan by 12pm on Mondays so numbers can be confirmed for dinner. FOR SALE BY OWNER Complete set of Encyclopaedia Britannica, 45 volumes. Excellent condition, £200 or best offer. No longer needed, got married, wife knows everything WEDDING DRESS FOR SALE: Worn once by mistake. Call Stephanie. RI Mission Statement The mission of Rotary International is to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville meets Monday Night at the Castle Hill Tavern 6.15pm for 6.45pm start. Postal address: P O Box 6502, Baulkham Hills Business Centre 2153
  • Page 6 Club Members Name Classification Ray Campbell PP,PHF Education - Secondary Thomas Cann PHF Landscape Supplies Col Davis Accounting Taxation Stephen Dinte Financial Planning Russ Evans PP,PHF Finance Henry Grech PP Legal Practice Michael Griscti PHF Lighting Technician Paul Haslam Steel Distribution Penny Hill P, PHF Customer Service Alan Jones PP,PHF Marketing Consultancy Malcolm Leathley PP,PHF Real Estate Sales Bob Low PHF Electrical Distribution Robert Mackey PP,PHF Construction Services Ian Pascoe PP Gas Fitting Ian Pearce PP,PHF Industrial Consultancy Bruce Pike Nursery Retail Suresh Prasad PP Sugar Research Haran Ramachandran PP,PHF Computer Support Bobby Redman Psychology Michael Richardson Honorary Member Greg Rieper PP,PHF Consultancy Graeme Rohan PP,PHF Petroleum Distribution Gordon Scoble PP,PHF Education Primary Jim Sifonios PP,PHF Product Development Keith Stapley PP,PHF Photogrammetry Rod Tilden PP,PHF Window Furnishing Sales Alex Traill PP,PHF Building & Maintenance Wilf Van Emmerik PP,PHF Specialised Transport Allan Walker PP Funeral Direction Glenn Willcox PP Project Estimating P – President PP - Past President PHF - Paul Harris Fellow . The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville meets Monday Night at the Castle Hill Tavern 6.15pm for 6.45pm start. Postal address: P O Box 6502, Baulkham Hills Business Centre 2153