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Tellja Refferal Program
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Tellja Refferal Program


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Tellja Refferal Marketing

Tellja Refferal Marketing

Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. Tellja Digital Referral Marketing Solutions © 2009 - Tellja
  • 2. Agenda 1. Referral Marketing Explanation Advantages Examples Tap the internet’s full potential! 2. Tellja ... spread the word The online revenue accelerator How successful recommendations work From shop to bonus 3. Referral marketing of the future Few people can achieve a lot Low costs – many opportunities © 2009 - Tellja
  • 3. 1. Referral Marketing © 2009 - Tellja
  • 4. Referral Marketing is ... Recommend a friend Peer-to-Peer Buzz Marketing Viral Marketing Clients help acquire new clients Tell-a-Friend Power seller Referral Programs Community Marketing Word of Mouth (WOM) © 2009 - Tellja
  • 5. Referral Marketing Programs pay off* Referral programs already achieve over 100 billion Euro revenue - with an increase of 20% per year. More than 75 % of consumers in Germany trust their friends and relatives when choosing a product. More than 90% have already asked their friends and relatives for advice – 1/3 do this regularly before making a purchase decision. 60-80% of your existing clients are inclined to make referrals. 15% can be encouraged to. A referrer makes an average of 1.2 referrals. This means that 100.000 clients make 18.000 referrals – New customers are generated from every other referral. * Source: Study „Sales Results in Marketing und Vertrieb – Peer-to-Peer-Konzepte“ from Marketing Partner in Wiesbaden, Germany © 2009 - Tellja
  • 6. Which types of advertising are more valuable? 44 32 29 26 22 18 12 8 3 Referral TV Catalogue E-Mail Print Mailing Radio OOH Banner * Source: DoubleClick Touchpoints IV 2006 - „Which type of advertising is more precious?“ © 2009 - Tellja
  • 7. Advantages of Referral Marketing More new clients Existing clients will act as multipliers. Referral marketing takes advantage of existing clients to decrease price sensibility among potential clients and induce additional sales. More Affinity A referral creates a positive attitude towards the advertiser/brand at an early stage. Referrers are more bound to the product because “He who recommends an Audi would never switch to BMW”. More Quality A referral is the best way to address and advise. The referral is of high credibility and quality because the recipient gains from the experience of others. More Efficiency Referral marketing offers strong viral effects through low distribution and fixed costs. It is controllable and transparent through smart bonus management and tracking. © 2009 - Tellja
  • 8. Case Study Citibank: One Bonus, several Products According to a worldwide survey of 26,486 internet users in 47 markets, consumer referrals are the most authentic type of advertising: 78% agreed. Source: Nielsen 04/2007 © 2009 - Tellja
  • 9. Case Study T-Mobile: One Product, many Rates, several Bonuses „40% of new clients are acquired through the bonus program.“ Source: W&V 4/2007 © 2009 - Tellja
  • 10. The world is digital Classic media and advertising are continually losing influence on consumers. The Internet has become the most influential medium (information, consumer opinion, price comparison). More than 65% of all consumers use it regularly. Aside from information and knowledge, the internet serves as the only way to offer direct access to purchase goods without change of medium. According to TNS-Infratest, about 10.9 billon Euro were generated through the internet in 2007 in Germany - 39.5% of the yearly mail-order business. © 2009 - Tellja
  • 11. Which forms of direct marketing will be important for successful online business?* Referrals are the best Online würden sich 72 1/3 dermessages, e-mail the best Konsumenten mehr aufgrund einer medium. Empfehlung entscheiden, 53 als durch Preisvergleiche (billiger). 46 30 10 2 Mail Fax Referrals E-Mail E-Newsletter Mobile * Source: EPOQ Study - Dec. 2008 © 2009 - Tellja
  • 12. So far underestimated Fewer than 22% of companies measure and support their referral rate regularly*. The referral rate is one of the important key figures, because … “If they don't recommend you, they won't buy you” Conventional tools do not provide successful online referral marketing programs. Tell-a-friend has only marginal effects, forums & communities are difficult to control, price searchers are too one-dimensional, and search engines are too mighty. Tellja – This is how you´ll be recommended * Source: Study Excellence Barometers: Interview of 300 executives of the German economy - Nov. 2008 © 2009 - Tellja
  • 13. 2. Tellja ... spread the word © 2009 - Tellja
  • 14. Online revenue accelerator Tellja turns Referral Programs digital. Clients can make referrals quickly and simply and receive an attractive bonus. Classic elements of referral programs (such as bonuses) can be connected with the possibilities of modern communication (such as web, e-mail, SMS). Online referrals with Tellja are simple and worthwhile. Tellja is a viral marketing tool with a strong multiplier effect, it is simple to implement and offers many applications. © 2009 - Tellja
  • 15. How do successful referrals work? Several referrals Marke/ Produkt Customer New Customer Information Recommendation Data entry Kontakt and Shipment via SMS/Mail to Chose bonus Identifikation Friends & Family Call 2 Action Register Buy , … of bonus Virales Handeln © 2009 - Tellja
  • 16. Tellja in your shop © 2009 - Tellja
  • 17. Claiming a bonus on the Tellja portal © 2009 - Tellja
  • 18. 3. Referral Marketing of the Future © 2009 - Tellja
  • 19. In a nutshell Successful referrals – successful business. Use existing clients as a distribution channel. Enhance referrals and reward your clients. Generate client loyalty and gain many new clients. Tellja … spread the word. Successful referral marketing programs online, sophisticated technology, fulfillment, innovative, fast, easy to use, excellent tracking, calculable, no risk, no complexity. © 2009 - Tellja
  • 20. Recommendable Harald Ernst Managing Director Tellja GmbH Solmsstraße 12 60486 Frankfurt/Main Tel: + 49 69 87 00 429-0 Fax: + 49 69 87 00 429-29 E-Mail: Web: © 2009 - Tellja