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Server side game_development
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Server side game_development


General server side game development concepts, why it is hard, what to use as server etc.

General server side game development concepts, why it is hard, what to use as server etc.

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  • 1. Server Side Game Development is hard!
  • 2. Too many front end platforms -ios -android -browsers -flash
  • 3. Session is evil -Can not scale
  • 4. Long polling -Socket programming -Protocols -Ups!
  • 5. Database? -Read/Write is small -Not a good idea to use MySQL+Memcache -NoSQL shines
  • 6. Write your own server? Not a good idea
  • 7. Open Source alternatives -Reddwarf Server (Project Darkstar)
  • 8. Buy a good one? -Smartfox Server http://www.smartfoxserver.com/
  • 9. Smartfox Server The good -Less code via listener based API -Client API’s, no need for socket programming -Stable -Out of the box HTTP tunneling
  • 10. Smartfox Server The bad -2500 Euro / server / year -Not a Free Software
  • 11. Smartfox Server The Ugly - Does not scale!
  • 12. What others do? Social Game -Zynga -King.com -Wooga MMO’s -EA Games -Blizzard
  • 13. Wooga Open Source - https://github.com/wooga Wooga Github - Pocket Island - HTML5 game (Ruby, NodeJS) https://github.com/wooga/Pocket-Island - Lots of Ruby-Erlang-Redis-JS stuff - Wooga SlideShare http://www.slideshare.net/wooga
  • 14. NoSQL is your friend -Redis -Memcache -MongoDB -Hazelcast -CouchDB -Riak -Cassandra
  • 15. Wooga -Diamond Dash (4.6M DAU) -Monster World -Bubble Island -Brain Buddies (LAMP)
  • 16. LAMP -Brain Buddies, Bubble Island -Nginx instead of Apache -MySQL is fast enough
  • 17. Rails World Monster World - Started with Rails - MySQL -Not so useful, Farming games are not arcade games -Switched to Redis, now it rocks! Happy Hospital -Rails - Redis cluster -Fast enough but Redis is not RDB -Redis problems as main DB
  • 18. Magic Land - No DB is faster than no DB - S3, Erlang - Erlang Workers, S3 used for records - Stateful development is complex - Open sourced most of the erlang stuff used for this game in github StateFul
  • 19. Rails Again Pearls Peril - Rails, Redis (High score, Metadata, etc), Riak (All other stuff)
  • 20. Problems Software is easy, data is hard -Redis No backup, No slave -AWS Fast to create instance, it fails sometimes, Slow IO on EBS -JRuby Helps a lot as Concurrency libraries are great for threading in Java World
  • 21. Alternatives Write your own server - NodeJS - Java NIO, Akka, Netty - Erlang, Scala
  • 22. Questions?