Student Data Base Using C/C++ Final Project
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Student Data Base Using C/C++ Final Project

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Student Data Base Using C/C++ Final Project

Student Data Base Using C/C++ Final Project

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  • 1. Comsats Institute Of Information And Technology Islamabad Chak Shahzad Haq Nawaz CH Sp12-BCS-089
  • 2. Student Data Base program C/C++ Output :
  • 3. C/C++ CODE #include<iostream> #include<conio.h> #include<cstring> #include<ctype.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<stdio.h> using namespace std; void show1(); void pass(); void menu(); void entrec(); void modpass(); void modrec(); void mdf(); void show(); void upd_rec(); void srch(); void exit(); void hid(); void del(); int t=0; struct name { char first_name[20]; char last_name[20]; }; struct pass { char name[20]; char pass[20]; }user; struct bio_data { name ful_name; char add[100]; int age; int phon_num; char gender[10]; }; bio_data p[10]; int i=0;
  • 4. int main() { char hid[11]; for (int t=0;t<10;t++) hid[t]=0; strcpy(,"ABC"); strcpy(user.pass,"ABC"); pass(); getch(); } void pass() //defination of password { system("cls"); char name[20]; char password[20]; cout<<"Enter user name"<<"t:"; cin>>name; cout<<"Enter password"<<"t:"; cin>>password; int c,c1; int i=0; char pw; c=strcmp(name,; c1=strcmp(password,user.pass); if(c==0&&c1==0) { } else system("cls"); cout<<"welcome menue"<<endl; menu(); getch(); if(c!=0||c1!=0) { system("cls"); cout<<"login not match try again"; } getch(); pass(); // cout<<"modify passw"; }
  • 5. void menu() { system("cls"); cout<<"ttt______________________________"<<endl; cout<<"ttttwelcome to Menu"<<endl; cout<<"tttt1:Enter Record"<<endl; cout<<"tttt2:Show Record"<<endl; cout<<"tttt3:Modify Record"<<endl; cout<<"tttt4:Hide Record"<<endl; cout<<"tttt5:Delete Record"<<endl; cout<<"tttt6:Modify Password"<<endl; cout<<"tttt7:Search Record"<<endl; cout<<"tttt8:Exit Menu"<<endl; cout<<"ttt______________________________"<<endl; int choice; cout<<"Enter your choice:t"; cin>>choice; switch(choice) { case 1: entrec(); break; case 2: show(); break; case 3: mdf(); break; case 4: hid(); break; case 5: case 6: srch(); del(); break; modpass(); break; case 7: break; case 8: exit(); } menu(); break;
  • 6. } void modpass() { system("cls"); cout<<"ttEnter new password"<<endl; char pw; int i=0; cin>>user.pass; system("cls"); cout<<"ttPassword Cahnged"<<endl; cout<<"ttPress Enter to Continue"<<endl; pass(); getch(); } void entrec() { system("cls"); cout<<"enter number of record you want to add"<<endl; int n; cin>>n; for(int i=1;i<=n;i++) { cout<<"_______________"<<endl; cout<<"enter 1st name :t"; cin>>p[i].ful_name.first_name; cout<<"enter last name:t"; cin>>p[i].ful_name.last_name; cout<<"address :t"; cin>>p[i].add; cout<<"age :t"; cin>>p[i].age; cout<<"phon :t"; cin>>p[i].phon_num; cout<<"gender :t"; cin>>p[i].gender; getch(); } } void del() { system("cls"); cout<<"enter required out put numbert"<<endl; int n,a; cin>>n;
  • 7. a=0; char lname[20]; cout<<"enter last name to del record"<<endl; cin>>lname; for(int i=1;i<=n;i++){ if(strcmp(p[i].ful_name.last_name,lname)==0) { cout<<"t----------------------------------"<<endl; cout<<"tfirst name:t"<<p[i].ful_name.first_name=='0'; cout<<"tlast name :t"<<(p[i].ful_name.last_name)=='0'; cout<<"taddress :t"<<p[i].add=='0'; cout<<"tphone# :t"<<p[i].phon_num=='0'; cout<<"tage :t"<<p[i].age=='0'; cout<<"tgender :t"<<p[i].gender=='0'; cout<<"t----------------------------------"<<endl; }a++; cout<<"showing records:"<<a<<endl; getch(); } } void mdf() { system("cls"); int n; char lname[20]; cout<<"enter last name"<<endl; cin>>lname; //cout<<"search upto ....num?"<<endl; //cin>>n; for(int i=1;i<=9;i++) { if(strcmp(p[i].ful_name.last_name,lname)==0) { cout<<"enter 1st name:t"; cin>>p[i].ful_name.first_name; cout<<"enter last name:t"; cin>>p[i].ful_name.last_name; cout<<"address:t"; cin>>p[i].add; cout<<"age:t"; cin>>p[i].age; cout<<"phon:t";
  • 8. cin>>p[i].phon_num; cout<<"gender:t"; cin>>p[i].gender; } //getch(); } getch(); menu(); } void show1() { system("cls"); for(int i=1;i<=5;i++) { cout<<"t----------------------------------"<<endl; cout<<"tfirst name:tt"<<p[i].ful_name.first_name<<endl; cout<<"tlast name :tt"<<p[i].ful_name.first_name<<endl; cout<<"taddress :tt"<<p[i].add<<endl; cout<<"tage :tt"<<p[i].phon_num<<endl; cout<<"tgendr :tt"<<p[i].age<<endl; cout<<"tphon num :tt"<<p[i].gender<<endl; cout<<"t----------------------------------"<<endl; } //break; getch(); } void exit() { exit(0); } void hid() { char hide[t]; for (int t=0;t<10;t++) hide[t]=0; char nme[20]; char h; h=0; cout<<"Please Enter last name to hide:"; cin>>nme; for (int i=0;i<9;i++)
  • 9. { if (strcmp(p[i].ful_name.last_name,nme)==0) { hide[i]=1; } h=1; } cout<<"Hidden Successful"<<endl; if (h==0) cout<<"Record not Available"<<endl; getch(); menu(); } void srch() { system("cls"); char hide[10]; for (int t=0;t<10;t++) hide[t]=0; char nm[20]; char a; a=0; cout<<"nEnter Patient Last Name:"; cin>>nm; for (int i=0;i<9;i++) { if (strcmp(p[i].ful_name.last_name,nm)==0 && hide[i]==0) { cout<<"tt------------------------"; cout<<"ntt1 Record match!!!n"; cout<<"nttFirst Name :"; cout<<p[i].ful_name.first_name; cout<<"nttPatient Last Name :"; cout<<p[i].ful_name.last_name; cout<<"nttPatient Phone number:"; cout<<p[i].phon_num; cout<<"nttPatient Age :"; cout<<p[i].age; cout<<"nttPatient gender :"; cout<<p[i].gender<<endl; cout<<"tt------------------------n"; cout<<"nnn"; a=1; }
  • 10. } getch(); menu();} if (a==0) cout<<"nRecord not availablen"; void show() { system("cls"); char hide[10]; for (int t=0;t<10;t++) hide[t]=0; for (int i=0;i<9;i++) { if (hide[i]==0&& strlen(p[i].ful_name.last_name)>0) { cout<<"nRecord number t :"<<i+1; cout<<"nPatient First Namet :"; cout<<p[i].ful_name.first_name; cout<<"nPatient Last Namet :"; cout<<p[i].ful_name.last_name; cout<<"nPatient Phone numbert:"; cout<<p[i].phon_num; cout<<"nPatient Address t:"; cout<<p[i].add; cout<<"nPatient Age t:"; cout<<p[i].age; cout<<"nPatient gender t:"; cout<<p[i].gender; cout<<endl; } }getch(); } /*void del() { system("cls"); char name[22]; cout<<"enter 1st name to dell"<<endl; cin>>name; int a,b; for(int i=0;i<=9;i++) { a=strcmp(name,p[i].ful_name.first_name);
  • 11. if(a==0) { cout<<p[i].ful_name.first_name=='0'; cout<<p[i].ful_name.last_name=='0'; cout<<p[i].add=='0'; cout<<p[i].phon_num=='0'; cout<<p[i].age=='0'; cout<<p[i].gender=='0'; } } cout<<"record deleted"<<endl; getch(); } */