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  • Relationship principles for leaders john gray

    1. 1. Relationship Principlesfor Leaders –John GrayMen are from Mars, Women are from Venus First time in Chennai, India By Murali Sundaram Happyness Coach from Chennai, India
    2. 2. The Team which brought John Gray to Chennai
    3. 3. Money takes you to a point in life & afterthat making money takes away time and breaks relationships
    4. 4. World rewards men when they do “big” thingsWomen reward men when they do many “small” things for them
    5. 5. Women receives 8 times more blood flow toemotional centres of brain under moderate stress
    6. 6. Women’s brain has 40% more connective tissue than men. So they are good in multitasking
    7. 7. The magic word to build strong & happy relationshipwith your wife is by asking “Tell me More about it…”
    8. 8. When a man says “I am thinking nothing”, actually he is thinkingnothing. But a women’s brain cannot stop thinking and cannotunderstand this concept of non-thinking. This is even proved by neuroscience research.
    9. 9. When a man loves a woman, periodically he needs to pull away before he can get closer. The logistic team with John Gray
    10. 10. Men need to receive Women need to receive Trust Caring Acceptance Understanding Appreciation Respect Admiration Devotion Approval Validation Encouragement Reassurance Men Women
    11. 11. 1) He was a personal secretary for MaharishiMahesh Yogi(TM Meditation). He served himfor 9 full years.2) He is an ardent devote of Shridi Sai Baba...Hegets unique visions and messages from Babaand he has visited India at-least 20 times.3) He is practicing Yoga & Meditation for 40years4) He believes that he was born in India in hisprevious birth5) He got his book name "Men are fromMars, Women are from Venus" when he wasconducting a workshop. He prayed daily for 2years to get the book name and the format.6) Has an amazing energy levels at this age of62 yrs
    12. 12. I thank the supreme almighty for giving me the opportunity to emcee his program in Chennai, India, Feb’13 John Gray with Mrs. & Mr. Murali Sundaram
    13. 13. Thank YOUVisit