MENDAKI Social Media Training - Day 2, Part 1

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David Liem's Slide Deck during the MENDAKI Social Media training

David Liem's Slide Deck during the MENDAKI Social Media training

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  • 1. Social MediaEngagementTrainingDavid LiemPartner, Happy
  • 2. About Happy Marketer?• Headquartered in Singapore• Provides Strategic Consulting and Training Services• Focused on bringing market leading thought leadership in Social Media Marketing to APAC• Trained over 1500 professionals in less than 2 years• Yahoo & Google Certified Partners
  • 3. Happy Marketer.more business from your websiteA little about myself… David Liem Senior Consultant, Happy Marketer
  • 4. David’s Profile
  • 5.
  • 6.
  • 7.
  • 8. IDK
  • 9. LOL
  • 10. OTOT
  • 11. FTW
  • 12. BF
  • 13. BFF4L
  • 15. #Fail
  • 16. Abuden
  • 17. The Slow Death of Linear Thought• In the past linear, one-way thinking worked well• Because of limited communication channels, the only thing companies could focus on was getting more eyeballs
  • 18. Internet Influences On Multiple Levels
  • 19. Much More Choice for Consumers• Now consumers make decisions based on … – Finding alternatives through search engines – Opinions of their friends from social networking – Peer reviews through twitter and other websites – User generated content through YouTube and blogs
  • 20.
  • 21. Uses of the Internet
  • 22. Fish where the fishes are
  • 23. Disconnect between Advertisers & Users
  • 24. Brands Ignoring Internet Behavior? 1.7% Ad spend online 45% Time online
  • 25. Social Media Landscape
  • 26. We have many tools to choose from... 800 MM+ monthly active users 15MM+ users 800MM+ monthly users visit site 15MM+ users 232MM+ monthly active users 6MM+ users 230MM+ users 2MM+ users 135MM+ users 2MM+ users 115MM+ subscribers 2MM+ users 62MM+ users 1.5MM+ users 51MM+ users 500K+ users 20MM+ blogs 100K+ usersSource: Official and Estimated statistics. Facebook, YouTube, Zynga, Twitter, LinkedIn, Groupon, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram, Foursquare, Pinterest, scvngr, Path,Google+ SlashGear, TechCrunch / Comscore, FastCompany, Oink: TechCrunch, GetGlue, Foodspotting: Soraya Darabi’s LinkedIn EC
  • 27. Every 60 Seconds … (1)
  • 28. Every 60 Seconds … (2)
  • 29. The Corporate Website
  • 30.
  • 31. Emerging Web Design Trends• “Don’t make me think”• Simple Navigation• Large Headlines vs lots of text
  • 32. Socialize Your Website• Add social media buttons to your home page• Add a Facebook Like box to your website• Portal for your social media channels
  • 33. Strengths & WeaknessesStrengths•Effective for branding, sparking excitement with productannouncements,•Information gathering from the official sourceWeaknesses•May appear ‘one-sided’, glossed over, fake•Info may not be as ‘cutting edge’ as 3rd party sites
  • 34. Facebook
  • 35. Timeline for Businesses, Features
  • 36.
  • 37. Strengths & WeaknessesStrengths•It’s where the fishes are•Repeat visitors, convenient channel to communicate•Great for branding, short term engagementWeaknesses•Hard to find direction/purpose, takes time•Not strong for conversions without significant incentives
  • 38. Twitter
  • 39.
  • 40. Posting Company News
  • 41. Posting Important Updates
  • 42. Customer Service
  • 43. Strengths & WeaknessesStrengths•‘Faster than TV’, cutting edge•Easy to use, get ideas and answers•Used by mobile & tablet users•Share info quickly, directly interact, listenWeaknesses•140 characters, time consuming, narcissistic, boring, service oftenoverwhelmed, low engagement levels
  • 44. YouTube
  • 45. Tutorials
  • 46. Activism and Citizen Journalism
  • 47. Testimonials
  • 48. Strengths & WeaknessesStrengths•High degree of engagement, realism, more likely to be shared and go‘viral’•Powerful to shape user sentiment•Consistent content rewards consistent viewersWeaknesses•Costly (but high quality content almost always works)
  • 49. Collaborating with Popular Bloggers
  • 50. Strengths & WeaknessesStrengths•More content, perspectives for loyal customers, Able to clarifymisunderstandings, search engines visibility, humanizes brand,collaborate, publishing articles increase brand value, repeat visitors,feedbackWeaknesses•Time commitment
  • 51. Web / News Portals
  • 52. Topic Specific Portals
  • 53. Strengths & WeaknessesStrengths•Source of ‘alternative’ views, comments = transparency, betterunderstanding•Product reviews / testimonials are powerful to shape customersentiment•Great for PRWeaknesses•Lots of clutter / overload of information•No control over user sentiment
  • 54. Pintrest
  • 55. Strengths & WeaknessesStrengths•Fast growing network•Visually appealing•Easy to shareSpark initial interestWeaknesses•Pictures must be visually appealing to attract attention•Cluttered•Lower degree of interactivity between brands and users
  • 56. Social MediaBloopers & Disasters
  • 57. KFC Malaysia Food Disaster• Staff filmed food mishandling
  • 58. A fast sincere response = fast recovery• A video apologizing from Director of Operations• Ensures customers of Action steps• Invited to voice Concerns on facebook
  • 59. Not So SMRT:A Case Study of Communications Failure• Disruptions not updated by Twitter despite happening during working hours
  • 60. Even internal messages were made public• Public did not take lightly to the internal memo.
  • 61. Only at 11pm SMRT Responded• In the absence of information, ‘Trolls’ take over• Failure to develop communication channel in crisis situation for internal and external parties• Failure to listen to public feedback during crisis
  • 62. Leaking internal memo’s•
  • 63. Making light of a serious situation...backfires
  • 64. Personal behavior damages company rep.