How Not to Land on 10 Biggest Social Media Fails


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Social media marketing is a tricky business which can affect your business both positively and negatively. While it is good to be active, share timely content and interact with your customers, there are somethings that a brand should never do on social. Here are a list of 10 things you should avoid on social media!

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How Not to Land on 10 Biggest Social Media Fails

  1. How not to land on 10 Biggest Social Media Fails
  2. 1. Don’t Be A Racist! The biggest mistake of all is having a racist update! It creates a viral content but in a not-so- good way.
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  4. 2. Quality Check! What better way to lose a good post? Getting the image or the post description wrong! Spend more time on Quality than Strategy.
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  6. 3. Check, Double Check! While posting a real-time update or trying to be witty, make sure you don’t make a fool out of yourself!
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  8. 4. Accounts Passwords. Keep Your Credit Card Passcode SAFE Keep Your Account Passwords SAFER
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  10. 5. It’s Social Media Not Robot Media! Automation may work in other fields but clearly not so well in Social Media.
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  12. 6. Social Media Works 24*7*365. Social Media has no time, never blame on the time for not responding quick!
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  14. 7. Never Steal Content! It’s one thing to post content by crediting or requesting, but stealing content can just get your brand down, easily.
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  16. 8. Respect Your Followers. It takes a lot of time to build trust and following for a lay-man with a brand, don’t let arrogance take that down!
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  18. 9. Say No To Derogatory Language! Most often seen! Never ever use “Cool-Dude” languages on brand pages, even by mistake!
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  20. 10. Personal & Client Accounts Are DIFFERENT. Always keep an eye while posting content, you don’t want your personal content to be going up on your client/brand account!
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