The search for the holy Social Media grail


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Discerning your Social Media campaigns' ROI can be a nightmare - here are some ways that is re-shaping our thinking on what it means to be successful in the social space.

Culture development, community outreach, soft sales lead generation, industry leadership positioning, product development testing - YOU define what makes social work for you. Would love to chat -drop me a note!

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  • Align business goals with strategy
  • Lower customer service calls about _____Expose disability / elderly community to new accessible productMove customers to action on cleaning homesSafety awareness
  • Facebook Likes are no longer our victory – now we use them as indicators that we’re getting where we want to go as a company in social.Our main objective is NOT revenue.It’s customer experience and insight we apply in other channels -- we help people learn about and feel comfortable ordering blinds on the Internet – we have to be relevant, interesting, funny, shareable and helpful to garner more attention and shares.We view our social strategy in a more big picture kind of way. Social Media is a worthwhile activity because it helps our company realize it’s mission.YOU BECOME WHAT YOU MEASURE – focusing on soft metrics can lead to $$$, but that’s not always the best thing to focus on solely.
  • It is possible to see last click or assisted conversions – just know what you’re measuring for and have a solid grasp on realistic expectations.
  • Test different contests, giveaways and blog partners to see what combination of cta’s and
  • The search for the holy Social Media grail

    1. 1. The Search for the Holy Social Media Grail Metrics, Content and Success for the Social MarketerKatie Laird@Blindsdotcom // @happykatie
    2. 2. Let’s talk about… • Defining your success Culture, mantras, paradigm shifts • Meaningful metrics The numbers we care about • Data for good Content + customer wisdomKatie Laird@Blindsdotcom // @happykatie
    3. 3. Defining successKatie Laird@Blindsdotcom // @happykatie
    4. 4. Is it in your blood? • What is your culture + voice IRL + on the Web? • Employee brands matter • Social Media is online PRKatie Laird@Blindsdotcom // @happykatie
    5. 5. What’s your Social mission? We are the friendly design experts that advocate for customers and create helpful + beautiful content to inspire. What are you doing this for? Be useful. Learn. Inspire. Be kind. Service + Sales Research Positioning AwesomenessKatie Laird@Blindsdotcom // @happykatie
    6. 6. Start with the end 1.Lower repeat customer service calls 2.Connect with ____ audience 3.Test product / feature launch 4.Earn blogger linkbacks 5.Safety awareness Connect the dots……….. Social >> Radio >> Direct Mail >> Email Marketing >> Website >> PPCKatie Laird@Blindsdotcom // @happykatie
    7. 7. Altimeter ‘Social Media ROI Cookbook’
    8. 8. Altimeter ‘Social Media ROI Cookbook’
    9. 9. Metrics that matterKatie Laird@Blindsdotcom // @happykatie
    10. 10. A Social Media planning surpriseKatie Laird@Blindsdotcom // @happykatie
    11. 11. New focus: Interaction • Conversation rate Comments • Amplification rate Shares • Applause rate Likes • Economic value $$$
    12. 12. New focus: Soft leads + early indicators • Order free samples • Watch videos • Read product reviews • Schedule Face2Face • Sign up for
    13. 13. Now let’s talk conversions • Custom URLs • Unique promo codes • Tagged landing pages • Sale timing
    14. 14. Data for goodKatie Laird@Blindsdotcom // @happykatie
    15. 15. Product development + launchKatie Laird@Blindsdotcom // @happykatie
    16. 16. What makes the blogosphere chatty?Katie Laird@Blindsdotcom // @happykatie
    17. 17. Make heroes
    18. 18. Test often and…
    19. 19. Be geeky + be great Katie Laird // PR Manager +@happykatie