Networking 2.0 - Using Social Media to Rock your Offline Networking World


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This presentation was given to the Whitehall Club of Houston, TX to feature online networks and tools in a new light as they directly complement traditional offline networking.

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Networking 2.0 - Using Social Media to Rock your Offline Networking World

  1. 1. Doing what you do, just geekier Katie Laird
  2. 2. ✓ Networking 2.0 toolkit ✓ (before) Laying your groundwork ✓ (during) Don’t stop now! ✓ (after) Follow up magic
  3. 3. Start a group to connect your Community Ask and answer questions Create a poll
  4. 4. 300 million Facebook-ers 307 million Americans
  5. 5. Avoiding someone? BLOCK THEM!
  6. 6. fl 521 photos 53 ‘yes’ 194 ‘maybe’ 888 members
  7. 7. Want to know what tools to use? ASK! Young professionals? Potential recruits? Your friends?
  8. 8. Connect with Rich Media
  9. 9. Nissan: Zappos: Schipul:
  10. 10. Buy a Flip camera (seriously)
  11. 11. 8,700 photos 8,300 photos
  12. 12. www, Powerful Social Media search engine watches for your terms and updates you Email updates for your company name and keywords Yahoo! alerts you of any occurrences of defined terms and names
  13. 13. ... and a big congrats on Free and fast alerts on topics and your latest award! people you care about. ... and I saw today that Bill White will be on NPR’s Morning Edition! Up-to-the-second updates on topics and people you need to know more about.
  14. 14. IceRocket: Blogpulse: + Social Mention:
  15. 15. Easy contact sharing - perfect for busy networking events Mobile visuals of accurate data from software you already use Present on-the-go - take advantage of every opportunity you can!
  16. 16. Pokens are USB drive contact / data sharing devices - could be a great trade show / conference gift Set up your contact info for immediate connection via your cell phone’s text message Colorful mini cards to include ALL Email you contact info immediately of your online URLs and contact once you have emails of contacts. info on
  17. 17. Like YouTube, but for your Powerpoints Design and present in a single online space Create, update and promote your presentations
  18. 18. ✓ Be brave, be online ✓ Tap into the new event life cycle ✓ Find your niche and be generous
  19. 19. Katie Laird Schipul - The Web Marketing Company // (281) 497.6567, ext 519 Katie details: Personal brand: Blog: Twitter: Flickr:
  20. 20. Slide 3: Slide 23: Slide 18: Slide 27: Slide 19: