Managing your members using Tendenci

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In-depth Memberships training for Tendenci software users wanting to better manage their members and grow their organization.

In-depth Memberships training for Tendenci software users wanting to better manage their members and grow their organization.

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  • 1. Memberships
    • Getting the most of out Memberships
    • on your Tendenci Site
    Kerry Gayle and Nicole Newton Presented at Tendenci User Conference 2007
  • 2. Lets brush up on a little Intro To Tendenci Training
  • 3. What is the memberships module?
    • The memberships module manages the membership status of the members of your organization or your website.
  • 4. What is the users module?
    • The users module manages all of your site contacts.
    • Members are also stored in this module along with your site users. Look for the red member number
  • 5. What’s the difference between Users and Members?
  • 6. Site Users vs Members
    • Any person who makes contact with you through the web site is a Site User .
    • Members are a subset of Site Users. They are Site Users with benefits .
  • 7. How can I become a site user?
    • Site Users are those users who have registered with your web site.
    • T o become a site user, someone must complete the Site Registration form.
    Understanding User Levels -
  • 8. How can I become a Member?
    • Members are site users that have joined your organization.
    • To become a member, someone must complete the Membership Application form.
  • 9. How does Tendenci tell the difference?
    • Tendenci recognizes members by looking for an entry in the Memberid  field of the User record.
    • Memberships can expire, users cannot.
  • 10. What can I do with the memberships module?
  • 11. 1. Set pricing for different Membership Types (regular, student, family, etc.) How to add membership types:
  • 12. 2. Design your custom Membership application Building a membership application http:// /?2032
  • 13. 3. Create business directory listings from your membership application Add Directory listings from your membership application
  • 14. 4. Set areas of your site for member only viewing How to set a page for member only access
  • 15. 5. Track online and offline payment of Membership dues
  • 16. 6. Allow special pricing options for members
  • 17. 7. Create and send reminder notices for expiring Memberships How to send reminder notices
  • 18. 8. Simple renewal of Membership status How to renew a membership
  • 19. How can I get started using Membership?
  • 20. How to get started using Membership?
    • 1. Create your Membership Types
    • 2. Design your Custom Membership Application
    • 3. Import or Add your members!
    • 4. Run reports on member activity
  • 21. Step 1. Membership Types
    • Add the type of membership and pricing associated with the type
    • Tendenci can support as many Membership Types as needed to manage the members of your organization
    How to add Membership Types:
  • 22. More on Membership Types
    • You can have Renewal Only membership Types or Admin Only Membership Types.
    How to add Admin Only Membership Types: How to add Renewal Only Membership Types:
  • 23. Step 2. Designing Your Membership Application
    • Use the default Tendenci Membership Application or design your own using Click Click Memberships.
    How to build a custom Membership Application:
  • 24. You’ll be able to customize:
    • What fields to display on your application
    • What fields are required
    • Member numbers
    • Expiration dates
    • Introduction & member confirmation text
  • 25. Setting your expiration dates
  • 26. The memberships have been set up, lets get the site ready for new members!
  • 27. Step 1. Link to your new membership application from your navigation If the membership application is a self registration form then link to “ /en/memberships/applications/add.asp ” If the membership application is not a self registration form then link to “ /en/memberships/add_pre.asp ”
  • 28. Step 2. Change your site login page
    • Or to change your site Log In to link to the membership application.
    • Change your login options on Tendenci:
  • 29. Step 3. Add your members
    • Members can be added by doing an import of your data or by using the new Membership Application
    How to add a member as an Admin How to bulk import members into Tendenci
  • 30. Step 4. Run Membership Reports
    • Export by Expiration date
    • Export by Join or Renewal Date
  • 31. How will membership renewals work?
  • 32. Renewal Notices are automatically sent out to members
    • - System generated notices can be customized
    • - New notices can be added to the site
    • - Notices include a link directly to the member’s renewal page.
    • - Automatic reminders run behind the scene.
    How to set up Membership Renewal Reminders:
  • 33. Tendenci gives you multiple ways to renew a member Renewing as an Admin Renewing Multiple Memberships Members Renew themselves!
  • 34. What questions do you have?
  • 35. Let’s recap what we have learned
    • - The difference between site users and members
    • - What you can do with the memberships module
    • - How to get started with memberships
    • - How to handle imports, renewals and reports for members
  • 36. Help Files Online
    • Need More Help?
    • Contact the Schipul Support team at [email_address] or call 281-497-6567 and ask for the Support Team.
    • Who’s on the support team anyway?
    • Kerry Gayle, Nicole Newton, Rodney Sabrsula, Emmy Gomez, Jonti Bolles, Jerri Stephenson and Rob Hays
  • 37. That’s a wrap!
  • 38. Thank you! Kerry Gayle and Nicole Newton Presented at the Tendenci User Conference 2007 Find all presentations at: Schipul - The Web Marketing Company 11757 Katy Freeway, Suite 930 Houston, TX 77079 USA