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A small business Blogging for Business class looking at the basics of business blogs, who makes them work, must-have elements and ways to track success.

A small business Blogging for Business class looking at the basics of business blogs, who makes them work, must-have elements and ways to track success.

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  • 1. Blogging for Business: Better than cupcakes? Katie Laird // Katie Laird //
  • 2. What we’ll talk about... • Business Blogs in action • What the heck is micro-Blogging? • The power of Visualization • Blog fodder, tips and tricks Blogging for Business, Blogging for the People
  • 3. Are Bloggers the Internet’s party people?
  • 4. Sure, it’s a feel-good, online conversation...
  • 5. ... but is Business Blogging actually profitable?
  • 6. NOT Blogging F500 Blogging F500 (61 total) 12% 88% These guys say yes (everything in moderation)
  • 7. Humanizing the brand!
  • 8. Let’s look at some Real Live Business Blogs
  • 9. Company Blogs
  • 10. Boeing B2B Flight Test Journal
  • 11. 37 Signals Blog(s)
  • 12. Thought Leader Blog
  • 13. Audrey Kawasaki blog (freelance artist blog)
  • 14. Event marketing company shares the love
  • 15. ‘By the people’ Company Blogs (surprise!!!)
  • 16. The Apple Blog (totally not official)
  • 17. My Starbucks Idea - Post based on Visitor Content
  • 18. 5 great ways YOU (yes, you) can use a Blog for your business
  • 19. 1. Establish an online presence on the cheap Caroline Collective
  • 20. 2. Look brilliant, be adored by many Crowdspring - crowd source graphic design Blog
  • 21. 3. Support, give back and build your Community Houston Artist Relief Blog -- HAA artist outreach
  • 22. 4. Promote and extend conferences and event life Mom 2.0 Summit
  • 23. 5. Run a viral marketing multimedia campaign
  • 24. All a-Twitter
  • 25. In 140 characters or less... What are you doing right now?
  • 26. The (new) Art of Community Building A chance to connect and be generous • Share your brain candy and link love • Promote community and friends’ events and news • (secondarily) Promote your events, content and news • Give live outline of events or presentations • Tell Katie where the speed traps are :) • Say thank you!
  • 27. Want to know who is talking about you on Twitter? Follow the Micro-Blogging buzz
  • 28. Do more with less... Feed your Tweets into other sites
  • 29. Let’s take a quick breather!
  • 30. The Road to Blogging: Filling your brain to the max
  • 31. They are already talking about you... but what are they saying?
  • 32. Track the conversation and find out! www, Powerful Social Media search engine watches for your terms and updates you Email updates for your company name and keywords Yahoo! alerts you of any occurrences of defined terms and names
  • 33. Tracking the online conversation... Further online Reputation Management Google Trends search: Technorati search:
  • 34. Tracking the online conversation... How do you compare to your competition? Great visuals to track you and your competition’s online activity and Buzz
  • 35. Find something less-than-great about your business online?
  • 36. Deal with it! NOW!
  • 37. Tracking the online conversation... Timeliness and sincerity mean everything • Draft response strategy beforehand • If you need to say you’re sorry: mean it and back it up with visible action! • A crisis is NOT the time to start a Blog • Respond personally and publicly
  • 38. Discover the Influencers (and folks you just plain like)
  • 39. Find awesome Blogs to read and learn from //
  • 40. IceRocket - Prolific vs. Influential = 2 different things
  • 41. Love thy feed reader!
  • 42. Pageflakes - personalized online data center
  • 43. Let’s get personal.
  • 44. Create your Personal Brand • Keep it consistent EVERYWHERE • Create an Avatar • Add important links / personal brands to your email footers • Promote your employee Personal Brands ( happykatie) Happykatie!
  • 45. Let’s Get Blogging! • Set up a fast template Blog • Start simple - match branding graphics later • 5 posts before ‘launch’
  • 46. Let’s get Blogging! Wordpress Template Sites
  • 47. Let’s get Blogging! Tumblr - Art of the Uber-Simple
  • 48. Let’s get Blogging! Make your life easier: desktop Blog utilities
  • 49. Let’s get Blogging! Badges of honor - make your brand portable • Let your visitors take your brand with them • Easily embedded / shared graphics that show interests or affiliation • Cooler than a boring logo and much more interactive
  • 50. Keep up the Blogging magic • Write regularly (2x week optimal) • Comment regularly • LINK LOVE!!!! At least 1 link a post • Reach out to other Social Networks to grow community • Use images as much as humanly possible
  • 51. Keep up the Blogging magic... Random Blog post ideas • Invite guest Blogger to write on industry or event topics • Interview clients, organization speakers, management team (podcast) • Post photos from recent company event or outing • Tips & Tricks for your business or industry • Quote of the Day (with links) • Community or industry organization events and info • ‘Favorite Helpful Links’ series
  • 52. Keep up the Blogging magic... Blog post cheats (b/c life gets busy!!) • Round up of news snippets and links to other Blogs • Social bookmarking links - automatically updated! • Liveblog a conference (you’re taking notes anyway...) • Ask your Community to create content for YOU - contests, giveaways
  • 53. Qualified traffic is good – link regularly, link well
  • 54. VISUALIZATION!! Tell a story with Blog visuals.
  • 55. Visualization tools Embed rich media for higher readership • Use other free online social networks to host or discover Rich Media: • Video: • • • Photos: • • Audio: •
  • 56. Visualization tools Create your own Rich content • Jing ( - free desktop image and video recorder • Picasa ( - edit images and video with easy uploads • ComicLife ( - have fun with your images and graphics
  • 57. Visualization tools Buy a Flip video camera (seriously)
  • 58. Follow up with your Community • Respond to comments and emails fast and openly • Get to know your visitors and their sites (participate) • Be generous with your links and props - it comes back to you • Set up a Blog Roll • Keep up with those Google Alerts
  • 59. Strategy, strategy, strategy
  • 60. What is Success? • Define your goals ahead of time: • Hits to your Web site / special landing page • Number of comments or link outs • Links from Influencers • Answers to online polls
  • 61. How do you know it’s working? • Define your goals ahead of time: • Newsletter sign up • Raised funds ( • Number of ‘favorites’ or ratings • Trackbacks from other Blogs
  • 62. Blogging power at work, donate to:
  • 63. Stick with your strategy and tweak as needed • High traffic time? • Post topics particularly hot? • Who are your top referrers? • How are they consuming your info?
  • 64. Tracking your success.... Statistics are available, numbers work... Google Analytics (free and track your PPC)
  • 65. Tracking your success.... Stats just a click away... Built-in Blog utility traffic meters //
  • 66. Tracking your success.... Learn about your RSS subscribers Feedburner (free)
  • 67. But it’s really all about the people
  • 68. Tracking your success.... The Human Bottom Line • Who are you connecting? • What relationships are you building? • Are you crossing online and offline marketing to reach the masses? • Are you having fun and getting smarter?
  • 69. Quickie Social Media To-Do’s 1. Read blogs (find them on 2. Set up an RSS Feed Reader ( 3. Join Facebook ( 4. Join Flickr ( 5. Track the buzz about you (
  • 70. Social Media is a constant learning process
  • 71. But a fun one!!! So enjoy :)
  • 72. Thanks for participating today! Katie Laird Schipul – The Web Marketing Company / (281) 497.6567, ext. 519 Email: Personal brand: Blog: Flickr: Twitter: Find my slides at: