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Web hosting-tips


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Free report reveals how to avoid the main mistakes when choosing an hosting provider and how to publish a new site in less than 45 minutes!Discover:What web hosting is, How to find promo codes, How …

Free report reveals how to avoid the main mistakes when choosing an hosting provider and how to publish a new site in less than 45 minutes!Discover:What web hosting is, How to find promo codes, How to connect domain name and hosting accounts, How to publish a site, Which are the good providers, How to avoid scams And much more. Download this free Report now

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  • 1. Easy Web Hosting Incredible Easy Web Hosting TutorialDiscover What Web Hosting is and Check Out These Simple But Yet Effective Methods To Choose The Right Web Hosting Company. Find Out How You Can Have Your Site Running In Just 45 Minutes From Now! Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 2. Hello!and welcome to this super easy to follow guide about web hosting. If you arereading this report probably you are just starting out your online adventure.When I first started in 2004 I remember myself struggling trying to find howto set up a website, buying a domain name and hosting my beloved first website.Lucky for you you wont encounter all the difficulties Ive been through sinceIm here to help and guide you!My name is Andrew and Im here to show you everything you need to knowabout this crazy world of internet, what domain and hosting is, what to lookfor and how to do it … so stop scratching your head trying to figure out whata web hosting is and why the hell after you bought your domain name youhave to do all these complicated stuff! Just relax, grab a cup of coffee, givea kiss to your girlfriend and dive into this tutorial with me!Without web hosting, your website can never reach the outside world.Hosting is the essential link between your website and the internet, but canoften become a baffling and confusing annoyance.If you’re like me, being forced to read a list of technical specifications andjargon is a better cure for insomnia than a mallet to the skull. Wouldn’t it benice to understand what it was you were paying for? Wouldn’t you feel moreconfident knowing how each figure and each impenetrable word benefitedyour business? Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 3. In the next paragraphs Ill explain all the major aspects you have to take inconsideration when choosing an Hosting Provider. Then after some technicalstuff Ill show you some underground services you can use to startimmediately your online adventure.. some are paid and other free, awesome!And finally Ill take you hand by hand through the main web hosting providershowing you the good and bad. By the way Ive also been able to get, for myreaders only, some promo codes.. so be sure to find them out in the nextpages!Lets Start!WHAT IS A WEB HOST?A web host provider is a company who rents out web space and bandwidthto those who wish to publish a web site. The web host gives its customer anaccount, which can be used to upload HTML documents, PHP scripts,graphics, and more.Easier: when you bought your site name (domain name) you just bought thehouse but then you need somebody who rent you the land on where you willplace your house on!So here comes ... Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 4. THE DOMAIN NAMEIf you are planning to buy Internet domain name for your online business,there are few things that should be kept in mind during and after theprocedure of domain name registration. The foremost thing that has to bethought about in the entire process is to select a domain name for youronline business.This may sound very easy at this point of time, but with the proliferation inonline business, thinking of a unique domain name that reflects the purposeof your website is a very difficult task. It involves a lot of brainstormingsessions along with an in-depth search over the entire thing.You can discuss about the domain name with your friends and familymembers and finally choose the one that best suits your requirements. Yourdomain name should be the one that is short, simple, reflects the purpose ofyour business and easy to remember by the users. It is not necessary foryour domain name to be the one similar to your company name, until thename of your business is popular enough to be known like brand name.Once you have thought about a suitable domain name, you can move furtherfor domain name check to see if the domain name that you are thinkingabout has not already been taken by anyone else.It is better to do a thorough search before selecting a web host or a registrarbecause, you will have to be associated with them for the coming few years.You can read reviews, talk to people over the discussion forums and ask for Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 5. their experiences with particular web host or registrar. This way, you willknow both their pros and cons and select the best domain name registrar orwebsite hosting provider that will ensure the success of your online business.If you havent bought one yet I warmly suggest you to go and check out GoDaddyThey are one of the biggest and most reliable provider out there. Ive beenusing them for years without never encounter any problems and whats morethey have a Top Class customer care. So if you have any question justask...they will be more than happy to help you!Whats more Ive managed to get a DISCOUNT CODE for all the readers ofthis guide, all you need to do is to insert the coupon code FAN3 when youcheck out and you will get your first domain for half of the price! I dontknow how long it will last so to let this occasion pass you by!Go now and grab your discounted Domain Name HERE! Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 6. DIFFERENT KIND OF WEB HOSTINGGreat, now that you have your house we need somebody who will rent theland for us! So we have to head to one of the several Web Hosting Providersout there. But first of all you have to understand the differences between thedifferent services they are offering to you!There are several different kinds of Web Hosting that is hosting your webpage on one of their servers. What are the different kinds? There areseveral different kinds of Web Hosting.Free Web Hosting Service -- A free web hosting service is a service in whichit is free. No cost to you. No Money or Credit Cards needed. Most freeweb services support themselves by attaching advertisements to your pagein the form of banners, texts-links and/or pop-ups. The majority of freehosting services assign sub-domain names such as( or sub-directory like( Some disadvantages are that you receivelittle bandwidth, advertisements, no guarantee of uptime, and doesnt allowsome file types.Shared Web Hosting Service – Shared Web Hosting Service can also becalled virtual hosting. This is a situation where there are multiple domainshosted on the same physical server and all share the same IP address or aset of IP addresses.Reseller Web Hosting – Reseller Web Hosting is a setup that involves you Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 7. selling hosting as a reseller to your own customers. The Parent Hostingcompany then receives a portion of the hosting proceeds back to it.Virtual Dedicated Server – Although there are companies who may call thisshared hosting, its true setup is where there are multiple domains on aseries of machines not sharing an IP address, and many times the webmaster has shell access.Dedicated Hosting Service – Dedicated hosting is setup for one domain forone and its own set of IP addresses. This is the most common high-endhost.Managed Hosting Service – Managed Hosting involves a web site hiring acompany to manage its servers and to also manage the day to day routineof doing maintenance of the site like backups of the databases and its cachefiles.Co-location Web Hosting Service – The website owner would purchase aserver and rent a spot in the rack location for the server to sit. They wouldthen rent a block of bandwidth and a block of IP addresses to server theirweb hosting needs. This is often interwoven with Managed Hosting Servicesat the Co-location Web Hosting Service. This can be often times the mostcost effective over a long span of time.Clustered Hosting – This is the coupe de gras of hosting. The end all to beatall. The Clustered hosting solution is for monster sites like MSN, Google,Yahoo, etc. In the most extreme cases, a company may opt for this, however Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 8. it might think at this point to hiring its own IT department and in houseServers.Whatever hosting type your site needs, be sure to do a little backgroundcheck on the company and try to talk to at least 2 of its current or pastcustomers. Also think about payment options and lastly about your needs.Just few words about free hosting cause often people are very tempted bythem...If you get what you pay for, anything free must not be worth much. This isas true for free Web hosting services as any other commodity. A free Webhost may or may not provide the required level of reliability. Thereforeextreme caution must be taken when choosing a free Web host.There are several restrictions likely to appear. These include:1. Advertisements, potentially those of competing Web sites, may be placedupon any site they host. This is a common source of revenue for a free host.These advertisements prove to be an irritant for many customers who maynot like their browsing experience to be affected by these ads.2. There may be little to no support with a free hosting plan. Sometimes onlya FAQ page is offered as support. There may be no chance for change orcorrection of problems even when a complaint is filed.3. The host may suffer frequent server breakdowns. There may beinsufficient bandwidth to support the Web sites needs. There may be no Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 9. scalability. There may be thousands of other Web sites competing for thesame server resources. This "death of a thousand paper cuts" result in hoststhat look good at first glance, but fail miserably in practice.4. Few free Web hosts offer significant storage space or even restrict thetype of files allowed for use. For example, files typically that use a lot ofbandwidth (like MP3 files) may not be allowed. This can cripple the utility ofmany Web sites.5. Free Web hosts may also require the use of a sub-domain, which makesthe ID much longer than it would have been if the Web site used its owndomain name. The vast increase in URL length for the site can result in manypotential customers forgetting, misspelling, or otherwise failing to reach thesite quickly and efficiently.These are not insignificant disadvantages. The Internet is a very competitiveand unforgiving environment. Visitors can be very fickle and are unlikely toreturn to a Web site that suffers from frequent technical problems, iscluttered with obtrusive banner advertisements, or which otherwiseencumbers their navigation. Because the Internet makes most tasks veryeasy, this ease of use is expected. Complications are typically greeted withsimple avoidance, as there is almost certainly an easier way to accomplishany given task.Generally speaking, a free host should be avoided if the desire is to set up abusiness Web site. The resultant loss in terms of customers lost can be muchhigher than the actual gain to be had through Web presence. A sub-standard Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 10. site is often the sign of a sub-standard business.Free Web hosts are, however, a safe choice if the Web site is an informationWeb site or a personal Web site. Even then the goal should be for this to bea limited period. For a Web site to grow, money will have to be investedeventually.MANAGED OR SHARED HOSTING?For smaller websites, purchasing a server or paying to leasing a dedicatedserver would be an unnecessary and very significant expense. Shared webhosting is an inexpensive and effective web hosting solution for most smallerwebsites. This type of hosting is referred to as shared web hosting simplybecause multiple websites share space on a single web hosting server.Web host servers are large and powerful, and have sufficient room andbandwidth capacity to host multiple websites with ease. When you select ashared web hosting option, you purchase a package from a web hostingcompany that includes a certain amount of space and bandwidth on thecompany’s server. This option allows website owners to enjoy the power of apowerful web hosting server without having to pay for more than is actuallyneeded.The number of other websites with which your site shares a web hostdepends on the size and bandwidth needs of each website along with thecapacity of the server. As long as your shared web hosting agreementincludes a sufficient amount of space and bandwidth for your needs, you Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 11. don’t have to worry about running out of room in a shared environment.If your website grows faster than you expect, and you do find that it isoutgrowing your current hosting agreement. You can always negotiate withyour web hosting company to add additional space and bandwidth capacityto your current shared hosting agreement. Another option is to step up to ahigher level of web hosting, which could mean getting a dedicated serverwith managed web hosting.Managed Web HostingWebsites that deal with highly sensitive confidential information, as well asthose who receive a great deal of traffic are more suited for a dedicated webhosting environment than for shared web hosting. With dedicated webhosting, your website does not share a server with other websites. One webhosting server is dedicated specifically to your website.Most companies who need the capacity of a dedicated web host decide to gowith a managed web hosting solution. This is because the actualmanagement and administration of a dedicated host can be very timeconsuming. If a website owner selects an unmanaged hosting option, he orshe becomes responsible for every aspect of maintaining the web hostingserver. Managing a web host is very time consuming, and involveseverything from day to day maintenance to security issues.Those who operate large websites are typically busy with other activities,and it is worth setting up their web hosting agreement so that the hostingcompany handles most of the task associated with managing the dedicated Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 12. host. Another option for managed web hosting is simply to contract with anoutside organization to handle the duties associated with managing the webhost server.Making a DecisionIf your website is large enough to need a dedicated web hosting, it iscertainly in your best interest to go with managed hosting instead ofunmanaged hosting unless you employ a server maintenance expert who hasthe time to handle the large task of maintaining your web server.However, before making the decision to invest in managed hosting, it is inyour best interest to see if shared web hosting will meet your needs. Sharedweb hosting is significantly less than dedicated hosting options. Rememberthat shared web hosting is sufficient for most websites, so don’t take on theexpense of managed hosting if it is unnecessary.LETS RECAP!Well it may seems a bit overwhelming but actually it is not. So far youlearned what is a web host, where to buy a domain name (remember to usethe discount code HERE and finally that, what you need now, is probably ashared web hosting plan.Another thing you should check out is the Up Time.. The last thing yourwebsite needs is downtime, which is why many hosting providers offeruptime guarantees. But how much is good enough?The difference between 99.5% and 99.9% uptime might not seem very Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 13. much, but actuallyequates to 42.9 hours of your website being unavailable to customers eachyear. That’s nearly two days of forced closure with no sales and no moneycoming in. Therefore, 0.4% of difference can cost your business a lot morethan you may think.HOW MUCH SPACE DO I NEED??Most hosting plans contain more than enough data storage for the majorityof websites. But certain files take up more space than others. Lots of image,video or audio files can chew up storage space quickly. It is possible toreduce the size of many large files, so it is worth working with someone withthe technical ability to compress the amount of data without compromisingquality.If your website is likely to grow over time, this needs to be accounted for. Anextreme example would be a site like YouTube, needing to find storage forthousands of large video files every day. You will probably never be facedwith that kind of growth, but even a few large files added regularly over timecan soon eat up your storage space.Alternatively, simple text pages with only a few small images take relativelylittle storage space. You may be able to add hundreds of these pages beforefilling the space taken by a handful of audio or video files. Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 14. I NEED SPEED!Nobody wants to wait! Nowadays the bounce rate of people who leave a sitewithing 3/7 seconds its incredibly high. So pay attention to the bandwidthbecause we dont want to lose our visitors due to an extremely low loadingspeed of our site on their screen. But where do I check the speed? Well... inthe web hosting world the speed is … THE BANDWITHBandwidth is the ‘pipe’ that connects your website to the internet. It is ameasure of the amount of digital information that can be accessed within agiven time period. For example, if your main webpage is 300 kilobytes insize, then every time a web browser accesses it, 300kb of data travels downthe ‘pipe’. How fast this data is transferred depends on how many people areaccessing data down the pipe at the same time and how large your pipe is.Larger files, such as audio and video, eat up bandwidth just as they eat updata storage. Putting a lot of large files in your website can clog the flow ofdata through the ‘pipe’ and make your website much slower to load in avisitor’s browser if a lot of people access that content at once.Even with small files, your bandwidth can still become bottle-necked. If yourdata connection can cope with a certain amount of data transfer per second,but the number of people trying to access your website exceeds this, it canalso cause a traffic jam. With the data not getting through fast enough,website visitors can receive ‘timed out’ error messages instead of yourwonderful web page. Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 15. If too much traffic tries to access data through this connection at the sametime, it is possible to crash the server, putting your website offline until theproblem can be fixed. This can make some websites a victim of their ownsuccess, with their website becoming inaccessible when they are at theirmost popular.If you are expecting a large spike in traffic or an increase in large files, it isworth talking to your web host about bandwidth solutions. This could mean atransfer to a different plan or short term strategies such as website mirrors.LINUX OR WINDOWS?Linux servers are generally less expensive to buy and operate, more stableand more secure than Windows servers. There are many more free OpenSource applications (shopping carts, forums, blogs, etc.)for the Linux servers.HELP!! HOW TO INSTALL MY SITE???Ahah... here we are! We have the house and the land... and now?? And nowwe install it on that land! Easy, isnt it ? :)Well first of all you need to associate your domain name (house) to the newhosting service (the land) . You can find lot of tutorials on line but as I said...Im here to help so check this video below. In this example the guy is usingan Hostgator account but the basics are the same everywhere. With yourdomain name purchase you will get the name servers. You just have toreplace the name servers of your hosting account with the one you got from Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 16. Go Daddy. Easy as one, two , three! VIDEO HERENow that everything is matching, if you go to your domain name you will findan empty page, an error page or a courtesy page depending on the webhosting company youve chosen. Why is that?Because we havent installed our site yet!You need to know there are basically 3 – 4 main methods to publish a site. 1. Use a webmaster to develop and install it (expensive) 2. Install word press and start managing your site 3. Use a free site creator 4. Use an “already made for you” siteSo except option one I can give you some advices... Installing a WordPresswebsite is really one of the best choices... You just need to learn a bit how todo it and you are good to go! You can find tutorials around or you maythinking about investing some money in a course. One of the best course outthere I know is WordPress Central Station. Its easy to follow with step bystep videos, full of incredible tips and it will save you a lot of time. Inside youwill find more than 79 high quality videos and you are covered by a 60 daysmoney back guarantee. My subscribers just loved it so Im sure you will loveit too!Dont get old trying to learn how to set up a website, go and grab thisamazing guide now! Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 17. Another great resource for beginners is WP101...check it out and decidewhich one fits more your needs... **********This is important so I will stress this concept. To publish your site you caneither install an application directly from your hosting account, likeWordpress (Joomla, Dupral and other few...) and then from the applicationadmin area starting to create the site... OR.. you can buy or build an HTMLsite and then you need to send all the files (usually is a folder composed byindex page and other stuff) via FTP to your server.This is an interesting resource for affordable Done for you sites:You may also think about hiring somebody to install and configure the sitefor you. There are tons of services like that make your researchcarefully.. you can also try . Basically a site where peopleoffer their services for just 5 bucks...Remember to investigate the uploading method. Using an online managertakes a lot longer when transferring large amounts of data. FTP providesmore flexibility when managing your website. For the non-techies, alwayslook out for a host that provides a good online manager, too. Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 18. Want to see how to upload a site via ftp? Check the video below! How to upload a site via FTP ********Lets talk about FREE site builder like WIX now. Basically with this site youcan create your own site with their tools for free... But there is a catch... youcan only host under their subdomain (like and theywill place ads around your site.If you want to use your own domain you will have to pay a fee but for thatyou will get a FREE hosting... so basically what you are going to spend willbe similar to the case you were setting up the site by yourself and thenpaying for the hosting...What I really like in Wix are their templates. They look very clean andprofessional.Check this FREE website builder and find out how amazing templates theyhave. HEREBLOGGER. Blogger is an easy and free blog builder. In this case you can alsouse your domain with them without never paying anything... So whats thecatch? Well basically they will own your blog so if one day they will decide totake it down you will lose everything... and you wont be able to load files orwhatever you need on the servers via FTP. Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 19. Now I want to give you a little shortcut... In fact, buying the domain name,installing the site and start filling it with all amazing content its just the topof the iceberg. Dont expect that, after all the efforts youve made to prepareit, you will see you site on the first page of Google... Sorry to disappoint youbut it wont happen!I dont want start talking about ranking the site, Seo, traffic and lot more.Instead I want to introduce you a couple of services which are incredibleeffective and that has helped lot of people in gaining success.Note that Im talking about business, not just blog or site... Look.. Hosts donot teach you how to succeed. All they do is sell you a place to put your site.Do not depend upon a "famous" brand and its advertising. Insist insteadupon proof of its track record of small-business success, such as what yousee there.So the first service I feel to suggest you is Niche Profit Classroom.NPC is an Internet Marketing online course that focuses on teaching how tobuild a passive income online business.It focuses on building a niche site that generates passive income throughdifferent business model from product creation till Google Adsense.Get Niche Profit Classroom NowYou see, most of the course is made up of videos so that you can follow theexact pattern that they are using. On the other hand, there are some videotutorials inside having a downloadable document for you to use in applyingthe technique they teach you Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 20. Not only that, they also have some FREE to use software that is really usefulon your online business journey. Some of the tools inside are the following; - Market Profiler: Create A Profile For Your Million Dollar Market. - Keyword Advantage Tool: Find The Most Lucrative Keywords - Niche Profit Press Ultimate: Easily Install Everything You Need - Niche Profit Press Automator: Install a Pre-configured Website - Sales Letter Wizard: Create Converting Sales Letters In Minutes. - Mini-Course Creator: High-converting Hard-Sell and Soft-Sell Emails. - Download Page Generator: Create Your Download Page In Just Minutes.As you can see its a complete business in a box.In my opinion for advanced users and with premium themes Wordpress isthe best tool to develop a site.But... WordPress alone is incomplete and is not business-oriented. Click hereto save considerable "time and money". Go and check their site. You will besurprised by how simple and effective is their step by step process to takeyou from 0 to a first page site. Discover the NPC HereThe second one is Sitesell Build It aka SBI. Sbi helped a lot of people inbuilding a real business online. They have very interesting tools for the nicheselection, keywords, content and traffic but.... I think their site nowadayslook a bit obsolete.In any case I still have a site up with them and despite its look.. it keepssending me a couple of hundreds of bucks per month, which is not much butbetter than nothing :) Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 21. A little note about my site... I havent been touching it for a long time andthis is probably the reason of the low income. Im sure that if youconcentrate all your efforts in one site you will get better results than many other people actually got. Check SBI Here!Finally a word for all the people looking to build a site for making somemoney... Chris Farrell , one of the most trusted guy in the internet marketingworld (just Google it) has just lunched and incredible portal. For a smallmonthly fee you will get everything you need to succeed in the onlinebusiness: top class training, web site, products and web hosting included!Its quite a bargain for that price so if you are fed up of your boss and youwant to finally achieve the success freedom and lifestyle that only internetmarketing can give, check this incredible opportunity NOW.Go HERE and find out the shocking information Chris is going to tell you inhis video! Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 22. Hurra! We are at the end! So I think it wasnt so bed, dont you? Lets makea little recap: 1. You need a domain name to give an address to your business 2. What are you going to look for in the hosting plan? - Shared or managed account - Bandwidth (3/5 GB for small sites – 50GB for big sites) - Up Time ( 99.9%) - Give email account with the host plan - Have a good customer care - Make transactions with a secure SSL server - Linux or Windows? (Linux cheaper and more stable)My experience? Well Ive tried different services on the net... the big namesare offering more or less the same level of quality. Ill try just to sum up thebest services out there for you..iPage: Founded by industry veterans, iPage takes a fresh approach to webhosting services. Take it from those who have been around the block in thisbusiness: you dont need to pay premium rates for premium services. Amongthe many important features iPage promotes, their commitment to securitymay be among the most important. Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 23. Subscribers to the hosting package receive an exclusive freesecurity suite, to ensure customers and their clients can have full trust in thereliability and stability of every hosted website or e-business. Add in theunlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited MySQL databases andmuch more.. one of my favorite! Over 450$ of extras and a FREE domain name. Check it out!Just Host: Just Host web hosting strives to make your web building andmanagement experience a stress-free one. The simple order form, uniquecontrol panel and variety of contact methods have all been created to helpcustomers get up and running in no time.For just $4.95 a month, individuals and small businesses can enjoy all thebenefits of a JustHost web hosting plan. That low cost includes a freedomain for life (even if you cancel your Just Host account at some point),instant setup, unlimited disk space, unlimited transfers, unlimited emailaccounts and the ability to host unlimited domains. With the industry leadingcPanel control panel and a wide range of features, JustHost is a solid choicefor anyone looking for a reliable, sturdy, contactable and easy-to-use webhosting provider. Find out more HERE Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 24. Another great DEAL! For the redears of my report Ive managed to getanother great promo code! Just go through the application form and whenrequested insert the promo code HAPPYHOSTY. Your price now will drop ofan amazing 25% ! You can thank me later :)But Ok... back to my thoughts .. Host Gator web hosting has come a longway since its start in CEO Brent Oxleys dorm room in 2002. Over the pastseven years, Host Gator hosting has grown to be a leader in the market ofshared and reseller hosting. In fact, HostGator was named the 21st fastestgrowing private company in America in 2008. As Host Gator thrives, addingmore employees and services, it continues to maintain a high level ofcustomer service and support.One of HostGator hostings many unique qualities is that they provide accessto the industry leading SiteStudio website designer, an extremely easyprogram to navigate - sure to help even the beginner with their websitedevelopment. Priding themselves on customer care and approval, Host Gatorhas received many positive customer reviews. Their plans start from as lowas 4,95$ per month. Get your 25% discount Now. Click Here :) Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 25. If you are on a budget instead I can recommend you Hostica. Hostica is aquite recent provider but they are really offering a decent service for reallycheap prices... You can have a web hosting plan for just 1$ per month. Andwhen you sign up with them you will also get a domain name for only 1$too. Incredibly low. Of course the quality and what you get wont be thesame youll get from the big names and they dont have the standard cPanelwhich I personally love..but if you need to set up a site just for fun and youare not expecting an high volume traffic definitely go for it! Too cheap to be true? Check it by yourself Here! ************I hope this guide has helped you and if you found it useful feel free to shareit with your friends and the people you know.Dont forget to check my Newsletter for new advices, exclusive promo codesand amazing tips!! If you are not subscribed yet you can do it here Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 26. <<<Andrew>>> Disclosure: I own a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products I review. I tested and reviewed the web hosting sites here. I am independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own. Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!
  • 27. Get 25% Discount! Click Here Before It Expires!