Reflexology for your healthReflexology and Health


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To the modern Westerner, the idea of reflexology may seem strange and alien. It's difficult for us to grasp how any foot massage can effect healing in other parts of the body, However, since antiquity, mankind has used it as a tool to cure or prevent physical ailments.

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Reflexology for your healthReflexology and Health

  1. 1. Reflexology for Your Health<br />To the average American, the concept of reflexology may seem foreign. However, since antiquity, humankind has used it to cure or prevent physical ailments. <br />We can first see reflexology in practice in the hieroglyphics of the Egyptians. People are depicted massaging one another's hands and feet. In fact, foot massages were of central importance, considering that Egyptians often walked barefoot on hot, rugged terrain. <br />Other cultures had similar problems, which is why the philosophies behind foot reflexology quickly became popular on other continents. In fact, the concept became the most developed in Asia, where a mixture of scientific, spiritual and holistic principles was applied. <br />Try Kenkoh Reflexology Foot Massage Sandals<br />This phenomenon continues in the West, where reflexology is slowly gaining popularity. Unfortunately, like other holistic therapies, only certain demographics are interested in reflexology’s hidden power. Such a trend is bound to change once more people discover the many health benefits associated with foot reflexology.<br />Reflexology is based on the notion that feet are central to the body’s good functioning, that the body is comprised of a network of meridians, or energy pathways and gateways. Points on the foot correspond to specific parts of the body.<br />When these meridians are massaged, the effected organ becomes revitalized. Over time, the body runs more efficiently, making a person feel energized. Reflexology increased blood circulation and as a result there is a boost in lymph production and a strengthening of the immune system. Holistic Web Sites are filled with stories of people claiming how reflexology is responsible for curing everything from yeast infections to cancer, though it should be regarded as a complimentary treatment, rather than a cure.<br />As contemporary interest in this healing art has grown, new innovations have emerged. A Japanese company has created a sandal designed to massage the reflex zones as a person walks. They can be found on the Web Site of These reflexology foot massage sandals come in four styles and are said to yield dramatic results when worn for even a few minutes daily.<br />