Digital Publishing Trends to Watch This Year and Their Potential Impact on Libraries


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From 2012 LITA National Forum
Aaron K. Shrimplin & Eli Sullivan

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Digital Publishing Trends to Watch This Year and Their Potential Impact on Libraries

  1. 1. 11 Digital PublishingTrends To Watch This Yearand Their Potential Impact On Libraries LITA National Forum October 5, 2012
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  4. 4. Revolution“There are decades where nothing happens; and there areweeks where decades happen.” -- V.I. LeninNov. 2007 Kindle, July 2010 ebooks outsell newhardcovers, April 2011 ebooks outsell all print booksPA 2.6 mm children’s ebooks sold 1st half of 2012More the half of US adults have a tablet or smartphone2 billion internet connected devices and 5 billionsmartphones41% of tablet owners have used their devices to access
  5. 5. Wild WestTremendous growth in digital publishingNew technologies - iPad, iPhone, Kindle,Nook, HTML5, cloud computing, jQuerymobile, high resolution graphicsCreativity, experimentation, imaginationPaper to digital, passive to interactive,individual to social, consumer to producerMobile technology Source: File:Video_Killed_the_Radio_Star_single_cover.jpgPrint is in secular decline
  6. 6. Story TellingTechnology and platform to combinestorytelling & playOriginal transmedia & alternativereality gamesCreative experience Source: ryancolemanphotography/4682100378/Look at how people write and rewardpeople for writingLiterary tie-ins
  7. 7. “Transmedia storytelling isstorytelling by a number ofdecentralized authors whoshare and create content fordistribution across multipleforms of media. Transmediaimmerses an audience in astory’s universe through anumber of dispersed entrypoints, providing acomprehensive andcoordinated experience of acomplex story.”
  8. 8. GPS Smartphone + Foursquare = Mobile Storytelling Platform
  9. 9. High InteractionMulti-sensoryengagementContentmanipulationOpen-endedEducational Source: h"p://
  10. 10. Short FormA renaissance in short-storywriting or Literature meetsmobileShort of money & short of timeTake stories out of their parentcollections and make them assingles or small bundlesPreviously unpublished or hardto find stories - reprints notreadily availableExcerpts from forthcoming works
  11. 11. Social ReadingOrganize books into categoriesand listsShare comment, thoughts,reviews, and ratingsInteract with friends, peoplewith similar reading interests,or authorsDiscover books of interestDiscuss books in depth “in themargins”Purchase vs. Borrowing Source: h"p://­‐of-­‐mouth-­‐book.jpg
  12. 12. Start-to-Finish PublishingWriters are the new publishersLowering barriers to entryOne to many - Android, iOS, Windows8, WebMost cloud based ebook publishing platformE-book distributor - free, with 70-85% of the net proceedsgoing to the author, no exclusive publishing contracts,multiple distribution channelsAssumptions - more unit profit for author/publisher, lowerprices for consumers, greater demand and consumption
  13. 13. Anyone Can Be ShakespeareEasy to use authoring/conversion tools - drag and drop UIAdd in interactive elements - HTML5, video, audioPush button distribution/content delivery networkUse metrics and sales trackingAla carte services $$$ - cover design, formatting,editing, marketing, other
  14. 14. Publishing is not evolving. Publishing is going away.Because the word “publishing” means a cadre ofprofessionals who are taking on the incredibledifficulty and complexity and expense of makingsomething public. That’s not a job anymore. That’sa button. There’s a button that says “publish,”and when you press it, it’s done.-- Clay Shirky
  15. 15. Customization/ PersonalizationUser controlRefined contentPush vs. Pull Source:h"p://­‐lion/2846372394/
  16. 16. Challenges ... Opportunities ?
  17. 17. Thanks for YourAttention & Interest Aaron K. Shrimplin Eli Sullivan Miami University Libraries