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Analysis Of Music Adverts






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Analysis Of Music Adverts Analysis Of Music Adverts Presentation Transcript

  • Analysis of Music Magazine Adverts
  • Usual Typography Main Image Body Copy Album Title Action Line Band Name/Title Institutional Logo
  • Key Elements..
    • Usual Typography
    • The font used for the main title is very funky. The font is a way of branding the group. Due to it’s funky font it gives a very happy and lively representation to the group. It makes them seem very fun and exciting. Also by using yellow they are reinforcing the bright and liveliness of their music and their band.
    • Main Image
    • For the main image, The Pharcyde’s have taken a picture of the whole group posing in different directions. This shows to the audience that each member of the group is different and has his own style and personality. For example the member in the white hat looks more stylish and cool in comparison to the guy in the red hat who looks more dopey/funny.
    • Album Title
    • Although the album title is not very big it still is quite attractive. This is due to the colours and the font. The colours are very bright; and once again the colour yellow is used which has become of source of recognition. The font is also in a funky graffiti form. This links back to the band having a funky and lively representation. This has been shown throughout the album title.
    • This is an advertisement for a CD album. It’s aim is to appeal to a wider range of audiences through a magazine. By adding it into a magazine they are able to draw their target audiences attention to the album which also increases the recognition of the album.
    • The advert is targeting mainly young males from the age of 16-23. I know this because it is a Hip Hop album and the hip hop genre is mainly listened by young males. Also it is targeting people who pay interest in the Hip Hop genre as it is from a Hip Hop magazine. This also links into the advert targeting black working class people as they pay a lot of interest in the Hip Hop genre.
    • The artists are represented to be quite funky, fun and entertaining. This is shown throughout the advert due to the colour scheme, typography and also the way the main image has been taken. These key features are also used to help give their music the same representation as their image e.g. lively and funky.
    • In addition to the representation the key features also help give a message to their audience. The message that the album cover gives is that the band have very upbeat and wild music,
  • Band name/Title The band is targeted at men. We can tell this by the bold, capital letters/typography which represents the ideology of males being strong/masculine. Body Copy The body copy has an exclusive mode of address as it clearly acts as a joke and would only target Tom Waits fans as it would only apply to them. This would therefore make the audience feel more involved and ‘in on the joke’ and would influence them to buy the CD. Action Line The action line hooks the audience and provides them more information about when and where they can purchase the CD. Pack shot The pack shot is centred and the image on the pack shot is the same as the background image and it almost looks like looking through the lens of a camera as it is filming. Reviews This advert does not have any reviews, this could be because the target audience are already supposed to know what to expect of the artist and from the CD. Main Image/ Focal point The main image is of the artist standing in the rain with his hat off. By taking his hat off he is making a statement that he doesn't care if he gets wet. By this the target audience who already familiarise with Tom Waits are able to connect with this statement on a deeper, metaphoric level.
  • This advert is advertising Tom Waits new album. The advert is targeting mostly males who are already followers of the artist. We can tell this by the typography used which may symbolise men and also the colours, which are dark and gloomy which may represent men who are heartless and cold. The advert is also done in an almost ‘movie-like’ fashion which may mean add to the target audience as people who are into movies and regard Tom Waits music as a movie or even the story of their life. The artist is represented as strong yet careless and therefore the typical stereotype of masculinity is being used. His music is represented to reflect his experiences, as image focus is on him signifying the music is all about him, but it also may have a slight twist/pun to it as we can tell by the jokes on the side. Perhaps the artist and his music is made to look serious and formal but really he is colloquial and friendly. The album delivers the message to the audience, that although he has a new album out, recounting new experiences, his style is still the same and would therefore keep the same target audiences interested.
  • Magazine Advertisement Analysis Ratings as they are always positive they enhance audience appeal. Institution logo this just simply gives the company recognition for the production of it . Contact details in this case e-mail which allows audience to reach them. Image of cd as it is quite bright and reflective of the summer the background being yellow therefore compliments the sunlight image on the CD. Further information on live concert dates this therefore gives the audience an idea of the availability of the artists performances. Release date the availability of the CD when it comes out. Although when it was scanned this came out black and white the background is simply the same colour as the edge of the CD cover. The album CD is being advertised it is targeting people who enjoy summer and simply love indie type songs.
    • The CD album is being advertised for Kd Lang. Its appeal is quite niche as it is aimed at a rather young female based audience who are interested in listening to quite chilled summer songs of a indie genre.
    • The magazine is quite simplistic as the font used is rather straightforward and represents her as a easy going artist that isn't necessarily well known but still have favourable music that would be appealing to this sort of audience. This also reflects the typical indie artist as being not too complex in relation to the CD cover being advertised. As the title is clearly shown as ‘invincible summer’ the advertisement speaks for the songs itself.
    • Even if they may not be aware of what the songs sound like exactly the format of the CD magazine advertisement clearly gives them an idea. The messages being given are that this album defines summer. It also seeks to gain a relatively small audience yet this idea of summer sums up the feel of the album, that is it down to earth and possibly appealing to connect to the audience emotionally.
    • We can see through the colours from simply how the background and the CD cover seem to match it creates the aura that by buying this album it will be enlightening and therefore bring this positive summer feeling onto the audience.