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On mindspaces and professional development

On mindspaces and professional development



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  • When Caro and I were exchanging emails to and from to talk about the topic, I mentioned to her that I could talk about BCI as a space - I can talk about it from a 'mind-space' perspective (ie being a uni student, it was great going towards an industry space where i can talk to people in the industry, learn from them etc ,how I took control of my education/pro-development) or an online space (ie to keep $ down ie print, I rely a lot on digital like Google calendar, Twitter, Facebook, WOM, to get the project spreading towards various networks)...and the mindspace angle was better
  • define on mindspace: Mindspace is a full-service advertising,public relations and interactive agency based in Tempe, Arizona I won't be talking about that. I started coining the term this year to describe one of the essence or core function, describe why I started doing the list.
  • Google seach of mindspace on front page: A few Counselling/psychotherapy websites - India, Australia, New York A pro-cannabis site Blog of an Indian marketing/social researcher Virtual office based in India Agency that does prototypes to "identify existing problems in the education and creative industries" Personal blog So what I mean when I talk about mindspace won't be that either.
  • Let me walk you into a scenario, a personal scenario, a tutorial session at uni. My tutorial is just starting. The tutor is standing behind a desk, one hand on the mouse to lead us through website examples of fashion trends. I sit on my chair with a blank look on my face. I look at the room around me. There are other people, students around my age, looking straight towards the front of the room, towards the projector screen. The fluorescent lights are harsh making the table and the chair look clinical and unfriendly. Everything looks artifical, disconnected from reality.
  • I can immerse myself in books, but only if the author is talking about their experience or if it's a biography. I guess the same principle goes towards events as well. Entering into another mindspace that is real and authentic. First hand accounts of experiences. I met this person, I did this, I saw this.
  • my first experience of it was in 2007. sitting in front of a computer at the uni labs, found an event. half an hour later, registered for it. next thing i know, i was in a room full of inspiring people. panel speakers were: nat duncan, ann maree birkill, ben johnston and a couple more people. The event was called Digital Foundry. I attended the event in the mindspace of being a “designer who wants to set up a creative agency”. There were two streams: “How to make a job” and “How to get a job” and I chose the first one. I chose in entering the mindspace of making a job. And from 2007, I attended numerous other events in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney entering various mindspaces. In X Media Lab, I entered the mindspace of an entrepreneur who created a Big Brother type of experiment as part of serious games or someone involved in simulation games fo education – what came out of it was my new found fascination with gaming and actively seeking out other like-minded people. In Sydney, I entered the mindspace of creative industries folks in Sydney as they talk about the creative industries clusters in their city, their frustration at the lack of grassroots type venues but their hopes for the city in the future. In Brisbane last night, I entered the mindspace of Mary Robinson and then after the talk, entered the mindspace of a transgender man who was born a woman, who described himself as of carnivalesque sex and gender and he let us into his own private thoughts and tribulations in his piece.
  • There is at least one mindspace to at least be delved into and that is the entrepreneurial mindspace
  • These barriers to entry leads into the virtual mindspaces in terms of tools, etc but that’s probably a different discussion
  • These barriers to entry leads into the virtual mindspaces in terms of tools, etc but that’s probably a different discussion

Mindspace Mindspace Presentation Transcript

  • Hannah Suarez
    • What is it all about...?
    • It is all about the development of emerging and established creative industries professionals .
    • It stands for an events directory which lists creative industries events in and around Brisbane.
    • It stands for the professional development of emerging creative industries professionals and the continual development of established professionals.
    • It stands for solidarity within the creative industries in Brisbane by contributing to the growth and development in not only Brisbane, but within Queensland and Australia.
    • Brisbane Creative Industries was founded in April 2008 by Hannah Suarez as a list of workshops, seminars, conferences and other related events.  The list grew to incorporate professional development events within the creative industries in general. The 'list' is now known as BCI and its current missions is to bring together emerging and established professionals by promoting these events. Brisbane Creative Industries' vision is for the continuous development of emerging and established Brisbane creative industries professionals.
    • Start: April 2008
  • What do you mean by MindSpace ?
  • What are the avenues in entering other mindspaces for the purpose of learning , developing yourself professionally?
  • It's about being able to focus intently at a certain period of time, over a certain topic or theme. to absorb it, learn from it, to be in that environment and vibe. and then being able to disconnect yourself from it and then focus on another area. that is different, maybe even the complete opposite
  • Mindspace #1: Entrepreneur mindspace The thing with creative industries is that there are so many different ways and avenues for creative industries students to employ themselves and their skills Employment is only being defined by being able to fit set criteria and guidelines to work in a set organisation with a capped number of employees. 
  • But if employing your skills can be seen as a 'blue ocean' where students learn about how they can become 'employers' of themselves and of others or students learning and being encouraged to be entrepreneurial then it's not difficult to enter into this entrepreneurial mindspace. Barriers to entry in getting your work out there is lowered with the tools that we have now.
  • Conclusion: Seek out avenues to enter different mindspaces Important to have an open mind Find out what the core essence is – why are you entering this particular mindspace? What is your focus? There are lots of events, there are a lot of different mindspaces out there Obtain your information from various sources, from many different people and ideas and agendas
  • Thank you! Feel free to contact me!