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  • 1. I C E L A N D I C E L A N D
  • 2. Iceland is a small populated island in the North Atlantic ocean. It is famous for many things like waterfalls, geysers, lava fields and some extraordinary scenery. There are massive puddles of boiling water under Iceland's snowy surface which supplies many people with heating. I C E L A N D
  • 3. Nearly two-thirds of Iceland’s population of 300,000 lives in the greater Reykjavík area. The city’s name means “smoky bay.” Reykjavik is the Capital City of Iceland
  • 4.
    • The first people known to of inhabited in Iceland were Irish monks or hermits who came in the eighth century, But were soon to leave when the Scandinavian Vikings settled in Iceland between the period of 870 - 930 A.D.
    The History of Iceland
  • 5. Icelands Coat of Arms The shield is standing on a lava block. The bull is the protector of southwestern Iceland, the eagle/griffin protects northwestern Iceland, the dragon the northeastern part and the Rock-giant is the protector of southeastern Iceland. Great respect was given to these creatures of Iceland, so much so that there was a law during the time of the Vikings that no ship should bear any symbols of these whilst approaching Iceland. This was so the protectors would not be provoked unnecessarily.
  • 6. Trolls are creatures in Icelandic folklore. They will turn to stone if exposed to sunlight. which leads to them being very shy and unused to humans so they stay in all day and very rarely come out of there home Which is usually a cave and they tend to find a place in the middle of nowhere were they will not be harmed scared or pestered by humans. Icelandic Trolls
  • 7. Icelandic Horses The Icelandic horse is breaded and developed in Iceland. The horses are extremely small, and many are pony-sized but the Icelandic name it a horse. because all the Icelandic horses are late developers, but they live for at the least twice the amount of years as a normal horse. Icelandic horses play a huge part in Icelandic daily life, they race and are sometimes used for police horses The first ever Icelandic horse race was in 1874 in Akureyri, and many races are still held in Iceland the racing season is throughout April may and June.
  • 8. Icelandic Cuisine The Icelandic cuisine have very Important parts such as lamb, dairy produce, and fish but the only reason fish is a basic part of the Icelanders daily life style, is because most people in Iceland live on the costal line, right next to the sea, which makes it very easy to catch fresh fish. The most Popular foods in the Iceland Cuisine are smoked lamb, and many different varieties of fish and sea creatures. Fish and lamb
  • 9. Icelandic Traditions Icelanders tend to all keep and pass down traditions respectfully of all sorts. Some traditions like folk dancing are familiar but others are more unknown to visitors and tourists. Like there traditional seasonal food: fish and lamb but Icelanders also eat ram's testicles, sheep's heads, loins and basically the insides of the sheep, usually cooked together in sacks from the stomach or intestines There is a other traditions of sorts that are a bit more pleasant and generous, like when all the 13 Santa's come down from the hills, it is a tradition to put a Shoe on the window ledge, or the door step, so the Santa's can each put a little present in the sole of the shoe you usually tend to put your favourite shoe out.
  • 10. Icelands Wildlife Today in Iceland over 300 various species of birds have been Discovered. The ever flowing ocean leads many birds to the cost of Iceland. As you would probably expect the mammals in Iceland are very little in fact the only original mammal In Iceland Is the Arctic Fox. All the Mammals there today have been imported from other countries by plane or truck The ones you may see now that have been imported are mice, Reindeer and the American mink, which are all now involved in the Icelandic wildlife environment.
  • 11. Christmas The 13 Santas The Yule Lads or also know Yule men are Characters from Icelandic folklore who in present times have become the Icelandic version of Father Christmas. The numbers of this Mischievous bunch have varied but currently it is said that there are 13 of them.
  • 12.  
  • 13. Name English Translation Description English Translation Sheep-Cote Clod Gully Gawk Stubby Spoon-Licker Pot-Scraper Bowl-Licker Door-Slammer Skyr-Gobbler Sauage-Swiper Window-Peeper Door-Sniffer Meat-Hooker Candle-Beggar Name Stekkjastaur Giljagaur Stúfur Þvörusleikir Pottaskefill Askasleikir Hurðaskellir Skyrgámur Bjúgnakrækir Gluggagægir Gáttaþefur Ketkrókur Kertasníkir
  • 14. By Rachael Rachael