Business project meeting 20121017


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  • Pr-film, social media, twitter kommer senare
  • Pr-film, social media, twitter kommer senare
  • Business project meeting 20121017

    1. 1. Merchandise web-shop Status Meeting 2012-10-17
    2. 2. Agenda• Status Market information Launch dateVolvo Trucks EMEA Sales & Global BrandOnline Solutions2 2012-09-21
    3. 3. Status Web-shop in production environment in w40.  First orders has been placed and delivered. Project from VIT is finished, project account is closed. Project has been handed over to maintanence. SLA in place (not yet signed but agreed)Tests in Production environment• Tests of the return and claim process , bug in admintool.• Tests of the physical flows• Tests of financial processVolvo Trucks EMEA Sales & Global BrandOnline Solutions3 2012-09-21
    4. 4. Dealer informationMarket and Dealer information regarding B2C Merchandise shopBackgroundVolvo Trucks has the ambition to increase the usage of merchandise branded with Volvo among their fans and potential fans.The main reasons are to strengthen the customer relation as well as develop the merchandise business.The main channels for selling merchandise have been event shops and dealer shops. The event shops are only for a shortperiod and the dealer shops are only to be found in large dealers, mainly in the Nordic countries. The availability has thereforebeen low.Volvo Trucks is therefore developing a new sales channel which radically increases the availability; a merchandise web-shopusing responsive web design. Other advantages are brand alignment, number of products, and high online customer traffic.PurposeThe purpose of the web-shop is to increase the sales and availability of merchandise to existing and potential fans, as well asstrengthen the relation to the Volvo/Volvo Trucks brand.Target groupsThe target group for the shop is drivers that are proud to drive a Volvo. Volvo Trucks new web-shop is also a shop foremployees and other persons that have an interest in VolvoAssortmentThe assortment that being offered in the web-shop is a premium selection of Volvo branded products; merchandise and scalemodels. All of the products have been specially designed for Volvo and supports the core values within Volvo.PriceThe price level within the shop will follow suggested retail levelLaunch date1st of November will we start up at Sweden, Germany and Austria. Next market will follow within coming weeks. Volvo Trucks EMEA Sales & Global Brand Online Solutions 4 2012-09-11
    5. 5. Market information VOLVO TRUCKS STOREVolvo Trucks EMEA Sales & Global Brand
    6. 6. Volvo Trucks storeThere is a need of improving the availability of merchandise from Volvo Trucks, but alsohow the merchandise is presented online.We will therefore start up a central Volvo Trucks consumer web shop for these products.The web shop will have a responsive design and all administration in the web shop will bemanaged by a central web master.Volvo Trucks EMEA Sales & Global Brand
    7. 7. FLOW AND OVERVIEWVolvo Trucks EMEA Sales & Global Brand
    8. 8. Market sites Existing Volvo Truck shop Merchandise shop EuropeDealersites Language Volvo Teaser site Trucks splash storeLaunchsite Temporary site until Volvo Trucks Store is readySocial mediaVolvo Trucks EMEA Sales & Global Brand
    9. 9. Volvo Trucks EMEA Sales & Global Brand
    10. 10. Timeplan6 sept Sales start at and at Truck Shop Europe18 sept Official launch date for “Volvo Trucks Driver Gear | Travis” (Pressrelease and teaser site)V 40 The new Web shop “Volvo Trucks store” opens for Austria, Germany and SwedenV 41 The new Web shop “Volvo Trucks store” opens for Denmark, Finland and UKV 42 The new Web shop “Volvo Trucks store” opens for Belgium (be-nl), Netherlands and FranceV 43 The new Web shop “Volvo Trucks store” opens for Spain September 6 September 18 October 1- 5 Trucks EMEA Sales & Global Brand
    11. 11. Market and Dealer site appearanceA banner, an external promo and a page will be created for the market sites.These will be ready to publish ??.It will be possible to link the banner and promo direct to the teaser site, to the shop when it isready or to the description page on your market site.Volvo Trucks EMEA Sales & Global Brand
    12. 12. Q&A Q: How long will the Teaser site live? A: 1-2 year Q: Will the Teser site be translated? A: Not from central, but the markets can ”buy” this themselves. Q: What do I as a WIM need to do? A: Both the Teaser site and the shop will be handled central so for the WIMs it is ”only” to promote it on our online areas. Q: Where do I find material for other communication? A: In Marketing Toolbox after the 18:th of September Q: How about communication for/in Social media? A: More information will come about this. Q: Why do we launch a site before the shop is ready? A: The new shop ”Volvo Trucks Store” is only one of the areas/shops. The items will also be available at the Dealers, at VMC etc.Volvo Trucks EMEA Sales & Global Brand
    13. 13. Thank you